February 17, 2020

A Basic Overview: Migration to Magento


Magento is one of the most popular E-commerce platforms in today’s digital world. Nike, Vizio, Olympus, OfficeMax and many other such online retailers follow Magento. Nowadays, companies have started migrating their store to Magento. The stores can even be migrated to the Magento community or the Magento enterprise.

Magento 2 Migration can be achieved through Magento migration services, where the existing store data and other information can be exported to Magento.

The Magento 2 Migration can be a smooth transition with good development team that has in-depth experience in migrating to various platforms. The services can be enhanced by migrating the products, customers, orders and other store data to Magento platform. The reasons behind the Magento 2 Migration are as follows:

  • Better Services

The reason behind the Magento 2 Migration is that the companies found that their online store requires some specific functionalities that are not provided by their current platform, so they need to switch to some other platform to have better functionalities.

A Magento Extension can help companies provide better services to their clients.

  • No Transaction Charge

Platforms other than Magento charge transaction fees on every transaction that takes place in the online store.

The shop owners get big disadvantage when they are charged a percentage for every transaction that happens on the online store and that amount goes to the platform holder.

Magento doesn’t charge even a single penny for the transaction that happen on the platform and this adds an added advantage to Magento over other platforms.

  • Increased Sales

Every company is interested in increasing sales for their company and Magento migration can help them increase their sales by enhancing the user interface of their online store and even providing better services to their customers.

The products, prices, customer orders, product descriptions, images and all other related information about the online store is migrated to the Magento platform and that too in a very easy and convenient manner.

The Magento platform provides one of the best user interfaces for customers and the online store can be hosted very comfortably by the company.

  • Good Marketing Features And Centralized Management

There are many marketing functionalities that are available with Magento platform, such as cross-sell, product reviews, up-sell and many more, that help store owners drive sales.

The other advantage of using the Magento platform is that one can manage more than one store with the Magento admin panel from one centralized account.

It is very easy for business owners with multiple stores to operate all the stores from just one simple admin panel, and this adds another strong reason to migrate to the Magento platform.

Thus, this was a basic overview of Magento 2 migration that can be helpful to you for migrating your store data to the Magento platform.

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