March 2, 2023

9 Reasons Why WordPress Is a Fantastic E-Commerce Solution


The traditional practice was heading to the store and waiting for your turn while still not getting the expected solution. The wordpress development has made its way to provide a better and more effective strategy to gain customers. 

You might want to know, 

  • What is a WordPress website? 
  • Is WordPress free? 
  • What is the WordPress plugin? 
  • How to download WordPress? 
  • Why should you invest in WordPress? 
  • What are the reasons to choose WordPress for an e-commerce business?

And many such questions might pop up when you begin to explore multiple tools. Moreover, e-commerce platforms have to deal with great data to provide a smooth user experience, which is challenging if you do not have the right tool at your service. 

We will help you clear your thoughts about WordPress! 

What is a WordPress website?

It is an open-source Content Management System. This is mostly preferred as you do not require any coding experience to create a website and blogs. Being free of cost, anyone can download WordPress, install, use, and modify it. There are two versions of the WordPress platform:

  • This is a self-hosted WordPress website that is free and open-source. Users can install their web host to build a complete website.
  • This is generally to earn profit as it is a paid service empowered by software. It is effortless to use but has limitations in hosting your website.  

What is WordPress plugin?

This is a piece of software that is plugged into WordPress websites. They are used to adding new functionalities or extending the site’s functionality to provide a better experience to the users. The right plugins will help in creating e-commerce stores to directory websites. 

WordPress plugins can make small tweaks or massive changes depending on your requirements. WordPress Website Design could help in using them for adding social media share buttons, creating a fully multilingual store, scanning broken links, or payment gateway integration.

What are the uses of the WordPress tool?

1. Blogging 

A WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor makes it easier to build blogs. A rich content organization system helps in posting, tagging, adding categories, and allowing users to leave comments.

2. Business-Sites 

This has more pages and posts when compared to a personal site or blogging platform. Due to the CMS capabilities and open-source solution, it meets all the users’ requirements. It has a powerful built-in CMS that brings great solutions and meets every visitor and owner’s expectations. 

3. Portfolios 

There are various themes to make professional portfolios, making it a perfect choice to showcase your brand value. The Pages functionality is used for the homepage, contact page, About Us, or more with specific elements like images, audio, video, or text. 

4. E-commerce Stores 

WordPress is a good choice when you plan to build an online store. WordPress web design like WooCommerce help manages products, shipping, and payments to ensure an effortless shopping experience. 

5. Membership Websites 

Some businesses also want to add restrictions to some premium content to increase your revenue and make your efforts worthwhile. Users can manage payments, track signups, and set member levels. It is important to update the features and functionalities of the membership site using plugins and extensions. 

6. Mobile Applications 

The eCommerce Website Design Services bring convenience for the users to access amazing features into your site through a mobile app rather than surfing through the browsers. Mobile app development seems to be costly, but with the help of WordPress plugins, you can convert it into an app hassle-free with amazing resources. 

Why should you invest in WordPress for ecommerce sites?

WordPress is a growing community of bloggers, developers, and bloggers. The platform introduces new themes, plugins, and updates to improve the user experience. Let us look at some reasons to use the WordPress e-commerce solution:

1. Save your money

By selecting a WordPress platform, you can develop an online presence on a small or large scale. Being an open-source platform, it is free of cost and has wide contributors to make building an e-commerce store efficient. 

It is also easier to get WordPress professionals to handle your development and management process. This saves your time and efforts that can be used to focus on the core business process and grow it at a high pace. 

2. Dive into the pool of WordPress plugins 

This software comes with ready-to-use features and functionalities to make the most of your e-commerce store. WordPress is equipped with great features, but you might not find what you require here in some special cases. Plugins come into action. 

Plugins are an invaluable asset for an e-commerce store, and you will need the best ones to run an online platform. WooCommerce is one of the most popular and widely used e-commerce plugins. Some web design company Sydney helps the user to set up and customize the store effortlessly. It has many security options, user-friendly features, and is mobile responsive. 

3. Stunning themes for e-commerce 

It is important to choose the right theme as it determines the website style, menu, layout, and more. WordPress themes make your site more appealing to visitors. Many themes have amazing features to customize the platform as per your requirements. 

It would help if you had a clear idea about the personalized theme that reflects your brand. There is an option to explore the theme collection but go for custom theme development if you still need more. This will help get the exact solution for representing your business in the digital world. 

4. Set your e-commerce store quickly 

One of the most vital steps of running an e-commerce store is selecting a reliable and robust e-commerce solution. WordPress helps set up the site quickly and easily with some amazing features. Many plugins are feature-rich to extend the functionalities of the e-commerce store.  

Also, users have the option to choose from free and premium libraries. The platform is well-maintained and supported to provide new features regularly. This gives you a chance to grow your business on a large scale with great security features. 

5. It is highly flexible 

Many industries highly use WordPress due to the ease of customization and control to build engaging e-commerce stores. From social media to SEO, you can handle everything with the WordPress e-commerce solution. The platform provides the freedom to update any e-commerce site for a better user experience.  

If you have the right access to the technical expertise, you get to extend the functionalities of WordPress. There are hundreds of extensions in their marketplace like PayPal, WooCommerce, Sage Pay, etc. Make a list of features to know the plugins that would provide great flexibility and customization.

6. Keeping everything Secure 

Once you have the right themes and plugins, it is time to set up the site. It is important to follow the basic security measures. An e-commerce business contains user details and some financial transactional information.

