May 2, 2019

Advantages And Facts About PSD To WordPress Site Conversion


The internet’s ocean is crowded today with more than 50,000 new WordPress sites every day. The only way to stand out from the other businesses is by contemplating and exhibiting the two important attributes that are: Robust and efficient functionality; Intuitive and eye-catching design.

If you are able to achieve this, Congrats! Half the battle is won. So the backbone of the functionality narrows down to the website’s design and code.

Many enthusiastic developers are putting their heart and soul in designing some amazing web designs, but the point is that brilliantly looking design should work on the web.

Did it just strike in your mind to convert your PSD website to WordPress? Awesome! The decision is like having a hen with golden eggs.

Here is the chance to entice your customer with some exciting website theme from a boring one. Creating a website requires a set of expertise in coding, designing, and functionality.

Ever wondered why would PSD to WordPress conversion be an effective approach?

60% of the websites running online are on the WordPress platform. The CMS is continuously evolving and is a very good competition for popular CMS like Drupal, Joomla, etc.

The popularity graph is rising constantly and is the most sought after platform by the enterprises.

The perks of the PSD to WordPress transfer is a long list but some of the highlights are:

  • Multiple User access facility;
  • SEO driven platform;
  • A host of Blogging and Sharing;
  • Cost-effective and flexible;
  • More than 10,000 plugins available.

You can top the market place using WordPress and its features, themes, and plugins. WordPress will boost conversion and ultimately result in high revenue. Let’s figure out more in detail:

1. Support for Pixel Perfection

Considering every detail of the design to a pixel level to notice any sort of anti-aliasing and compression artifact means going down to Pixel perfection.

With WordPress, you can convert each pixel of the web design into a flawless HTML page and then transforming that page to a perfect WordPress theme.

WordPress as a platform itself offers many premium and free themes for development. The available themes can be sliced down without loss of even a single pixel. This transition will offer you the advantage of Pixel perfection without the necessity of any extra tool.

More perfect and attractive you design your website, more customers and business it brings.

2. Responsive design and Cross-browser compatibility

Websites build with WordPress offers an auto-adjustment with the sizes of screen irrespective of the platform you are using. The design is not hampered irrespective of any platform you choose. In this mobile age, even Google has made it imperative to make responsive websites.

With the responsiveness, it also offers cross-browser compatibility. The code structure designed by the developer is inserted and the magic happens. It works on varied browsers! Cross-browser compatibility is the requirement of today’s competitive market.

If you just excel in designing and fail in this aspect, you probably lose the game.

3. SEO friendliness:

Making an SEO friendly web presence is of high worth in this cutthroat competitive world. WordPress as a platform offers some SEO friendly features. It offers a neat permalink structure which is of utmost importance to gain a good ranking on the search engines.

It also facilitates the developers with inbuilt SEO tools, including the facility to use .htaccess . You can optimize the rankings on the search engines directly from the WP-Admin.

It also offers a pool of plugins that are SEO friendly and can give your site a higher ranking. What else do you need from a versatile CMS platform?

4. Built-in Blogging:

WordPress became famous as one of the best blogging platform. Though it is a WordPress CMS development platform with multiple functionalities, it excels in built-in blogging feature as compared to any other CMS platform in the market.

It offers the ease and flexibility of adding articles, blogs or any such content on the website which can help you boost the ranking on search engines.

RSS feed feature available on the WordPress feed allows you to market your content more and increase the outreach of the email subscription, articles, and contents.

5. Support for Theme customization:

What more is required when you can truly customize the already value additive platform, WordPress? With the transition from PSD to WordPress, you can customize the theme as per the requirement along with the addition of features and plugins.

WordPress theme Customization has the highest capability to improve customer conversion.

6. Most preferred, Easy to use and Cost-effective CMS:

Developers love this CMS platform for all type of businesses. Though being cost-effective, it doesn’t compromise on the quality features.

It allows ease of editing, maintaining and updating content without any support from the developers.

This open-source platform is free to use making it the most cost-effective CMS.

7. Enhanced user experience and enhanced usability:

An attractive design is just the tip of the iceberg for a WordPress developer. It offers some best additional plugins to enhance the functionality and ease of navigation that is required by the WordPress website.

You have the advantage of adding images, videos, and hyperlinks that are accessible with just a few clicks.

8. High accessibility:

There is hardly anyone in this world who doesn’t love freedom? Freedom includes any type, be in speech, work and access the website!

Sounds great right? WordPress offers this benefit of accessing WordPress from any browser from anywhere.

You can make the modifications anytime, anywhere whenever required.


Array Of Benefits, Give it a Shot!

Along with the above mentioned major benefits, few other benefits that follow the conversion are:

  • Being SEO friendly, WordPress scores the best according to W3C validated standards. It adheres to the W3C guidelines.
  • It is capable of scaling the website without impacting the other functionalities.
  • The website can be integrated easily with social media channels like Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Various eCommerce plugins can also be integrated within the website easily.

Make your website reach new heights in terms of uniqueness and creativity. Not confident of doing it alone? Don’t worry, you can hire WordPress web development services and get the job done.

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