December 2, 2021

What are the Must-have Skills in Technical Career?


While it’s beneficial to be fluent in at least one language, the truth is that knowing certain programming languages isn’t always necessary. You can move your skillset from one language to another if you have good programming basics. Instead of focusing on programming languages’ inner workings, here are a few other talents that can help you stand out in the early tech talent pool and help you become a better developer.

Project Management

Irrespective of whether you want to be a project manager, everyone needs basic project management abilities.

Time Estimation

Knowing how much time it will consume to do a task allows you to create reasonable expectations and objectives for yourself. It’s also a tremendous help to your team because it allows your project manager or team lead to develop a more precise schedule for everyone.


As you improve your time estimation skills, you’ll see that there isn’t nearly enough of it to get everything done. This means you’ll need to figure out what the most pressing concerns are so you can address them first.

Working on personal projects allows you to put your prioritization skills to play. For example, if you’re starting from scratch with a personal website, you’ll have to select the most critical elements based on the site’s goal. Spend some time considering criteria such as:

Your target audience’s requirements.

The tradeoff between the interval it takes to develop a product or fix a bug and the amount of value-added.

Technical Interviewing

Early in your career, you’ll almost certainly be subjected to algorithm-based interviews, in which you’ll be asked a programming topic that you must solve with the help of an interviewer on the spot. These interviews might be challenging for new technologists since they differ significantly from what you learn in school or through project work. On the other hand, developing great interviewing skills will make the hiring process go more smoothly for you.


It’s improbable that you’ll end yourself in a programming position that requires you to memorize hundreds of algorithms. However, because time and space complexity is crucial in real-world development, knowing how alternative data structures and algorithms create different levels of complexity.

Technical Concepts are Expanded

Algorithm-based interviews aren’t always a good indicator of how well an employee will perform, but one benefit is that it forces candidates to explain their thoughts aloud. A developer must be able to communicate technical concepts.

Tutoring and teaching assistantships are excellent ways to develop this talent. During your time in these roles, you may also tackle whiteboard problems with students, debug code live, or pair programs, which can benefit you in technical interviews.


Because not everything can be neatly categorized, here are a few more abilities that will be more useful to you the earlier you learn them in your career.

Terminal/Command Prompt

The Command Prompt (Windows) and Terminal (Mac) are text-based interfaces to type commands. You may use commands like creating new directories (also known as folders) and navigating your file system. You can construct scripts that run several commands and do a lot more if you want to get fancy.

Social Media

If you spend any time on Medium, you may become overwhelmed by the number of articles advising you on building a social media presence that will help you advance your career. Today, I’m not going to add to that. However, if you have the time and desire to put in the work for those potential rewards, I believe you should explore how social media can affect you.


Last but not least, one of the most vital talents for anyone working in the digital business is Googling (or utilizing a search engine of your choosing). You’ll frequently run across challenges that you can’t solve with the information you already have, and it’s up to you to do your due diligence in attempting to solve those problems before seeking aid from others. You’ll need to be able to conduct technical research at that point.

Capabilities in Analysis

IT professions necessitate a good deal of analytical ability. This enables you to anticipate problems and analyze data to extract critical information, identifying key performance indicators from trend analysis.


Because it leads to breakthrough ideas and solutions, creativity is a valuable skill for IT employment. You might need to bring a fresh idea to improve a process or develop a novel solution to a technology problem. Your boss can ask you to figure out how to use technology to help the firm grow.

Operating System Knowledge

An important IT talent knows how to work with and repair various operating systems. While a single company may use only one operating system, knowing how to work with several systems might help you stand out to employers who may want to transition to a new system in the future.

Database Administration

A database is a program for storing and managing information. It’s necessary to master the fundamentals of data entry and database use if you work in IT. Database administration necessitates attention to detail and precision. It usually also necessitates the ability to read and operate the Standard Query Language (SQL) 

Final Thoughts

Starting in technology might be frightening, and you’ll likely come across a lot of foreign lingo along the road. While there may be an overwhelming mountain of abilities to master before you can gain your bearings in technology, the truth is that all you need is a solid foundation to get started. Rather than becoming overwhelmed by the minimal amount of information available in the field of technology, the major subjects discussed here should assist you in laying the groundwork.

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