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Dating App

It is one of the most prominent and demanding dating applications in Switzerland and is also getting good reviews globally. It is the first dating app with no restrictions or running costs for users to interact with each other. Earlier, people used to create fake profiles and send fake requests. Because of that, people were not able to find the perfect match.

So the client came with a requirement to help many singles find the perfect match. And client requirements have become our goal in developing a dating application where users will be able to identify singles from the same environment with the same interests. For introverted people, it offers interesting features in the app like chat with each other, meet up, or even find the love of life! Thus, nothing stands in the way of success.



  • Compatible with both Android and iPhone mobile devices and can also be accessed on any browser.
  • It has very simple and verified registration and Login features.
  • User can register and create profile by providing data such as name, age, gender, profile images, gender preferences, country code details, hobbies, and other liking/disliking.
  • Login/Sign up through Facebook in case if the user does not want to fill information by completing the multiple steps then importing data through Facebook can perform the task.
  • Flirt Bar for the people who is in regular talk then they can show interest for getting chance of getting chat request.
  • User friendly radar search so that searching singles in the same area network. It allows them to update/disable radar, Increase/decrease distance or select location manually.
  • Match/smart-match game that will ask multiple questions to the users for showing the list of compatible users.
  • Live chat room where user can decide to whom they want to chat by accepting and rejecting chat request. User can message, share audios, videos and photos to the shortlisted profiles.
  • If the users are genuinely interested, then they can send date request and can suggest each others location & time for meeting.
  • Push notifications to show recent search results, free credits, messages and many other information.
  • Filtration panel having multiple parameters like: user is looking by gender, by age, by height, by eye color, by hair color, by weight and by location wise.



  • We have prepared a mobile application which is designed to provide best quality Dating and perfect match find services to users.
  • Integration of Facebook profile import assists user to instantly register or login using pre-populated account.
  • Integration of Real Time Chat functionality for providing amazing experience of interaction between users.
  • Integration of GPS tracking assists user to find their perfect match in nearby location and notify user as per the preference provided.
  • Integration of the advanced tracking system assists user to get accurate analytics and statistics report of the activities going on the application.
  • Provided backend where user can easily manage users, reports, visitors and other activities.
  • Integration of the advanced search and filter functionality to find profiles based on the different parameters like age, gender, location, appearance and other preferences.
  • Provided functionality where users can see the number of visitors, visited profiles and votes on posts.



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