November 1, 2018

Exclusive WordPress 5.0 Update: Upcoming Features To Explore In Gutenberg Editor?


The users must have noticed other platforms like Ghost and Medium offers a unique and refreshing experience for the writers along with WordPress. Over the past few years, the current WordPress visual editor hasn’t had many changes. After many years, there are many changes which are expected.

Many volunteers and contributors have been working on WordPress Gutenberg project or the past six months to create simple and enjoyable Gutenberg WordPress editor. WordPress Development is working on improving their efficiency.

WordPress 5.0 Release Date:

The release of the latest version of the WordPress was set to be in between April or May 2018, but the version is delayed. Currently, it is in beta or testing phase. Most of the users are probably unaware of the fact that what will be served for them in the plate. Now the WordPress is set to be released in the coming months for 2018.

Gutenberg, the new editor in WordPress 5.0. It is available as a beta plugin. It is not easy to use nor intuitive. The user can know that WordPress 5.0 is not the WordPress that they are used to. Also, it may be incompatible with their current themes or plugins.

Security Updates:

Security issues are not a new issue. Indeed, it is of much concern. So many users are concern about WordPress security. For business, and even the minor security flaw can prove harmful. WordPress has already introduced some security features that are helpful for the users, to prevent cyber attacks on the website. Such as recommending hosting websites with,

  • Two-factor authentication
  • SSL Certificate
  • Application Passwords
  • Security keys
  • OTP or backup verification code.

The authority of the WordPress is likely going to improve their security in future releases and that can be for WordPress 5.0 as well. The latest version is in the beta state and the user can get a complete update in the coming days.


A. Gutenberg WordPress Editor Plugin

This is the most exciting feature of the latest version. It is named after Johannes Gutenberg, who is known for the invention of the movable type printing press. For the beginners, this version will be easy for them to learn.

B. Front-end Editor

Just like the user uses the mobile phone and touch screen for changing text, front-end editor works in the same way. Visual Composer is the dominating front-end editor plugin. Front-end editor is lighter and faster compared to the visual composer.

C. Mobile Optimization

WordPress authority is trying hard to improve the user experiences day by day. WordPress themes are now responsive. The differences in websites maintenance between desktop and mobile have become a routine for the company.

D. Crop Background Image

The process to change the background of the websites involves the selection of the background image, manual cropping and then uploading. Now the users have the option to crop their image before it goes live. It reduces the significant time in changing the background image flow.


So far this is the known features of the latest version of the WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg. There are many more features to be included in the final update. As per the WordPress Developer Sydney, WordPress is definitely preparing for a really big evolution.

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