July 13, 2018

Close Comparison: Mobile Apps Vs The Mobile Website


It’s been so long that desktop is overthrown and era has changed by means of mobile technology. Globally, a population of the mobile user has been extended up to 3.7 billion and it has been assumed that it will extend to 4 billion by 2020.

Below mentioned points will assist the user by proofing that Mobile App Development is better Than Mobile Websites in 2018:

User Preferences: Website has been in demand for initial information sharing and customer engagement. As per the recent record total number of downloads of the application will comes around 197 billion last year. So downloading and using the mobile application is more preferable than using the website.

Personalization Potential: Mobile Apps will have more personalized features such as drawing data on users’ interests, habits, location, usage patterns, etc. will provide more custom-made, quicker, and highly native user experience (UX).

Effective Monetization: It has become a great source of money making as this mobile application will cost nothing to download.

A Powerful E-commerce Tool: Mobile Apps are proving to be the great source for promoting and closing any deal. It is predictable that conversion rate is higher in mobile as compared to the website. One of the biggest advantage mobile application development is it allows easy, one-click checkouts and fast loading times.

Easier Communication: Mobile Apps comes with more user-friendly features like push and in-app messages. It allows eCommerce store to promptly cooperate with consumers in a less intrusive manner

Extra Features: Website comes to restricted features of multimedia access from users. As the website is unable to use functions like camera, contact list, phone calls, compass, GPS, etc.

Offline Functionality: Working offline is one of the main difference between mobile apps and the web.

Branding Benefits: As we all know that app usage is increasing and overriding the web usage. Branding of the application benefits businesses to promote trust and loyalty.

The Next Level: In this business age Mobile App Development provides many important features which are not offered through the website. Mobile Applications are indulged with tailored content, custom features, and custom-made environment.

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