September 3, 2021

What is Magento? A Tour-Guide to Magento for eCommerce Store


We know, till now, you might have figured the answer to, “What is Magento?” But are you sure that is the right one? Maybe you have missed out a few vital benefits of Magento. From a user or business owner’s perspective, you know the importance of minor details on a large scale. 

The E-commerce business is growing at a high pace and making a massive contribution to the digital world. It handles over $100 billion gross merchandise each year. This might be a great indicator of the great potential it holds in the market. 

The famous dialogue from Dr. Who, “I Like the bit where someone says ‘It’s bigger on the inside.’” Likewise, we will show you the unknown benefits of Magento. These will help you know the insights of Magento and the reason it is being chosen for e-commerce platforms. 

What is Magento?

It is an open-source technology for e-commerce platforms. An Expert Magento Development Company will help you build a flexible online store with great features and functionalities. The best benefit of Magento is the tools to handle marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and store management. 

Some Fantastic Benefits of Magento:

1. Extreme Scalability 

Magento has the capacity to handle thousands of products, and the only restriction that arrives is due to the size of the server. It is well-equipped with tools to handle the rapid phase of growth and manage the store effortlessly.

2. SEO Friendly 

The Magento helps in optimizing the product pages and descriptions seamlessly. The Magento Development Company will ensure to add URLs and meta-descriptions that are SEO-friendly and enhance your visibility in the online world. The websites built using Magento are responsive to mobile devices and different screen sizes. 

3. Faster Loading Speed 

Search Engines prefer quick page loads. As per Google statistics, around 53% of mobile users abandon the website if they take more than 3 seconds. Magento has tools to improve your performance and make it user-friendly. 

4. Better Data Filtering 

Running an e-commerce store means dealing with a vast amount of data pieces to make the right decisions. Your data is the currency of modern business. This is the best benefit of Magento, as it offers you structures and accurate data for your e-commerce store. 

5. Ready for Sales and Generate Revenue

Do you know what is Magento famous for? It is specially built for sales. It helps to segment your e-commerce store based on the customers’ interests and buying history. As a business owner, you can tailor the promotional events conveniently. This helps to set the product recommendations and improve conversion rates. 

Who is using Magento? Why should you invest in Magento?

Let us take a quick view of the world brands that are enjoying the benefits of Magento:

  • Coca-Cola 
  • FoxConnect 
  • Ford 
  • Olympus 
  • Warby Parker 
  • Nike 
  • Nestle Nespresso 

These are some known names, which are trusting Magento for their online presence. You might be a bit curious to know the main reasons. 

The 13 outstanding reasons to choose Magento development for your e-commerce store:

1. Open-Source Platform 

Users and Magento developers have the flexibility to customize, extend, and modify the source code for better performance. This will improve the customer experience. 

2. Rich Features 

It has rich and diverse features for the store owners. This helps to stand out in the market and provide a smooth user experience. Magento features help to manage store efficiency and increase business efficiency. 

3. Easily Target Audience 

Magento provides support to all types of businesses, from small to large scale. As a business owner, you can add and manage unlimited products. 

4. Highly Secure 

The E-commerce platform is always crucial to online vulnerabilities. Magento ensures that security is always guaranteed for the users. It gives a piece of information about security, security updates, and security patches quickly. 

5. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is another great thing about Magento. It provides SEO components to improve rankings on the Search Engine Result Pages. The crucial benefits of Magento are it has sitemaps, metadata, URLs, and more which are optimized for search engines. 

6. Multiple Store and Languages

Many online businesses plan to get global support. Magento gives you the freedom to open multiple stores, which can operate with multiple languages and multiple currencies. You get more opportunities to target the right audience and increase your ROI. 

7. High Performance 

If you invest the right amount of effort, resources, and time in Magento, your online store will provide excellent performance. Faster page loads which have effective processing query helps to provide a better user experience. It is vital to have fast page speed, giving them more time to explore your store and reduce cart abandonment rate. 

