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National Karate

National Karate is Minnesota’s largest professional karate and self-defense school.

Over fifty thousand Minnesotans of all ages have benefited from NK training, which combines ancient eastern martial arts methods with state-of-the-art training tools designed to help prepare students for the challenges of modern America.

Our instructors receive ongoing training, both in the martial arts and in best practice teaching methods.

National Karate is like a tight-knit family. All National Karate instructors and owners earned their black belts through our thorough testing process. They are part of one of the largest martial arts organizations in the Midwest.

Many of our students and instructors are nationally and internationally rated competitors in the North American Sport Karate Association.



  • Design Customization according to wireframe.
  • Integrated google map for every location.
  • Integrated Calendar feature to highlight the event dates.
  • Social media integration to see activities of national karate.
  • Video slider to display different videos related to program.
  • FIND A SCHOOL by entering zip code.



  • Designing and development of the website according to wireframe provided by client andFor a new start user can get a free trial by selecting school location and providing contact details.
  • Developed a location feature where a user can enter a zip code and can see the list of school on map and list of other location and click on schedule to see list of details.
  • User can see the list of black belt holder and can filter according to its degree and short according to ascending and descending order. Also user can search on different criteria.
  • User can also Schedule a Birthday Party at National karate by entering the details for party and the message user want to give to National karate.
  • Developed a special offer module where a user can sign up and get a special offer.
  • User can click on connect with us and will be redirect to social media page of national karate where user can connect with national karate page and get the latest update posted on it.



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