June 11, 2021

7 Ways to Boost Your Local Business Website SEO


Do you have a local business that does not attract traffic from your potential local customers? 

Do you want to reach out to local people who are genuinely interested in your offerings? 

Then you need a robust, well-crafted local SEO strategy that brings more organic leads to your website. 

There is not much difference between local and national SEO. 

Where national SEO is all about getting good rankings in searches across the country, local SEO is all about appearing on SERPs in a specific location where your business is located. 

Here, you need to ensure that your offerings are marketed and promoted to your local leads and customers. You need to fine-package your offerings in a manner that attracts local leads. 

Hire local SEO services in Australia when you are looking for local SEO for your business. When you optimize your local SEO, you will get more website traffic, visitors, leads, and conversions. 

Ensure that the SEO agency you have hired understands your business, offerings and then crafts a tailor-made strategy that works for your business and serves the core purpose. 

When your SEO efforts are limited to a single location, you would be able to beat those national brands who, most often, rely on brand recognition and don’t offer any value proposition to your local customers. 

You can come up with offers that lure your local leads. Combine it with high-quality products or services and superior customer support, and you will get customers who will be loyal to you for life. 

How to make your local SEO strategy successful? In this post, we will discuss some ways to do it. 

Homepage Optimisation 

The first and foremost thing is to optimise your homepage. It is the most basic requirement to optimise your website. 

Your homepage is the first place where your visitors will land on your website. Ask your content writer to write local-based content to attract local searchers to your website. 

In addition to that, ensure that the user interface offers the best user experience to your visitors. They will stay on your website for more time, improving your chances for conversions.

Write direct, clear, and concise content that tells your story, offerings, and what you do. 

Mention location in your content to attract local customers. 

Make the Most of Metadata. 

Metadata is meta tags located in the page’s HTML, which reveals some data about a webpage. 

You don’t need to worry about it, as your SEO professional will do it for you. Also, there are plugins available that can automatically insert metadata on each webpage. 

What you need to remember while inserting Metadata for each page is a reference to your business location. Search engines will be able to understand where your business is located. 

If you are doing real estate SEO marketing for your local real estate business, ensure that you add some description about the company in your Metadata. 

It will improve your chances to show up in local results. 

For each page, you need to optimise the Metadata. Even if you add a blog to your website blog section, you need to add and optimise metadata. 

Focus on Link Signals (Have High-Quality Backlinks)

Link signals are all about getting high-quality backlinks. It is the most important ranking factor, as per Google. 

Even for local SEO, you need to have high-quality backlinks to fetch local leads to your website. 

However, it does not mean that you get backlinks from any random website. You need to focus more on quality rather than quantity. 

Also, focus on making your website content informative, engaging, and original to attract others who would love to link to your content. 

Reach out to high-quality, industry-specific guest blogging websites for guest posting. Ensure that the websites you approach are of high domain authorities. 

You can also contact local influencers on social media or other platforms to link back to you. They might charge some fees for the practice. However, influencers can help you in a big way when they market your business. 

Use Location Pages or Add a Location-Specific About Us Page

If you are serving in more than one location, you need to have location pages to attract visitors from each location. 

You also need to add details such as store hours, business name, address, phone number, individualised descriptions, testimonials, promotions, parking availability, and Google Maps for each location page. 

Also, your content for each location must be unique, original, and engaging. 

On the other hand, if your business is for just one location, you need to focus while writing the About Us page. You need to add local, relevant information about the location on the page. 

For example, if you have a dental clinic, ensure that your local dentist SEO about us page discusses any dental seminars or webinars you have organised. 

Use Local Business Schema 

Structured data markup or Schema is a type of code that you can add to each web page of your website, which guides search engines about the page content. 

Here, you will get a subcategory called local business schema that tells about the business is functioning for a particular location.

You can add the company name, business email ID, phone number, physical address, opening hours, and a short description. 

Have a Mobile-Friendly Website

Most of your potential customers use their mobile phones to access your website. 

If your website is not highly responsive on mobile devices, you miss this large chunk of potential customers. 

Ask the SEO services Australia you have hired to make your website mobile-friendly with quick loading time and superior user experience. 

Add Local Keywords to the Content. 

Another essential thing to do to boost your local SEO is to use local keywords in your content. 

Hire good content writers who can come up with original, engaging, and informative content. Ask them to use local keywords in the content. You can use tools like Keyword Planner to filter keywords based on locations. 

Once you have a list of local keywords, you need to add them in meta tags, website content, and URLs. 


Local SEO is essential to attract your local visitors. 

Having a robust local SEO strategy will ensure that you get a good number of local visitors who are genuinely interested in your offerings. 

Hire the best SEO services in Australia with a dedicated team of expert SEO professionals with a proven track record in the local business SEO domain.

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