June 13, 2018

Amalgamating Magento and WordPress By A Of Plugins


WordPress is a blogging CMS platform while Magento is associated with providing e-commerce solutions. Both have a niche in their field and provide the best quality results to its customers. How wonderful would it be if we could combine both of them for an effective site-building? The integration will allow you to use the best features and rich functions of Magento along with the simple and easy to use WordPress. Their merger will give the site a robust and elegant appearance. The SEO services will be enhanced for e-commerce industries because of the amalgamation of Magento and WordPress.

Elsner Technologies over the years has developed a niche in web development services and thus works well with Magento and WordPress platforms. To experience our dedicated services Hire Magento Developers from Sydney.

Now the question remains, how to integrate them? Well, before anything u will need to have both Magento and WordPress on the same server. Further to integrate WordPress Blog in Magento site plugins are used.

Plug-in the computing language is a software and this software helps in adding a feature to existing computer programs. Some common examples of plugins are Adobe Flash Player, Quicktime Flash Player, and Java Plug-in. With different plugins for the different purpose, they help in saving the size of the original computer program. There are various types of plugins such as audio editor, media player, web browser extensions etc.

Magento WordPress integration is a free extension developed by Fishpig. It integrates well with all the WordPress plugins as well as all the editions of Magento like Professional, Enterprise, Community. The process is very simple as you only have to download the plugin and after you login into Magento account, both the platforms can now be operated.

The Fishpig plugin has various other features and is being updated from time-to-time to provide its users the facility of integration. This integration plugin comes with some important features:

No Cost incurred
Ease of installation with the help of Magento Connect
Does not change the existing URL of the WordPress blog
One step login allows you to use both platforms from a single source
Integrates Magento with WordPress plugins such as NextGen, Woocommerce etc.

Thus, Fishpig plugin does nothing but, makes your work easier, with a hassle-free installation process. Enjoy Magento and WordPress services together with the help of this plugin.

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