January 31, 2022

10 Best Ecommerce Platforms Compared & Rated


Ecommerce has become the method to handle business operations effortlessly. The availability of so many best eCommerce platforms and solutions in the market that are focusing on making this virtual business journey seamless. On the other hand, it has also increased the competition and complexity to take decisions. 

What are eCommerce Solutions?

Having an online presence builds an opportunity to reach potential customers globally and expand the business to a large scale. Some great solutions help to manage the business effectively on the internet. All you need to do is compare, choose, and analyze the beneficial strategies for your business. 

The benefits of having an ecommerce at your support are:

  • Faster Purchasing: Customers spend the least time researching. They look for the easiest method to get what they need. This is where ecommerce helps to provide faster results and responses. Searching for an item, looking for descriptions, adding to cart, and managing more tasks effortlessly. 
  • Listing Creation: The product listing is displayed to the customers when looking for an item. Many ecommerce tools allow you to personalize the list based on user interests. 
  • Cost-Effective: The sellers have numerous options to reach potential consumers. You do not have to pay for rent, store designs, inventory, deliveries, and more. You get maintenance, stock management, and workforce effortlessly. 
  • Advertising and Marketing: Sellers do not invest a lot of money promoting their products and services. The world of ecommerce has introduced various affordable methods to market online and show off their products. 
  • Highly Flexible: The marketers can provide great flexibility to the customers. It can highlight the products and services in the marketplace. Customers can perform easy returns and repeat their purchases in the online store. 
  • Product and Price Comparison: Sellers can compare products using various tools. This gives visitors a chance to showcase alternatives and gain profits. 

What are the Best eCommerce Platforms available in the Market?

1. Shopify 

It is a Software as a Service solution that helps start ecommerce stores. Shopify helps to build, host, operate and manage the website. It is also popular as a multichannel content management system used globally by small and medium scale businesses. 

Some noteworthy features of this platform are:

  • Shopify POS: The Point Of Sale feature helps businesses sell their products in the real world. This app gives a unified Dashboard that eliminates the requirement of separate sales records for online and offline purchases. Users can customize orders, view purchase history, and add discounts if available. 
  • SEO Tools: Search Engine Optimization is the key to growth for an online business that will help to enhance your website rankings. Once you have applied effective SEO strategies, it will automatically improve your online presence. 

2. WooCommerce 

It has a great market share in the ecommerce industry. WooCommerce is a plugin of WordPress that transforms its websites into an ecommerce platform. The WordPress development company helps make it an ideal solution to start an ecommerce store from scratch or improve the existing platform. 

Some unique features of the platform are:

  • Large Library: If you are developing an ecommerce platform, you need more than just products and a website. It has extensions used to set the payments, marketing, shipping, accounting, and many other things. 
  • Order Management: The dashboard interface is easy to manage and intuitive to update products and fulfil orders. It also has automated tax calculations, mobile applications, and live shipping rates, making it easier. 

3. BigCommerce

It is a premium hosted solution that helps the owner set an online store and customize it based on your requirements. You require access to the web browser and internet to build and manage your ecommerce store from anywhere. 

The core features of BigCommerce are:

  • SEO-friendly: There are amazing features that help ensure your platform is Search Engine Optimized. Like optimizing the URLs for the product, categories, and other web pages. 
  • Inventory and Payment Management: The platform supports various third-party services to complete transactions and manage inventory. There are many resources to fulfil the order and scale your business globally from any location. 

4. Magento 

This is a feature-rich ecommerce store built using PHP to provide seamless flexibility and control over the stores. The owners can customize the store as per the business demands and gain benefits in the market. 

A few unique features of the platform are:

  • Open-Source: This means that it is the most scalable and flexible ecommerce platform. Being an open-source platform, the Magento development company gets access to enormous resources and tools available in the market. 
  • High Scalability: Magneto supports more than 10,000 different types of products. This lets the marketers add and sell new products effortlessly in the store. It also introduces new features and functionalities to provide a great user-friendly experience. 

5. Squarespace

It is a website builder that provides hosting, dedicated themes, and building tools. Squarespace has store and website builders products for those with limited technical knowledge. It has an incredibly rich platform with every feature you need with a beautiful interface. 

Some amazing features of the platform are:

  • Customized templates: The design has been built by an expert design team customized to match your brand reputation. Each template supports major content types, pages, blogs, commerce, galleries, calendar, and more. Our template designs are highly compatible with modern browsers and mobile devices. 
  • Multiple Contributors and Accesses: As a website owner, you can give selective access to the website and decide their permissions of accessibility for data. There are various levels like admin, website editor, analytics, reporting, billing, scheduling editor, comment moderator, email campaigns, viewer, and store manager. 

6. Salesforce 

It is an omnichannel platform for users to generate leads, manage customer relationships, and increase sales on various channels. Salesforce has a robust analytics module with comprehensive features with an easy-to-use interface. 

  • Increase Sales: There are various tools to track the sales and customer interactions for the business. Users better understand the visitors with social media and emails and further business insights. 
  • Better Efficiency: Salesforce handles all the data in a single database. It allows the marketing teams, administrative staff, and sales teams to access the pool of information. This means you achieve better coordination in the team, and tasks are completed faster. 

7. Wix

It is a cloud-based website builder used by specialists with little or no developing skills. Wix is easier to optimize for mobile and browsers. Some features of this platform are:

  • Template Collection: More than 500 designer-made templates for every industry. This ensures that your template matches your business requirements. 
  • Great Customization: It has advanced editing options that ease the developer’s work. This also ensures that your platform is user-friendly and highly responsive. 
  • Database Management: Maintain and add content anywhere in the application using integrated databases. Users can also use external data sources for better management. 

8. OpenCart

This is a downloadable platform with more than 13,000 extensions and over 36 payment choices to meet the business demands. The developers have ensured to make the upgrade and use process effortless. It gives you a secure method to host the website. 

Some great features of this platform are:

  • Dashboard: All the crucial information like order count, customers, sales, online people, sales analytics, and more widgets. 
  • Multiple Stores: The admin interface gets the freedom to manage multiple stores. The products can be decided to appear in each store. There is a choice to set a different theme for every store. 

9. Volusion 

It is a complete cloud-based ecommerce platform. There are free and paid templates to make your store user-friendly. Volusion allows the web design company to switch the template anytime and transfer the content instantly. 

Some great features of volusion are:

  • Responsive themes: Customers can tab through the device through their phones, desktops, and more as the themes can adapt on any device. 
  • SEO Tools: You become capable of handling metadata like descriptions, URLs, web pages, products, title tags, and categories. 
  • Multiple Currencies: Volusion gives the admin freedom to display prices and accept payment in multiple currencies, including yen, Canadian dollar, and pounds. 

10. 3Dcart 

Beginners might struggle to make the most of the features of this platform. Many advanced features help you build a store with an excellent user experience. It has functionalities like no transaction fees for the basic plan, unlimited storage, and tech support if required. 

Some best features of 3DCart are:

  • Ease of Usage: It provides 15 days and gets an extension if needed. Login from the admin panel you get tips and videos. This eases the process of managing the platform. 
  • Product Management: Users can edit, manipulate, and add items in the ecommerce platform with a clean interface. You can upload countless items and organize them into smart categories, options, and variations. 

The Final Verdict!

We have shared with you the curated list of the best ecommerce platforms that will help you choose from the best ones in the market. 

Elsner has been long enough to understand the importance of making the right decision for your business. As it has both long-term and short-term consequences for you. With the help of our best experts in every industry, you can grab an opportunity to grow seamlessly. 

Get in touch! Before your competitors take over the market.

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