The platform is highly secure to set the safety right. Some common practices like:

  • Official Updates: The WordPress development team releases minor and major updates on a regular basis to focus on security. Try to update the site to ensure your data is secure. 
  • Security Plugins: WordPress has free tools like Wordfence Security to ensure that your site defends against online vulnerabilities. 
  • Backups: There are many methods used to back up your site information. The effortless method is to use a backup plugin to ensure nothing goes wrong in case of any issue with your website. 
  • Site Activity Trackers: Many plugins help track user interactions and changes in your website. This ensures that you move towards the right path and gain expected results. 

7. Add multiple types of products 

An e-commerce platform has to deal with multiple types of products to ensure that you have a better customer base. You can hire a WordPress developer to add some of the below product types you plan to sell:

  • Digital Products: This deals with software, e-books, and various digital downloads like photos, music, videos, and more. 
  • Services: Many businesses can market their services through an online website. These can be marketing, housekeeping, designing, blogging, and more. 
  • Subscriptions: This is a premium feature and has several pricing plans, which can be chosen based on your budget and requirements. 
  • Physical Products: They are tangible products shipped to the customer’s doorstep. 
  • Bookings: It helps users to book appointments, rent rooms, restaurants, and more through your site. 
  • Affiliate Products: Business owners can display some products on the website as resellers or affiliates, but customers have to purchase them from another site. 

8. It can run almost 

The best part of using WordPress as an e-commerce website is that you can choose any hosting provider. The software can run in any environment to migrate from one host to another. It is an affordable choice to specialize in e-commerce hosting. You can indulge with shared, cloud, dedicated, or VPS hosting. You get plenty of options based on your budget. 

9. Strong community support 

You know that WordPress development services have built a lot of powerful tools to enhance the productivity of your website. But you know, with great power comes great responsibility. Setting a basic blog is easier to build, but complexity increases with time, and here you need some technical and non-technical advice. 

Being an open-source platform, it has a wide and strong community to resolve any issues you face during the development phase. The team is learning and evolving together to deliver the best services in the industry. 

What are the things that make WordPress stand out?


Website visibility in search engines helps secure the business’s future. It is important to handle the SEO of the platform to gain better rankings. Most of the themes are by default SEO-friendly and need little tweaks to be highly effective. 

Highly Customizable 

The platform is easier to customize as you can update the ecommerce site anytime. There is a list of shortcodes used to add functionalities without dealing with any coding structures. 


This special feature of WordPress enhances the website’s performance by integrating it with other applications. While marketing your products and services, you need to incorporate some powerful extensions to boost business returns.

No commitments to hosting provider 

At some moment, you might want to switch the host or provider. WordPress enables this process with minimal downtime. The reason is that the platform has made its existence almost everywhere. Just make sure that your hosting provides great services and support if you face any issues. 

Multiple users capabilities

When your business grows at a higher pace, you have more responsibilities. On WordPress, you can add more people to manage the site’s performance and maintain its quality. The WordPress e-commerce solution also gives the freedom to assign different roles to each individual. They can be:

  • Super Admin
  • Admin
  • Contributor
  • Editor
  • Subscriber
  • Author

Manage orders 

It is tedious to monitor every order on your WordPress ecommerce website, but they are equally important. Here, you can integrate various plugins and extensions to manage the orders and track the progress. 

Quality Images 

When you deal with an e-commerce store, it is important to have high-resolution and quality pictures to ensure you deliver the right products. Images play a vital role in convincing users to take your products and services. Ensure that you invest in high-resolution pictures to sell items online to ensure it is worth your money.

Grow faster with the best 

WordPress is a community-driven, user-friendly, and cost-effective platform. It has proved to be a great choice for some small-scale businesses with limited resources. But when it comes to large-scale business, you can expect the tool to be lightning-fast, feature-rich, Omnichannel, and highly personalized. All these ensure that you bring results faster by investing less time in looking for better resources. 

Multiple Media Support 

The platform does not add any limitations to major types of media. Users can use the blend of text, images, and videos on the website as required. To gain attention from visitors, it is vital to make your platform highly interactive and engaging. 

How to use resources to build your WordPress website?

It is easier to get overwhelmed while building an ecommerce store as there are too many options, plugins, and page builders. We have some tips for using the resources:

  • WP Engine provides managed WordPress hosting service for the website. This is specially made for enterprises, small businesses, and enterprises with a reliable service. 
  • All-in-One SEO is a complete SEO plugin and toolkit for your WordPress website. It gives you an SEO score and an actionable checklist to optimize the content of your page for better rankings on search engines. 
  • WP Beginner is a free resource for beginners. They also have a blog section to offer unique advice and tips for website optimization. 
  • The Event Calendar family of WordPress provides you with a free and paid version of the calendar, ticketing, event management, and RSVP. 
  • WooCommerce helps to create an online business effortlessly. This e-commerce store gives a stunning design for web pages from pre-made templates with no technical knowledge. 
  • GravityForms helps to create advanced forms using the visual editor. The conditional logic features will help gain more visitors that help configure forms to show or hide the fields depending on the users. 

 The Final Take!

The WordPress e-commerce solution is used by individuals, small-scale businesses, and big brands. We have portrayed some of the best insights of the platform with this content piece. Hope it comes in handy in your journey with WordPress. 

Still, looking for a better escape? You can reach us now, as we have knowledgeable and experienced industry experts that will bring the best solution for your query.

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