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Artwork Voting App


Artwork Voting App

The Artwork Voting Mobile App is very helpful for artists who are eager and very inspired to publish their artwork. It is a mobile-to-mobile broadcasting and finding platform for artists and users of visual art. It helps people browse, discover, publish, and get the best reviews on their artworks by means of robust search features, publishing, and like/dislike functionalities. Basically, it connects artists and art lovers, and it does this in ways that are convenient and fun.

With the help of this artwork application, users can cast votes on different works of art according to their choice, earn points for them, and get prize money for their best artwork.

The Artwork Voting Mobile App is free and available to download for both Apple® and Android™ mobile devices.



  • Compatible with both Android and iPhone mobile devices and can also be accessed on any browser.

  • Application can be accessible in different languages like English, Deutsch, Fransais, Italiano, Espanol.

  • Secure login/Sign up functionality with Facebook login feature for avoiding multistep registration process.

  • User can share feedback on any artwork by swiping left (0 point), right (1 points) or up (2 points), it also has tap the cross (if he doesn’t like the artwork), the check mark (if he likes it) or one of the three „super-like buttons “(if he REALLY likes it) as an alternative. Each user has 3 super-likes per day.

  • Swipe functionality to vote on any artwork will give credits, likes/dislikes, super likes to that particular artwork profile.

  • Users can always look at the leaderboard from the past months by using the filter functionality.

  • Beautiful Artwork detail page will have all the description related to the image.

  • Advance filter functionality to filter the leaderboard by year and month.

  • Adding and updating the existing artwork will be very easy where user can easily publish their artwork.

  • Push Notifications shows the likes, dislikes, credits and other messages related to any artwork and profile.



  • We have prepared a mobile application which is designed to provide best service to inspire artist for publishing their artwork.

  • If the users get maximum points through likes and swipe functionality, then they will be able to get prize money on their artwork so this will always inspire users to publish the artwork as much as possible.

  • Different subscription package has been provided for the user who wants to upload more than one artwork and acquire more points.

  • The points will cumulate throughout the whole month and can always be viewed in the „leaderboard “section where artist can find themselves by entering their name into the search option.

  • The artist who has collected the most points by the end of the month wins a price, which can vary from month to month and can always be viewed in both the leaderboard section and our social media platforms. Both downloading the app and uploading one artwork is free of charge.



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