March 15, 2018

3 Valuable Categories of Chatbots that will increase your Business


Chatbots provide a leverage point as some well-known companies like WhatsApp and Facebook act as conversational agents. Chatbots have been around for years, but the real reason why it is trending now is that of the increase in Artificial Intelligence. The famous products such as Siri and Google The assistant has turned out to be more than a useful product.

There is a rapid growth observed in the market value of Chatbots. It is now estimated to reach the mark of $500 Million points. Let’s check out some Popular types of Chatbots and their functionalities:

  • Customer Service Chatbot

It is known as a helper Chatbot, as it aims to provide the best customer service experience by answering all queries of customers based on human thinking. With the increase in digital interaction, the phone service centers will be outdated soon. One of the most important things for the users is, their expectations should be fulfilled. The end-user gets the satisfaction after is known by the agent, that the service is provided by the human or a bot.

  • Content Chatbot

The only goal of content Chatbot is to provide information to the audience. The best example of it is Poncho. It provides the weather information in a visually appealing way that can further increase the readability quotient. The whole purpose of the content but is to deliver content rather than solving queries, this is the reason it is known as the teacher. Content Chatbot believes in getting associated with brands to reach specific audience instead of promotions and advertising.

  • Advertising Chatbot

To get a higher return on investment it is necessary to build a long-term relationship with a customer, which can be done using bolts. Chatbots are the conversational application that can give the brands an always present advantage without needing any sort of advertiser. A lot of advertising is needed, as a new marketing medium and this can be even known as the storyteller.

Well, Chatbots are greatly dependable on your business type, they have a targeted audience or what industry you are in. With the latest and efficient Mobile App Development services enlarging the IT industries all around the world. It transforms the brands into something that can talk and act as a real person. If the technologies like Chatbots are going to develop in large scale, then the future of humans seems brighter.

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