June 4, 2021

Advantages of Shopify – 7 Reasons to Love It


If you want to excel in the eCommerce industry, this is the right time. 

The industry is booming like anything. As per the survey, eCommerce sales have crossed 4.2 trillion US dollars worldwide. 

If you have anything to sell online, this is the best time to take up the initiative. Develop an eCommerce website and start selling your offerings. 

However, choosing an eCommerce platform for website development is a big thing. You cannot select any random platform and expect your business to grow. 

Your eCommerce website is the backbone of the eCommerce business as it is the sole channel between you and your potential customers. 

Choosing the best eCommerce platform is a vital determining factor to ensure the success of your eCommerce business. 

Some of the giant eCommerce platforms are WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, and Shopify. 

These are the four primary eCommerce platforms that are running the show. 

Each eCommerce platform offers unmatched benefits, and each e-commerce business has its unique considerations and needs. 

However, Shopify has been the most preferred eCommerce platform among eCommerce developers and eCommerce store owners. There are some fantastic advantages of Shopify that make it happen. 

This post will discuss the benefits of the Shopify eCommerce platform and why you should consider it as the eCommerce platform for your eCommerce business. 

Shopify History

Shopify was started as an eCommerce shop of snowboarding equipment, and in just no time, it has become one of the most promising eCommerce platforms globally. 

Gradually, they have implemented their system, payment mechanism and app store to help eCommerce business owners to sell their products and services. 

Today, Shopify has more than 600,000 merchants, and sales have crossed $28.7 billion. 

Working Methodology of Shopify 

Before you choose Shopify for eCommerce store, you need to learn its mechanism and how it functions. With Shopify, you can create online stores that can be maintained effortlessly. 

Also, you don’t need to install Shopify to use it as the system is web-based. 

One of the best fascinating advantages of Shopify is that it is compatible with almost all operating systems. You can develop a brand new eCommerce store, or you can purchase one. Once your trial period ends, you will be charged as per the payment plan you have selected. 

In addition to that, you can register a Shopify domain name, or you can integrate your store with Shopify. However, you need to ensure that the store and domain names are unique. 

The Shopify theme store allows you to choose a theme as per your business needs. You can then change it accordingly. You don’t need to code at all. 

If you have products or services to sell that require minimal configuration, Shopify is the best eCommerce platform for you. All you need to do is hire a Shopify developer and tell your business needs, and he/she will do the rest. 

Benefits of Shopify eCommerce Platform

It is Easy and Quick to Set up. 

One of the main benefits of Shopify is that it is easy to set up in just no time. You don’t need to have any technical skills to develop a Shopify eCommerce store. Almost all the software and plugins are offered right on the platform. 

It is a Cost-Effective Platform. 

Another reason to choose Shopify for eCommerce store is the price. It is the most cost-effective eCommerce platform as of now. 

The average plan starts right from $9 per month. However, you might be charged additional fees for using different features and additional transactional fees every month. 

Also, you might need to pay for apps you plan to use in the store. Still, it is the most reasonable eCommerce platform compared to others. 

Customer Service 

You are not alone when your business is on Shopify. You can get experts to help you out at any time of the day. There are community forums and other helpful documents you can access through the Shopify Help Center. You can get functional or technical assistance at any time with Shopify. 

It is a Mobile-Friendly Platform. 

You are doomed if your eCommerce website does not perform well on mobile devices. The millennials are on mobile devices, and you need to accommodate their preferences to grow your business. Shopify is a highly mobile-responsive eCommerce platform.

When accessed through any mobile device, the store will function brilliantly and impeccably. 

It is an SEO-Friendly eCommerce Platform. 

Search engine optimization is a vital marketing strategy to rank your store at the top of search engines. There are numerous marketing tools available on Shopify for SEO and other marketing channels such as social media, email marketing and product reviews. 

Also, you can create discount coupons within the store with its built-in features. You can also make great SEO-friendly landing pages for your SEO and PPC campaigns. 

It is a Secure and Reliable eCommerce Platform. 

When a visitor comes to your online store, he/she might end up providing their personal information to the store. It is the responsibility of the store owner to protect this data. 

Shopify provides SSL certification and PCI to encrypt all data. Your customers’ information is highly secured with Shopify. 

Also, Shopify supports the Stripe payment option, and you can integrate your payment service with it to offer a seamless, secure and reliable payment gateway to your customers.

It is a Versatile and Flexible eCommerce Platform. 

One of the best benefits of Shopify is its versatility and flexibility. With its in-built tools, it can adapt to your business needs efficiently. You can do much customization with the store with these in-built tools. For shipping, payment, inventory and fulfillment, there are systems to help you out. 

Also, there are hundreds of customizable themes available to control the look and feel of your store. 


Do you need more reasons to choose Shopify for eCommerce store

Shopify is the answer when looking for the best eCommerce platform that offers a seamless, uninterrupted user experience to your store visitors. 

With its in-built tools and customized themes, you can offer the best user interface to your customers. It is also a cost-effective eCommerce platform with a good scope of customization. 

These benefits of Shopify will surely help you to choose Shopify as the eCommerce platform for your online store. Contact us now to GROW YOUR ECOMMERCE BUSINESS WITH SHOPIFY.

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