October 10, 2017

A Complete Guide Of Top 7 Root Level Domain Metrics In SEO


As a SEO’s, when you want to evaluate the website you need to check for various things on the website. Those are known as root level domain metrics in SEO. These metrics are something that must be considered for your website. Let’s get started with the complete guide which include the top root level domain metrics in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Domain Authority (DA)

Calculated by: Moz


Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score that is developed by Moz. The DA of the website gives some prediction regarding the ranking of the website on the search engine result pages. You will notice that every SEO company in Sydney, Melbourne or anywhere in world, First analyse this matrix before performing any activity.

The DA of any website can score between 1-100.

It is calculated by the entire evaluation of linking root domains, total links, MozRank, into a single DA score.

Page Authority (PA)

Calculated by: Moz

Page Authority (PA) is a SEO term majorly used for the description of the probability of the rank of the particular webpage on the search engine. The formula for this is to aggregate all the other SEO metrics into one and post that, you can reflect how the page is promising for high ranking by considering the link profile.

The PA of any website can score between 1-100.

MozRank (MR)

Calculated by: Moz

MozRank represents the number of links and the popularity of the links and is the version by Moz to find out Google’s classic PageRank. Pages can earn MozRank on the basis other web pages that are linked to them and MozRank of those pages.

It is counted between 0-10 decimal number.

MozTrust (MT)

Calculated by: Moz

MozTrust (MT) is a global link trust source introduced by Moz. It is similar to MozRank, but it counts the trust of the linked website to the web page. All the authoritative websites are counted for better mT.

It is counted between 0-10 two decimal numbers.

Page Rank (PR)

Calculated by: Google

Google Page Rank Finder

The Page Rank (PR) indicates the popularity of the page across the web. The PageRank was named after Larry Page. PageRank works by the count of the number as well as quality of links to the page.

It is counted between 0-10 integer numbers.

Citation Flow (CF)


Calculated by: Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO Tool

Citation Flow refers to the popularity of a link in the website without any consideration of the quality of the links. A website that consists of lot of links pointing towards it will contain a good Citation Flow.

It is calculated between 0-100.

Trust Flow (TF)

Calculated by: Majestic SEO

Trust Flow is a metric that analyse the trustworthiness of the site by measuring its quality. For this metric, quality is essential data. This will only increase when a link pointing towards your website is authoritative and quality one.

It is counted between 0-100.

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