February 25, 2022

Why is Adobe Commerce Best for Today’s B2B e-commerce Merchants?


Growing an online business is not a piece of cake. You should be familiar with the best tools in the market to boost the results. There is no denying that Adobe Commerce is helping many B2B organizations to beat their competitors. 

What is Adobe Commerce?

Magento empowers this, and some people refer to it as Magento Commerce, but the official name is Adobe Commerce. It is a feature-rich eCommerce platform designed to support great features and functionalities. 

It offers the organization the flexibility and scalability to personalize, manage, and optimize the e-commerce business. Some unique features of Adobe Commerce are:

  • Cloud Services: This is one of the significant features of the platform. It gives freedom to manage the e-commerce platform anytime and from anywhere. This ensures great performance, security, and agility in the online business. 
  • Advanced Analytics: It has tools that help monitor the key metrics that help to make informed decisions. This feature helps enhance your business’s delivery, marketing, and merchandising aspects. 
  • Omnichannel Experience: It has unified API, components, data model, and store model to help in becoming an omnichannel. Some multiple tools and resources can be integrated into the platform. 
  • Agility: Adobe Commerce supports advanced APIs, microservices, headless deployment models, and enterprise system integration. 

What are the Reasons to Invest in Adobe Commerce for B2B Business?

There might be various advantages of investing in Adobe Commerce. But we have built a list of the best ones in the industry: 

1. Hybrid Business Model 

Changing the business model brings in complexity. Many B2B businesses have started direct sales. There are multiple benefits of having this model are:

  • Better insights into the customer purchasing and product preferences 
  • Enhance the brand awareness
  • Increase revenue by grabbing the right opportunity

Some benefits of preferring Adobe Commerce for hybrid business are: 

  • It simplifies the technology stack that ensures smooth maintenance processes 
  • Quickly it brings the new B2B and B2C products to the market 
  • Optimize the business strategies with the help of unified data in your ecommerce operations 
  • A single admin manage multiple products and stores 
  • It has a consistent brand experience for the users 

2. Secure and Modern Architecture 

It is a rapidly changing technology that provides new features and functionalities for your ecommerce store. People are using older tools that are prone to vulnerabilities and security breaches. A Magento development company ensures that your platform is updated and secure from online threats. 

A regular update of your platform provides you with new features and patches for security breaches. Adobe Commerce is built on a secure and modern architecture that keeps your brand safe. 

3. Ease of integration 

Connecting your e-commerce platform with different resources and tools helps enhance the customer experience. There is plenty of software in the market that allows storing data like customer information, sales, revenue, profits, and more. This data plays a vital role in running an eCommerce business successfully. 

4. Mobile-Friendly Environment 

More than half of the population browse the online platform using mobile devices. The number is continuously increasing, so you need to provide a smooth experience to the users. You will be targeting a huge ratio of traffic from mobile devices, which makes it vital to work on it. 

Adobe Commerce provides mobile-first design and includes PWA (Progressive Web Applications). They are advanced websites that run like native mobile applications on mobile devices. They also have access to push notifications and other mobile features available in the browser. 

5. Great Scalability 

It is an essential part of any e-commerce business. If you hire Magento developers, they will be responsible for managing and maintaining your platform’s infrastructure, as it might be a complicated process. Moreover, it is vital to maintain, secure, and monitor the platform’s performance when you work with multiple vendors. It will boost the traffic, stock the products, and provide solutions. 

6. Marketplaces accessibility

All e-commerce store owners need to understand that they start the journey from the marketplace. Some leading marketplaces are Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and more, having a great share in the ecommerce business. 

Adobe ecommerce brings in great opportunities for the sellers as they can list their products in such marketplaces. This helps to gain customer trust by existing in some top marketplaces in the industry. 

7. Live Search Functionality 

Sometimes customers feel stuck when looking for a specific item to purchase. This might be due to poor website navigation and searching inefficiency, leading to losing potential customers. Adobe Commerce has AI-based live search functionality that helps find the desired products in seconds. 

Being a business owner, you need to direct the customers to the product page to increase conversion rates. It allows setting up a personalized and lightning-fast searching experience. This also becomes stronger and more intelligent with time by understanding the customer behaviour. The website will have a product recommendation feature to provide customers with better choices. 

8. Account Creation and Management 

Adobe Commerce is a platform that helps in creating an account and unlocking great benefits like: 

  • It enables the businesses to define buyer roles, approve workflows, and shipping options with the self-service tools
  • Increasing sales by accepting payments using PayPal, credit cards, and more
  • Reduced questions like credit, quote, invoice tracking, self-service order, and made selling the business effortlessly.

9. Multiple Channel Selling 

Some best methods provided by Adobe Commerce are:

  • Merchants manage multiple brands, customer, and channel partners from a single interface
  • Implementing the selling models with the help of marketplace extensions 
  • Manage thousands of products and services of various categories from a single dashboard
  • Creating new users and specific catalogues for a great user experience

10. Ease of Personalization 

In this modern ecommerce world, personalization is vital to engage with customers and convert them into potential leads. Here, Adobe Commerce excels by delivering a highly personalized user experience. It scales by displaying the content, promotion, and price based on location, wish lists, order history, gender, and more. It uses customer insight to provide the relevant recommendations as per customer interest. 

11. Customer Support 

Adobe Commerce provides strong backend tools that ensure give smooth customer experience. Some tools help your customer support representative gather relevant information from the backend and provide solutions to the customers. 

12. Order Management 

The system of Adobe Commerce allows the customer service providers to fetch the details effortlessly. They have the freedom to change or modify the orders to avoid chaos for the customer. 

The platform admin can allow the customer care representative to initiate refunds, returns, and other customer requests to ensure a smooth experience. 

13. Extensibility 

The platform allows integration with many management tools using APIs. So, when a business wants to use certain features, it can completely rely on Adobe Commerce. Being supported by the Magento framework, users can integrate many CRM tools. The level of integration is easier to install and provides a great experience to the users. They will lead to a strong customer base and increase sales. 

14. Ecommerce Content Management 

The Adobe Commerce page builder is a tool that helps in creating new pages without dealing with any coding. This lets merchants create custom landing pages, product detail pages, FAQ pages, and more to launch effective marketing strategies. 

It is a type of WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get), and it is completely codeless. This means even a marketer is capable of launching pages without any coding. Adobe Commerce is robust, highly flexible, and easy to use with drag-and-drop elements. It empowers the team to create engaging content pages that drive sales and ultimately better ROI. 

15. Cloud Services 

The Adobe Commerce cloud provides an on-premise ecommerce platform specifically for online retailers. It enables the users to manage and create online stores for multiple key accounts, channel partners, and brands. With ease of access, it provides business intelligence, smooth order management, and accelerating sales. 

Drag and drop features make website building responsive and highly scalable. Some unique features include integrating extensions, custom catalogues, pricing models, mobile responsive, real-time inventory, order processing, search engine optimization, and content management. 

The Final Note!

Elsner has built a strong team that ensures unlocking the best from Adobe Commerce. Running an online business comes with great responsibilities and data. It becomes evitable to track the data continuously to provide a smooth user experience. 

We understand it would be challenging to monitor all the actions on your store. Dealing with huge amounts of data is not easier as a single miss out can damage your business reputation. So, try choosing the best when it comes to your business. 

It would help if you had support from experts in the market to win the competition. Get in touch now! We might have the perfect resources and knowledge to grow your business.

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