February 14, 2019

6 Tips To Polish Your E-commerce Site For A Better User-Experience


E-commerce market has left no stone unturned in taking the user-experience to an advanced level. The satisfaction of your audience is what can help you reach your desired goals. Whether it is making high-profits, getting recognised as an MNC or any other objective.

On the other hand, the concept of SEO in Digital marketing has been a consistent player in catering to the needs of the audience. Any SEO company in Australia can help you reach your goals by tailoring the website as and when required.

Consumer-Satisfaction at its Length

Nowadays each website is positioned with innovative features and techniques. The question of interest arises, whether these innovations provide ease of access, whether the users are able to understand the new approach or not etc.

Beware, if you are not careful enough with all aspects of your site, you may drive away the user to a better platform.

To bring both website features and User-experience on the same page here are some tips to be kept on-hand at the time of development.

  • Visualized Experience :

    A customer believes in what he or she is able to sense and see. Although online shopping cannot allow the buyers to feel the product, the providers can come up with optimum quality of pictures. Also, do not forget to add more than one picture of the product it adds to the sense of surety in them.

    Such pictures are the foundation for shaping opinion about the product in the consumer’s mind. Sit up with your design team and plan the projection of your products in the most optimal way possible.

  • Integrate Product recommendation :

    The consumer might be hovering over your website already. At the end, when the buyer is ready to contemplate their sales, your website can portray products that complement the buyer’s choice.

    For example, if the consumer wishes to buy a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, the recommendation bar can be filled with accessories like shoes, sunglasses, a watch, and wallets. Likewise while buying makeup products there can be suggestion like makeup brushes, makeup remover, skin care products etc.

  • Customer Service 24×7 :

    FAQs alone cannot solve all the questions your customers have. A human assistant just like a salesperson in the store has to be made available for issues and concerns that come out of the box.

    The business owners can assign human assistants in the working hours and post the working hours virtual assistant shall take their place. Ultimately, with the E-commerce SEO services like this one the user can have the assistance any time they want.

  • Establish on Social Media platform :

    If there is anything used more frequently than a website, it must be the social media. Platforms like Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat are accessed quite often by the people.

    Having your presence in such places can give your marketing tactic edge over other competitors and present E-commerce with SEO services in an interactive manner.

  • Balance act of Pay-per-Click :

    PPC is yet another way of polishing the acts of SEO services. It is far opposite from the natural way of receiving the traffic. Here, with pay-per-click, the website fetches paid ads.

    In a sensible opinion, PPC is feasible for companies that have rooted their brand name and are looking for wider exposure. Because with PPC the paid method, results you shall reap will be short term. Thus, your PPC campaign should be managed according to the need of the time and users.

  • Schedule A/B Testing regularly :

    The website cannot merely run on a single layout throughout its lifetime. But before shifting how do we compare if the new layout is something that the users will like?

    This is when A/B testing acts like a Hero and scales the features of two different versions of the website. By enacting this on a regular basis the business owners can keep an eye on what part of the website lurves the users and what drives them away.

  • Invest in your Business :

    Consumers are the backbone in the success of your business. E-commerce websites are built with the vision to progress, which can be a dream come true. How? By pouring in the aforesaid SEO services in your business.

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