June 4, 2019

8 SEO Tips that You Can Use Today to Generate More Web Traffic


If you have been writing blogs for a long time or have just started with a few you might have observed that it is extremely difficult to get on top of Google’s search rankings. But, if you are worried that your blogs will not get the right amount of web traffic this is the right blog for you. You can take the SEO services in Sydney from a reputed SEO organisation and get the desired results.

We have provided several SEO tips provided in the forthcoming sections of this write-up, which will help you to get ahead of your competitors. We promise after reading this content, you will be able to get more web traffic and rank higher up in the search results page.

So, without much delay, let’s get started.

Content will always remain the king

Writing quality blog posts is the need of the hour. But, writing shorter write-ups will not serve the purpose. It is important for your write-up to be well-researched and provide relevant information to the target audience. Always think of original concepts so that you can hook the attention of your readers. If you become an industry leader in your niche, links and ranks will come naturally.

Check out what your competitors have posted on blogs and social media. Find out the pain areas that they have identified. Also look out for the content that is shared the most. Create a schedule for posting your blogs on a regular basis. This way, you can make the readers wait for your blog posts and anticipate for the next one. Have a content calendar by creating one on your own.

Using relevant keywords is the need of the hour

If you want to rank higher on Google search engine it is important to use the relevant keywords in your blog posts. Use keyword research tools like Wordtracker, SEMRush, and Longtail Pro to select keywords that have high levels of traffic but are available at a low bidding price. This way you will have a much higher chance of appearing on top of Google search results page.

Insert keywords in your post’s URL

While writing new blogs, insert the keywords in such a way that you can set the URL for the main ones. Install the Yoast plugin by installing it on your WordPress theme, which will prompt you to do this. Keep the URL string as short as possible. Reason? It showcases high relevance

Integrate images in your content

Without images your blog posts will be without any value. It will seem like a pizza with no cheese. A holiday without your best friend. Always try to integrate high-quality images in your content. This will prove to be beneficial to you in two ways:

By having relevant images in your text, you can bring your content to life. High-quality images can really compliment your writing talent. By integrating images on your write-up, you have the chance to promote that image on Google. This will get you a link to your website. On top of this, you will have a branded image on your blogs.

In order to make your image appear in relevant searches, it is extremely vital to integrate an alt tag in your image by adding a relevant name, preferably a keyword. In case, you do not have original images to add to your blog posts, don’t fret. There are a wide array of free image sources from which you can select the appropriate image for your source. The ultimate objective is to ensure that your images enhance the experience of your readers and attract more web traffic.

Include keywords in the title tags

Although users are not very interested in your blog’s browser title, they would be more interested in what is actually in the write-up. But, since we are writing this blog from an SEO perspective it is important to include title tags. If you are employing WordPress platform, it will be under “SEO Title”. If possible, integrate the keywords at the beginning too. This way you will make it more relevant for the search spiders.

Integrate unique content on the category pages

We have already stressed the point that the content is the king. If you integrate custom content on the specific category pages of your blog it can assist you to get higher rankings on Google. This is especially helpful when you have multiple categories for your blog post. It is equally important to have a distinguished copy for every category page which will ensure that the page does not look spammy at first glance.

Link to high-quality websites

You might be wondering: Why in the hell would I want my readers to leave my blog site? While the objective of a blog site is to ensure that the visitor stays at the website for a very long time, having reputable links to high-quality websites can boost the rankings for your blog site. You can achieve this endeavour by linking to other companies or tools that have been mentioned in your blog post. Alternatively, you can even link other relevant blogs that have provided useful information pertaining to the same topic that you are writing about. There are certain writers who are able to get high-quality website traffic using this tactic.

Use social sharing buttons to like your blog posts

In case, other social networking websites link to your blog site it will, not only increase website traffic, but also boost your ranking. Encourage the readers to link by integrating Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ users. You can even integrate WordPress plugins like Simple Share buttons or which can prove to be quite handy to get relevant website traffic.

The Final Words…
It is extremely vital to have good SEO practices to get your blog site rank higher on Google. Although, surely it will take some time to get the requisite skill sets and knowledge to get a good ranking on Google, slowly but gradually you will get there eventually. But always keep this in mind that the changes that you are expecting will not happen overnight. Avail SEO services in Melbourne from a top-rated company and grow your website traffic in time.

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