October 17, 2018

Magento 2.3 Releases With An Impactful Change On The Merchants


The world is going to witness the release of Magento 2.3, and it is going to be faster, easier to manage, more user-friendly and even more secure. There is no doubt that the new features are going to enhance the business of the merchants. Magento Development will have a meaningful impact on the eCommerce business.

Along with Magento 2.3, the Business-friendly page builder will be released as a beta, while the full version will be included as a patch release for 2.3 x versions. The page builder will be available as a paid extension via the marketplace for Magento Open Source.

Here is the list of some of the important features which are likely to matter most to store owners:

1. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Progressive web apps are the future solution for eCommerce retailers. It will facilitate an app like experience without the need to download an app. Among the benefits of PWAs are faster load times and a number of features such as push notifications which will make it easier for users to return to the site.

Magento.2.3 developers support  the creation of PWAs by including a PWA studio that developers can use to build applications that support their online store and enhance their user’s shopping experience.

2. Speed Improvements

The Magento store owners can expect that by introducing support for GraphQL, Magento 2.3 will enable information to be pushed and pulled to and from their store using much smaller packets of data meaning faster load times.

3. Two Factor Authentication

In Magento 2.3, 2FA is a security feature now available as standard. Its inclusion follows a general trend in digital to require something beyond a simple password to gain access to an account.

Two Factor Authentication is now available via extensions on Magento 2.2 for some time but 2.3 offers it straight out of the box.

4. Google Recaptcha

Basically, reCAPTCHA can require that someone trying to access a website proves they are human, usually by ticking a box identifying themselves as “not a robot”. This is an extra security module to the site by preventing access to unwanted bots whose intentions may not be entirely honorable. It provides a ready alternative to the existing Magento CAPTCHA module.

5. Page Builder

This feature allows the user to create and change pages using a simple drag and drop interface, Magento 2.3 Commerce will provide store owners with more control over their site content directly from the backend decreasing the need for expert support.

Final Thoughts

The introduction of the Magento 2.3 marks a significant step forward in Magento development and underlines its unassailable position as the world’s most complete eCommerce solution. According to Magento Developers Melbourne, the potential of PWAs is of course of particular excitement for the forward-thinking online business.

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