April 15, 2021

8 Helpful Mobile Applications Launched by Elsner

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Many companies are investing in mobile apps, which are helping businesses to expand. Whether it is iOS App Development or Android App Development, they have unlocked the best services that the market is expecting. It would be best if you adapted to new technologies to gain potential customers.

Let us look at some Mobile Applications developed by Elsner:

1.    Dynamic QR Code Generator

Tired of generating QR code that doesn’t offer easy editing? This application is a solution that helps in creating QR codes that can be modified anytime. Users can effortlessly change the destination URL without affecting the QR code. It also allows for tracking the performance in real-time.

Some noteworthy features of this application are:

  •     Create dynamic QR codes
  •     Customize the QR codes
  •     Reusable codes
  •     Editing the URL without changing the QR code
  •     Track the scanning of QR code
  •     Highly flexible QR codes
  •     Unlimited URL updates
  •     Interchangeable code type

Dynamic QR Code Generator provides a brilliant solution for editable QR code, which has become necessary in this changing environment.

2.    All In One Image Editor – Android

Want to enhance the properties of your pictures? It has become an essential requirement for everyone to look for an app that displays beautiful photos. The All-In-One Image Editor can help you edit, make a collage, and style the pictures as required.

Features that will help are:

  •     Edit images
  •     Make collages of multiple pictures
  •     Create effects
  •     Collection of PIP effects for photos
  •     Different styles of filters for images

3.    Text Scanner (OCR) for iOS & Android

Are you bored with taking notes from physical paper or docs into your phone? Well, Elsner has brought a solution for you with its Text Scanner application for Android and iOS. A robust OCR Scanner Android will help scan the texts from the document, image, receipt, or more. Just open your camera and use the OCR app to copy the text.

Some exclusive features of this application are:

  •     90% accuracy for recognizing the text
  •     Edit the extracted text
  •     Copy text into the clipboard
  •     Convert image into the text
  •     Open-Source app

You can also scan the text from the images and photos captured instantly by the camera. The installation of the app is effortless for the users.

4.    iDocScanner – Document Scanner (iOS)

With the world moving to the digital world, don’t you need an app that helps scan documents? iDocScanner is the fastest application that lets you scan documents. Noteworthy features of this application are:

  •     Scan the document as PDF and Image which can be saved for later
  •     Manage the saved documents
  •     Clean Code structure
  •     It has great documentation

You can also access the functionalities of adding a password, add a watermark, or filter the images.

5.    Colorify – Colouring Art Book

Do you want to spend your artistic section on colouring pictures? The Colorfiy – Colouring Art Book comes with pre-loaded drawings for both adults and kids. Some key features that come with this application are:

  •     Easy to colour
  •     Easier to redo, undo, and remove your actions on drawings
  •     Select paint bucket, shapes, brush, or stamp
  •     Supports Zoom in-out functionality
  •     Save drawings in one tap
  •     Excellent documentation with clean code structure

6.    Video Utility App – iOS

It is high time to edit or convert your videos and audio formats. This application has many features that let you convert your videos to desired formats. Some key features of Video Utility App are:

  •     Convert Video to GIF
  •     Convert Video to Audio
  •     Convert Images to GIF
  •     Slow down or fast video
  •     Video Cutter
  •     Get image from the videos
  •     Watermark Video
  •     Reverse Video
  •     Add filters in videos
  •     Merge Videos
  •     Gallery with converted Images, Videos, GIFs, and Audios
  •     Clean code structure
  •     Well documentation

7.    Smart Scanner and Generator Barcode | QRCode

You know that people have moved from paper material to QR code and Barcode for sharing required information. Users have the freedom to use Smart Scanner and Generator Barcode app offline too. Noteworthy features that come with this app are:

  •     Users can use the rear and front of the camera
  •     Light can be switched for filters
  •     Offers and create QR codes
  •     Get the history of the scan
  •     Filter the history based on the content type
  •     Remove unwanted Barcode and QR codes

8.    Ultimate Video Downloader for Facebook and Instagram

You are tired of surfing through your social media platforms, where you don’t have the freedom to download videos? Ultimate Video Downloader app serves to download videos on your mobile devices from Facebook and Instagram by copying the URL from the source. It gives easy browsing for the users with a significant number of downloads for entertainment. Some valuable features unloaded with this app are:

  •     After copying the URL, the download process starts in the background
  •     Users can monitor and manage the process from the notification bar
  •     Download multiple files at one time
  •     Users can select the quality from high, low, and medium
  •     Create gallery space to look at the downloaded videos from Instagram and Facebook 


Elsner Technologies have experts that are continuously working on bringing more such apps to the users. When it comes to iOS App Development and Android App Development, we have specialized professionals in this field.

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