May 7, 2021

7 Latest Google Ads Features And How to Make it Work For You


Google has introduced additional features and methods to purchase ads on its channels. PPC services Australia are analyzing the impact of such updates and how they can work for businesses. Cause you know Google will never stop releasing new updates and enhance the search experience. Google Ads offers a variety of formats to interact with the audience.  

What are Google Ads?

It is an online advertising program that allows creating online ads. These ads help businesses to reach the interested audience and give them the best services. The best benefits of Google Ads are:

  • Massive Reach: People today are searching for answers and solutions through the Google search engine. You might have heard for “Google it”
  • Target Audience: This is a powerful technique to gain potential users for your website.
  • Campaign Control: Google gives you resources and tools to improve your user experience and store performance.
  • Easy Accessibility: Users can find basic information like impressions, clicks, traffic, keywords, and more.
  • Faster Results: Search Engine Optimization is still essential for your website. SEO Services Australia is working on website content and grow exponentially.
  • Brand Awareness: Google Ads will help in driving more traffic using PPC campaigns and SEO Services.
  • Maximize ROI: Website owners need to improve their landing page to ensure you have better returns.   

Let us Dive into the Massive Changes in Google Ads:

1. The Feed Based ads will not Get more Interactive using Discovery Ads

The Discovery Ads will provide an open canvas for the advertisers to interact with the consumers through an image carousel. You can display them on Gmail promotions, Google Discover Feed, and YouTube home feed.

2. Creative Content Comes in the Search Network

You know PPC Campaigns and SEO services Australia have been making the ads move visually creative. They do this by being more interactive and engaging through the visual advertisement formats. Google Ads have a carousel format that allows the customers to swipe through images. Some must-have features in the Gallery ads are:

  • There should be 4 to 8 images in the carousel
  • The tagline must have 70 characters for every image
  • It should have three headlines

Gallery ads have experienced better user interaction and responses.

3. Smart Bidding Services

Machine learning has been growing in digital marketing. It is auction-time bidding in the Google Ads to optimize the bids to improve conversions. Improvements that can help in bidding are:

  • Campaign Level: If you have a PPC campaign that is dedicated to a single conversion goal.
  • Conversion Act: Planning to optimize the bids across several campaigns can create a set of conversion actions.
  • Seasonality Adjustments: There are seasonal sales or offers where you might expect conversion opportunities. Google Ads will help in optimizing the bid for a particular period.

4. YouTube Bumper Ads

Business owners know YouTube gives valuable estate to digital marketing. A series of bumper Ads can leave a memorable impression on the visitors. Many businesses do not have video content which can cause missing out on the benefits of this section. The Google bumper machine is a handy tool that converts any video into a collection of YouTube bumpers Ads.

5. Local Campaigns

Customers will research their mobile devices before visiting the store physically. This trend will bring an opportunity to influence the purchase decisions even before the customer enters your store. They will display this local campaign across search engines, maps, YouTube, and all other advertisers.

You need to provide store location, ad copy, images, bid, and budget. Google Ads will optimize the ad delivery to generate maximum traffic on your store.

6. Get Listed on Google Shopping for Free

Google shopping is still a paid PPC service, but you can enjoy the free traffic. You need to start by working on the shopping Ads and focus on gaining more conversions. The Google Analyzer will help to get insights into your store. Use this information to work on your product and service pages which will increase your profit margins.

7. New Customer Acquisition

Conversion rates are reasonable but not if you do not gain any potential customers. It will help if you earn customer trust and loyalty which is the endgame of online business. Track your new buyers as:

  • Use various tags for new and old customers in your e-commerce store.
  • Connect your Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts. The algorithm can determine the sales generated on the website.

Boost your products and services that are performing great in the market.  


Google will never stop bringing new features to the market. It depends on the PPC services Australia for optimizing your ads based on the search engines. Be creative with your content, and it will hook users to your website.

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