8. Great Mobile Experience 

In the era of the online world, people are using mobile devices. Magento has been maintaining its pace with this trend by providing high mobile friendliness. You can hire Magento developers in Melbourne to help you build e-commerce stores compatible with desktop, mobile, and tablets. 

9. Magento Extensions Support 

Store owners have the freedom to install any Magento modules into their e-commerce store to unlock the great benefits of Magento. These extensions help to enhance your store performance. The right Magento developers will customize the store and add more advanced functions to grab better opportunities in the market. 

10. Third-Party Integrations 

Magento has particular standards when it comes to integrating third-party tools. It has built-in Google tools, database applications, payment methods, shipping tracking, and more. Users get to manage the website effortlessly with the detailed guidance on the Magento platform. 

11. Constant Support 

With its growing popularity, Magento has been releasing modules and updates constantly. Being an open-source platform, it has a vast community to handle your issues. 

12. E-commerce friendly 

The features of the Magento store are built to streamline operations. It has everything from plugins to extensions that support multiple currencies, payment gateways, and languages. This is perfectly fit to increase your e-commerce store visibility and target audience.

13. Ease of Customization

It has a high level of customization to make your store unique and beat the high competition in the market. 

What are the Divergent Features of Magento to Attain Growth?

Analytics and Reporting 

Magento has the inbuilt reporting tool to know your store’s performance. It helps to monitor customer trends and build strategies for your business. It helps you generate reports that focus on:

  • Sales 
  • Best viewed products 
  • Low stocked products 
  • Total sales refunded 
  • Best purchased products 
  • Total sales invoices 
  • Number of orders 
  • Tax

Customer Accounts and Service 

It has a feature-rich customer account. It provides an option to save the unlimited addresses in their address book. Customers can save items in their wish list and share them with their contacts. Some customer-centric features are:

  • Re-order from account 
  • Wish  list feature 
  • Account dashboard 
  • Update emails 
  • Order tracking 
  • Order history 
  • Contact Us form 

Catalog Management 

Magento has a flexible and dynamic system to manage catalogs. Developers allow offline batch import and export items. Magento also supports multiple types of products like simple, configurable, grouped, and more. Some critical abilities of this system are:

  • Batch export and import of the catalog 
  • Tax Rates per location, product type, and customer group
  • Create specific attributes 
  • Low inventory alerts 
  • Batch updates of products in admin panel 
  • Quicker product creation of different types of items 
  • Approve, delete, and edit the product tag

Order Management 

It is a complete set of features that helps view, edit, and complete orders from the admin panel. Some features offered by Magento are:

  • View, create, fulfill, and edit orders from the admin panel
  • Print invoices 
  • Call support 
  • Email notifications 
  • Create single and multiple invoices and shipments 


What is Magento doing to help you handle your shipping? It allows the configuration of the store according to owner requirements. Magento enables real-time integration for the shipment services, which displays accurate data. Some shipping flexibilities that Magento offers are:

  • Shipping to various addresses in a single order 
  • Flat rate shipping per order
  • Free shipping 
  • Table rates for destination and weight 
  • Table rates for the number of destinations and items 
  • On-site tracking from the customer account  
  • Flat rate shipping per item 
  • Table rates for product subtotals and destination

Payment Support 

It supports significant payment gateway integration. You can always hire Magento developers in Melbourne to integrate the best payment gateways. Magento has some payment functionalities like:

  • Configuration to authorize and charge the invoices 
  • Integrate multiple PayPal Gateways 
  • Integration Google checkout 
  • Save credit card method for offline payments 
  • Accept payments in multiple methods
  • Integrate
  • Additional payment extensions on Magento store

Some Concluding Thoughts!

People are exploring around, “What is Magento?” to get the best solution. As a Magento Development Company, we might provide you with the best solution in the e-commerce world. We have specified the benefits of Magento in the blog, which might help you to make the right decision.
Being in the market for a long time helps us stay updated with the recent trends and demands of the audience. Reach us! To get your hands on a professional team of talented developers to unlock the best features and functions of Magento.

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