May 21, 2018

The Top WordPress Web Design Trends to watch in 2018


The year 2018 came with many surprises in the website design and other development industries. We saw some of huge changes in the website design in 2017 and here comes 2018 when we will see some of the biggest web design trends of 2018, that will last for over. These changes and trends in website design will bring a huge amount of change in the studio heads so that they can share their views and perspectives and predictions for the enhancement of good user experience. There have been surveys done by dedicated WordPress developers of Sydney that advice using WordPress powered website for your any type of business. It is been seen that this platform is been used by most of the online business owners, in fact, the numbers are in millions. There are chances that you might be also thinking to create a website on WordPress by using these great website design trends in 2018.

The reasons are many, as the WordPress website offers an amazing number of themes, plugins, widgets etc. these features gets an overwhelming response whenever it is used by any business owner. These website trends in 2018 which will be discussed in this article are brilliantly thought of, modern and beautifully appealing. Also, they will help you to have a better understanding of what your users and customers are expecting from your usability point of view.

Let’s take a look at some trends we can expect to see in 2018.

  • Web Responsiveness And Mobile-first Design

In case you are new to the web industry then you shall be known about the responsive web design as this is something not very new and it shall be implemented to all the websites developed in WordPress. Why so, because now it is considered to be a standard in web development. However, due to the rapid growth of mobile web traffic and increase in usage of smartphones the desktop version has been reduced, thus it has been a responsibility of the website developer to make the website web-responsive and this is trending in an overall usage of mobile devices have dictated new rules here as well. Initially, the developers used to design the website for the desktops but now they have started to develop for the mobile version first and this is due to increase in the number of smartphones use. This is one of the biggest trends in the mobile-first approach this year.

  • SSL Certificates Never Go Out Of Trend

SSL certificates never go out of trend as this is directly linked to the security of your WordPress website. Every website should have the best fit SSL certificates from the finest SSL service provider in the market. For example SSL2BUY it is one of the cheap SSL certificate providers which has all the types of SSL certificates which may fit your business type for your WordPress website.

  • Customized Photography

Putting the right images and in a good manner is the need of the hour, thus, photography plays an important role to rightly illustrate the products and the web design to its customers. This is one reason why the stocks are still making a huge amount of money. 2018 has shown the rise of customised images and photography, where you have the stock of photos that are chosen more carefully and accurately. This you can by hiring a professional for your business to create a real branding which will tell you a story.

  • Increase In The Page Builders

WordPress has amazing plugins and features that help the website developer to develop a good website. Here, the demand for powerful WordPress page builders in the year 2018 is trading which will help the WordPress users to create and give demand in an easier way. By this way you can add a good format of content can have even more rich content to WordPress.

  • Data Storytelling

2017 was a great year in terms of design and we have seen much creative data visualization but the upcoming year 2018 will be having the advanced versions of data storing and the way the data is represented on the WordPress website. Well, this is also called as data storytelling, that can depict in 3D storytelling format too. The newest and the latest methods of data storytelling have been introduced in the page builder plugin. According to dedicated WordPress developers of Sydney, it is one of the best design of all.

  • Smart And Creative Typography

WordPress plugins give you ample amount of options to be creative thus this year you have one of the biggest web design trends in website design that has become obsessed with typographic experiments and will not be ending in the coming years. Today we see many website owners which execute exquisite typography combinations which are another way quite hard to take the eyes off.

  • Duotone Web Design

One of the challenge and smartest trend In the website design this year in 2018 is the Duotone web design – it is very colorful web design style, and is used for more and more in the best WordPress themes. The good part is that it is trending in this year. It is basically an image which is composed of two colors that is why it is a duo. The duotone effect gives a highlight to the typography of the website more vividly.

  • Videos Are In The Trend

Video marketing is always in and is trending for many years, and this will be trending in the year 2018 as well. These days the popularity of the live streaming services and the stories in Instagram and other social media is a rage. Dedicated WordPress developers of Sydney gives some of the biggest and perfect video making web design trends where good videos content can be floated on your website and other social media platforms. Properly used videos in web design can easily create an engaging atmosphere that induces stronger feelings than an unmoving picture will ever be able to. Cinemagraphs offer exciting possibilities when it comes to creating a memorable visual experience on a website.

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