July 30, 2021

What Is PPC & How Paid Search Marketing Works?


You might have noticed advertisements on various online platforms such as Google search result pages or Facebook, and they are the PPC Ads. You might not know the whole process, but you are an essential segment of PPC Ads’ success. 

There are billions of searches performed on SERPs on a daily basis. This means you need to be a little stressed about, “What will make your PPC Ads unique from this crowd?”

It is vital to have a goal when you plan to get into the PPC Ads campaign. We can undoubtedly say Pay-Per-Click is not a piece of cake. Let us make this journey simpler for you. 

What are PPC Ads? 

Pay-Per-Click marketing is a complicated strategy to gain attention in the digital market. It is an advertising model where advertisers will have to pay a certain amount every time a user clicks on the PPC Ads.

There are few types of PPC ads, but the paid campaigns are generating better revenue. These advertisements will appear in the search engines. To appear in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), advertisers cannot just pay more to make sure they are at the top position. Search engines have specific algorithms to determine the validity and relevance of PPC Ads that will be displayed to the users. 

What is the Different Type of PPC Ads?

There are three primary types of Pay-Per-Click advertisements in the market:

Text Ads 

This is a written copy made by the advertisers. There is a specific limitation in the format and character depending on your target platform. Text PPC Ads are generally triggered through search engines. 

Display Ads 

This type has a format of a motion graphic or image. PPC Ads has specific criteria for the size and content requirements that make it visually creative. 

Shopping Ads   

It is typically viewed after a visitor submits a query through a shopping engine or search engine. These PPC Ads contain pricing, images, and specifications like color, dimensions, size, etc. 

What are the Benefits of Indulging in PPC Ads?

An experienced PPC agency Sydney will ensure that your PPC ads meet your targets efficiently. It has some unique advantages like:

  • Advertisers can drive a significant amount of organic traffic to the website. It would help if you had robust digital marketing strategies that manage Pay-Per-Click ads. 
  • It is vital to be precise and straightforward with the highly targeted audience with your ads. 
  • You need to track the performance of your PPC Ads. This makes it easier to make changes and improve your chances of gaining higher clicks on the search engines. 
  • As an advertiser, it is crucial to track conversions to note the ROI of your campaigns. 

How are Keywords a Primary Segment of Paid Search Marketing?

It is essential to have deep keyword research. Here are some things you need to consider before you add keywords into your ads:

  • Negative keywords: This enables you to filter the search terms that are irrelevant to the services and products. This can save you money and effort in gaining wasteful clicks. Use the negative keywords to your strength with the help of an organization dealing with social media marketing Australia
  • Too Broad: When dealing with PPC Ads, it is worth paying attention to the long-tail searches. These are longer and less frequent keyword phrases that might gear up the volume of visits. 
  • Be Relevant: Make sure your keywords match with the landing pages you are redirecting to the visitors. You can use various tools to ensure you have the right keywords that grab visitor’s attention and deliver the right message. 

How can you Measure the Performance of PPC Ads?

Once you have taken the important decision about your Pay-Per-Click advertisements. It is vital to know how they are performing on the search engines. This will help you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your ad campaign. Some important sections that you can focus on are:

  • Quality Score 
  • Impression Score
  • Usage of Negative Keywords 
  • Text Ad Optimization 
  • Click-Through Rate 

It will help to make your PPC Ads more reliable to generate better results. Make sure your Ads are eye-catching without spamming the visitors. Your query must lead the user to the right landing page for your website. Add a Call-To-Action to make it more cost-effective. This will help to improve your quality score and get a better ad position. 

Are you Planning to Learn More About PPC Ads?

We have shared some essential insights into Pay-Per-Click advertisements, but there is always a scope for betterment. You can always look for:

  • User Demographics 
  • Interests of the target audience 
  • Product and services 
  • Website content 

There should be a perfect balance within these segments to deliver a significant value to your efforts. Know your budget and goals before making the final decision. By the way, as an experienced PPC agency Sydney, we can also help you to make this process effortless. Contact us! Let us work together and deliver the best PPC Ads in the market.

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