December 15, 2021

Top Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Developer


Once you plan to hire WordPress Web Developer for your platform, there is a wide pool of professionals available in the market. It would help if you had certain criteria to shortlist the best ones and get them working based on your requirements. 

WordPress is one of the biggest Content Management systems,  and businesses are looking for an effective method to make the right investment. 

While it might be overwhelming to plan for your business, the journey begins when you handle complicated tasks and take necessary decisions. Online platforms provide great support, but will you be able to unlock all the benefits of the platform? 

Where Should you Begin with the Journey?

1. Ask for References 

This is the best method to get someone that is already familiar with your requirements. You might want to ask your colleagues and other relations for your business. 

2. Technology Partners or Vendors

You might want to connect with the organizations for recommendations. Many technology vendors have partnered with design and development organizations to lead you in the correct direction.

3. Online Research 

Search engines are a great source to collect information. Being an effective method, you need to visit multiple websites and know which one has genuine services. You might need to narrow down your search and get connected with the best WordPress Development Company

Things to Answer Before you Begin Hiring WordPress Web Developer:

1. What is the Purpose of the Website?

There are different niches available in the market. You must know your targets and potential customers to generate actual results.

2. Who will be Interacting with the Website?

The website’s design and features will completely depend on the people approaching your website. So have a clear idea of the people interacting with your platform. 

3. What is your Budget for the Website?

Website design and development costs can vary depending on your requirements. Before beginning the whole process of hiring, you must assess the expenses. With multiple solutions available in the market, you need to choose the one that fits your budget and provides the best results. 

4. Do you need a WordPress Development Designer or Developer?

This might be a complicated process. Once you have made the list of your requirements, it would give you a clear picture of whether you want a designer or developer. This completely depends on your priorities and website structure. If you have some idea about the look and feel of the website, then you can work with the designer. While if you want to begin from scratch, it is better to hire developers. 

5. What are the Options for Getting WordPress Web Developer?

Being aware of what you are looking for in a Web Developer or designer makes this journey more straightforward. Some common grounds you might want to explore are:

  • Research on search engines and know the insights 
  • Use multiple platforms like LinkedIn, Fiverr, Upwork, and more 
  • Ask for references 
  • Go through your competitors’ websites 

What are the Questions you must ask Web Developer before Hiring?

1. How much experience do you have in the development sector?

This ensures that they have enough skills and knowledge. Ensure that your developers have the potential to bring great WordPress solutions. Get to know their deliverables and understand if they can handle your business. 

2. Do you provide services for both designing and development? 

These are the two vital segments of website building. So, the company must have expertise in both sectors. They will tackle all the design challenges and development processes. It might not be easy to indulge with two different companies and handle website development flow. 

3. Are you following WordPress coding standards?

A professional WordPress developer will follow the coding standards to avoid issues and complications in your website. This also helps in increasing the readability of the code. Check the previous portfolio to know if they have a semantic and clean coding structure. 

4. Do you have any portfolios for their work?

If the organization or developer has a portfolio, it becomes helpful to understand their capabilities. You can connect with their previous clients and ask about their working procedures. It helps to understand if they will meet your business requirements. 

5. What is the process you follow for website development?

There are three methods to develop a dynamic website:

  • Use a free or paid theme in the WordPress platform 
  • Customize an existing WordPress theme as per your requirements 
  • Convert a PSD file into a custom WordPress theme 

You should ask your developer organization if they use existing themes, build them from scratch, or customize them. This is to know if the developers can add quality features and functionalities if required. 

6. What is the approximate cost of development?

After sharing the project details, ask them about the cost and other expenses. Generally, the cost of WordPress development depends on various things like theme, plugins, integrations, and more. The developer will analyze all the necessary segments and give you an estimated expense based on your project requirements. 

7. Will you make my website SEO-friendly? 

The main purpose of having an online platform is to generate better leads. WordPress is an SEO-friendly website and provides you with great opportunities. An experienced WordPress development designer and developer will integrate plugins to enhance your website performance. 

8. Can I shift my normal website to an ecommerce platform? 

There are chances that you want to generate revenue or sell things on your platform in the future. So, discuss with the developers to know the case of extensibility to add new features and functionalities. This will ensure that your process is effortless. 

9. What if I am not satisfied with the results?

It is crucial to get support at each phase of website development. Your website might face issues after delivery, and it will be hectic to find the issue. In such cases, if you have the development team’s support, this process becomes smooth and provides a great experience. 

10. Do you focus on the website loading speed?

This is a crucial factor in deciding your fate in the online world. People engage with the website longer if their loading speed is less than 3 seconds. A slow website has a higher abandonment rate and lower rankings on the search engines. Developers should make sure your website has a faster loading speed and smooth navigation for the visitors. 

11. Which platform do you use to communicate?

Multiple platforms are ideal for sharing important information. The main methods include email, calls, and chat. You need to know the communication channel to know if you can continuously stay connected with the organization. This will help you know how much time it will take to listen to your queries. 

12. Have you delivered any projects in specifically my niche?

The journey becomes easy if the WordPress Development Company or developer has already delivered projects similar to your niche. It adds the benefit of having the right insights and advice for the business. 

13. How will you handle content on the website?

Content management is vital to engage the right traffic and bring returns. Simply building a website is not enough. Your content must be updated and simplified as per the target audience. Some things you might need to consider are:

  • There must be a menu feature
  • Pages should have a proper structure
  • Content readability should be high
  • Website content should be SEO-friendly 

14. Are you making websites responsive to multiple platforms and devices?

Once you Hire WordPress developer Australia, they will ensure that your website is responsive on all the devices. Even you are aware that today people are accessing the website through mobile devices, so make sure you ask them if they are developing a mobile-friendly platform or not. 

15. Will you take any security measures for the website?

WordPress does provide multiple methods to secure your platform, but one should be aware of that. Some techniques you might want to follow are:

  • Usage of proper coding structure 
  • Integrating the right plugins and themes 
  • Keep your platform updated 
  • Ensure to cache data regularly

16. Will to back up the data or keep it safe?

Every website must have a backup to ensure no data loss and facing issues in the market. WordPress provides feasible methods to keep your data stored. It is vital that your developer maintains regular data backups and provide a smooth user experience.  

17. What will be the future of the WordPress website?

Being on an online platform, you must follow the current demands and trends of the digital market. If your website is not updated regularly, you might have great online visibility and lose potential customers. So, look if the organization keeps updating the content and making it search engine friendly.

18. What are the challenges you have faced, and how did you handle?

This will help you to know if they will resolve and bring solutions in case you are stuck in any situation. An organization having better solutions makes sure that your visitors do not face any problems on your platform. 

Final Takeaways!

Whether starting from scratch or upgrading the current platform, it is a smart move to hire a WordPress developer. The above list will make the process simple and feasible. It is significant to know the background of the developers to ensure they meet your expectations.

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