February 23, 2018

A Deep Dive Into the Differences Between UX and UI


As the shift toward going digital is accelerating, so do the roles of web and mobile developers grow in importance. Both UX and UI designers are crucial for making functional and beautiful products. But, there is a product focus overlap for both professions, and it creates confusion among the general audience: what exactly is the role of each of them?

The fact that the terms are used conversely and often go hand-by-hand in job descriptions doesn’t really make it easier for us to understand the critical differences.

Here, we’re breaking down the two roles to better understand what makes the jobs of UX and UI designers unique.

Identifying UX and UI Designer Roles

User Experience (UX) designers are the project architects, construction engineers, and scientists. They concentrate on the functional, usable, and accessible parts of mobile web app development and other mobile products.

They set the project foundation and put the building blocks together so that customers get an immaculate experience. Their task is to craft easy-to-use and intuitive digital products.

A poorly executed UX job will leave the customer with question marks whenever they get their hands on the product. A well done UX job, on the other hand, is completed with the application of scientific methods, industry best practices, and usability studies. Thus, it makes any task a breeze that users need to complete.

Functionality and practicality are not the only product features required by customers. The user interface (UI) designer contributes to the product’s aesthetics by performing the role of an artist.

As much as customers like getting intuitive designs, they also like visually stunning features. This is where the UI designer invests their skills by picking up the best colors, graphics, and animations, defining button styles and choosing matching widgets.

Though UI designers have the final say in making a great-looking app or website, both roles are vital for how the customer feels. They should be delighted by both the ease of use and the aesthetically pleasing design.

Distinguishing the Job Descriptions of a UX and a UI Designer

UX designers focus on finding the best solution to a problem. They accomplish this by collaborating with internal stakeholders and by using research, testing, and prototyping to deliver the project goal in a seamless way. UX design is about using logic and intuition to deliver an app or a web product that will make the user feel like they’ve used it forever.

On the other hand, UI designers need to turn that super-functional UX output into an aesthetic masterpiece. UX and UI design need to flow together so that users feel not only comfortable and confident but also are visually engages and pleased as they are using it.

However, UI design is not only a surface improvement to the “meat and potatoes” work completed by UX designers. Instead, it gives crucial visual signals and directs users to feel both amazed and encouraged that they are on the right track when using your digital product.

Merging the UX/UI Roles

With the limited attention spans, users have in today’s digital world, UX designers create the means to bring the customer’s focus to the most relevant component for achieving the business goal. Meanwhile, UI designers as well as mobile app developers aim to make the customer enjoy the experience from an aesthetic perspective while being led towards this goal in a technical manner.

Despite the congruent task of providing an emotionally-charged experience and creating significance and meaning in the customer’s decision-making, it is rarely wise to combine the two roles into one.

As a quick-fix, one person can take both roles. But, if you are on your way to topping the App Store charts or becoming the best in the business, assigning UX and UI roles to separate individuals will make for one smooth and efficient journey.

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