February 19, 2024

Magento Development: Discover Must-Have Extensions for Your Online Store Success


When in the eCommerce industry, you must be prepared for the endless quest of being on the top! As there’s a big competition waiting out there for you to beat, your flag-off must be with the best assets available in the market. 

Talking about the best, Magento has proven itself to be one of the most astounding eCommerce platforms for you to count on. All the budding entrepreneurs with an intention to scale their eCommerce business, rely on Magento development over others. 

But what makes Magento the best platform for your eCommerce business? 

It’s the availability of diverse extensions that allows you to improve the proficiency of overall Magento development services. Starting from speed boosters to payment gateways and sales and marketing, there are diverse extensions or add-on modules that make Magento your best asset for a success-driven business flag-off. 

But as there is an abundance of such add-on modules at top developers’ marketplaces, how to choose the best ones from the lot? Well, you don’t have to stress your mind on filtering your choices, as this article will highlight some of the must-have ones for you to count on. 

How does using Magento development extensions benefit your online business?

Before talking about the extensions in brief, it is important for you to understand what their importance is for your eCommerce business. Therefore, here are some of the benefits of using extensions alongside your Magento development in Sydney:

  • You will be saving a lot of money as the extensions being used alongside Magento development will scale the store proficiencies, ensuring you spend less on coded improvements for boosting site responsiveness and UX. 
  • The overall competitiveness of your online store will increase when you have the right extensions onboard. This way, your brand store will acquire more sales, conversions and traffic than that of your rivals in the industry. 
  • Enhance the overall buying experience for the customers with easy navigation, detailed product content, seamless checkout, and other such features. 

What are the must-have Magento development extensions for your store to count on?

In the quest to avail Magento development services, the need to choose the right extensions is paramount. Therefore, you ought to make your bit of considerations in order to pick the best ones to make your Magento development project a success. So, some of the top extensions from the abundance of options are:

1. Shop By Brand Extension

As you know, most of the customers today seek online shopping by filtering products based on brands. With this Shop by Brand extension, it will be easy for you to introduce new ways for the customers to look for products on your site as visitors. 

Consumers who prefer online shopping are fond of brand-wise searches, as that makes it easier for them to compare how affordable it is to buy from you than that of the brand’s official stores. Thus, it most likely convinces them to go ahead and make the purchase. 

2. Testimonial Extension

The Testimonial extension tends to enhance the credibility of the store, as it comes with a template, allowing the guests or customers to add some feedback or appreciation post for your brand. 

You will be able to monitor the testimonials and reviews, following which you can also post them on your store or dedicated product pages. Not only that, but you will also be able to tweak necessary settings to further use testimonials to your store’s benefit. 

3. Advanced Blog Extension

Advanced Blog is among the most necessary extensions that will help your admin add or manage diverse blog posts on your store. With this integration, you will be able to establish two-way communication between your brand and the customers. 

Not only that, but you can also use blog posts for adding high-frequency keywords and enhancing the SEO outcomes. This way, more customers will visit your website and will most likely engage with your products or offerings. 

4. Customer Discount Extension

Customer Discount, as the name suggests, is meant to present customer-wise discounts on the store. Once you are done with Magento development in Sydney, it is crucial you get along with attracting customers, and there’s no better way to do that than by offering discounts. 

With the use of this extension, your admin officials will be able to add special rules to discounts to make the offer more enticing. You can take the help of professionals offering Magento development services to integrate it for you and help your team understand its features. 

5. 360-Degree Product View Extension

If you can allow your customers to see your products from all possible angles while they are in your store, you will be one step closer to convincing them to purchase. This 360-degree product view extension will allow you to upload an interactive view of the products you sell. 

This way, the customers will be able to move the spinning picture of the product and see its design, aesthetic appeal and other attributes from all ends. Your experts offering Magento development in Sydney will let you know how this extension can enhance your store’s UX astoundingly. 

6. Newsletter Popup Extension

With the Newsletter extension for Magento 2, you will be able to enable your store to show popups, encouraging customers to sign up for your newsletter services. These popups appear when potential customers visit your site using a custom message or field. 

When seeking Magento development services, you must know that newsletters are quite crucial for you to market your products. Using the newsletters, you will be able to pitch your customers with new product launches or intuitive offers. Therefore, talk to your Magento development  experts and get this extension integrated today! 

7. Review Reminder Extension

Review Reminder extension, when integrated into your store, will send out automated notifications to the customers after they have purchased their products from your store. These notifications will be to remind them about leaving feedback or reviews on their experience with the store and product quality. 

It is upon you to create a custom notification message that will encourage customers to leave a review. Not only that, but you can also set certain rules or conditions for sending out these review reminders. 

8. PayPal Multicurrency Extension

PayPal Multicurrency extension is considered one of the most lucrative gateways for you to start collecting payments from global customers. With this extension, you will be allowing people to make payments using their respective currencies while buying products from your store. 

This way, you can expect a hike in the user experience quotient of your online store and acquire more sales and revenue in the long run. PayPal holds the trust of people around the globe, and using it to accept international payments will add more credibility to your store. 

9. One-Step Checkout Extension

The experts offering Magento development in Sydney will advise you on integrating the One Stop Checkout extension right after your store goes live. And that’s because the standard 6-step checkout process of Magento doesn’t bring in good reviews to the stores. 

Therefore, do add this extension to your overall Magento development services, and get it integrated for speeding up the overall checkout process. This way, the conversion rate will increase stupendously. You will be able to choose the themes and configure the checkout templates upon using this extension alongside Magento Development Sydney

10. PayTrace Payment Gateway Extension

When you hire a Magento developer to build your store, you can’t care to miss out on using the right payment gateway. With the PayTrace extension by Elsner Technologies, you get a PCI-compliant gateway for accepting payments in a secure manner. 

The best thing about this extension is that your customers will make the payment by being on the same page using dedicated methods. Thus, it further enhances the credibility and experience quotient of the customers in your Magento store. 

11. PWA Extension

PWA extension, the latest in a lot of Magento modules, can help add an app-like experience for your store on web browsers. This way, it doesn’t matter what device your customers are using to access your store; they will avail a mobile-like feel, which will add to their positive experience. 

Not only that, but your customers will also be able to add a shortcut to their desktop or mobile home screen, just like an application, which will make it easy for them to access your store. Hire a Magento 2 developer and get a better understanding of what it is like to use the PWA extension for your store. 

Final Words

With the use of the right extensions alongside your Magento development in Melbourne, you will be able to simplify most of your store operations and might also automate and enhance the performance. May it be security, functionality, or performance, your Magento development experts will suggest the best modules that will meet your business goals. 

It is true that extensions will work wonders to help you win more customers and sales, but your site design should also reciprocate the responsiveness as well. Therefore, this article does provide you with the best extensions to count on, but you must also look after hiring the best experts offering services for eCommerce website design in Sydney

This way, your Magento development will be considered complete!

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