October 1, 2021

Best Dental SEO Strategies to Attract More Patients Online

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SEO for dentists has been the key to success in the digital world. Dental practices are learning the importance of marketing practices. A vital SEO section will help to take your dental practice towards growth. The digital market is expecting intelligent techniques and strategies to make you stand out from the competition. 

Why are People Investing in the Best SEO services Australia?

The dental SEO or SEO for dentists focuses on optimizing the website for dental practices and increase online visibility. This process might include mobile-friendly, faster page loads, usage of keywords, and target audience. 

As a dentist, SEO might not be on your priority list now, but it will make a tremendous difference if you have the right strategy. The platforms that attain top rankings on the SERPs will get approximately 67.6% of the clicks on the search engine. 

Once you build an online presence, you will have qualified leads, greater authority, better credibility, and more patients. This will attain better exposure for your dental services. An SEO-friendly website will increase your chance of presenting yourself in front of the patients when they look for nearby dental services. 

How will you manage your SEO for dentists?

  1. Focus on Website Architecture and SEO 

  • Mobile responsive design 

The website design sometimes looks great on desktop and fails to provide the same experience on mobile devices. It would be best to reach the experts to make sure your app is responsive on multiple devices and browsers. There are 4.35 billion active mobile internet users globally. This makes it vital to focus on making your platform mobile-friendly. You can explore the best e-commerce platforms which will empower your business. 

  • Page Loads Speed 

You get 5 seconds to grab visitors’ attention on your platform. If you have slower page loading, it will lead to higher bounce rates, affecting your rankings on search engines. Even the best SEO services Australia focuses on making page loads within 5 seconds for a better user experience.

  • SEO strategies 

Improving the vital elements of the website architecture and design will increase your user engagement. You need to optimize the content and identify the right factors of SEO to reach more patients. Work on indexing your web pages on the search engine to make them more accessible to the users. 

2. Marketing and Advertising 

The top PPC Company Australia and many more organizations compete to bring their client to the top and gain better leads. They have abysmal resources and tools to enhance the online presence of dental services. As a dental practitioner, we know you might face issues when handling SEO and digital marketing for your website.  Here, you can go through the best practices of marketing for your dental services.  

Your target must be “One of the few” instead of “One of the many!”

Ad campaigns play a significant role in reaching the target audience with engaging and unique PPC ads. The success of your dental practices will be better with a website that engages users. 

3. Google Analytics and Trends 

The website SEO will only work if you analyze the performance at regular intervals. Having a dental service, you should be aware of the basic things happening on the website. Google Analytics is the standard used to understand the user behaviour on the website. 

Google Analytics can be the easiest method to track activities and generate reports about your dental website performance. Some sectors you need to focus on are:

  • Share Information with Google 

Once you start with Google Analytics, ensure to share your data with Google. In the settings, you can see tremendous insights about your platform. This will help Google to know your website audience and behaviour. 

  • Google My Business Profile 

This is a free business profile that helps to reach a local audience in Google Maps and search. It is crucial to be updated with the latest trends in Google My Business to gain better rankings on the search engines. Get a verified account of GMB with the correct name, address, and contact number of your dental practice. You must add regular posts on the GMB profile to boost your rankings on the search engines. 

3. Boost your On-Page SEO 

Dental services digital marketing is not only about engagement. The on-page SEO are the factors that you add to the web pages to enhance your rankings. Some techniques to optimize your website content are:

  • Use the right keywords 

The proper local SEO for dentists with make your business findable on the search engines. This will be done if you dilute the keywords in your content instead of stuffing them unnaturally. The right keywords will be the ones that have high search volume and low competition, and this will increase your chances of reaching top ranks. 

  • Headings 

Ensure you have headings and subheadings in the content. This helps to scan the content effortlessly for the search engines. Also, make them engaging and user-friendly to improve your chances of getting new patients. 

  • Internal Linking 

Add links from one web page to another. This improves user engagement as they will be spending more time on your website. Also, it will help the search engines to crawl multiple pages of the website seamlessly. 

  • Outbound Linking 

Get backlinks to your website from other platforms that deal with your niche. You can also reach the local community for better reach. Once you add local keywords, it will be resulting in gaining better ranks on the search engines. 

4. Social Media Marketing 

Now that you have worked on your website, it is time to move to another level and figure out a way to be more available to your patients. It would be best if you have practical social media ideas to stand out from the crowd. Some famous social media platforms are:


This engages billions of users each day, making it a broad network to connect with your patients. You might want to try the below practices: 

  • Share pictures of your office, team, and clients 
  • Links towards your content and news articles 
  • Provide recent updates on your dental services 
  • Run contests and promotions 
  • Encourage live Questions and Answers sessions 
  • Give dental tips and knowledge


As you have stepped into the digital world, you need to leave a visual impact on the patient. This medium is great to gain the trust of the patients. Some content you might want to share on this channel are:

  • Tour of your office 
  • Team interviews 
  • Patient testimonials 
  • Dental tips 
  • Questions and Answers session 
  • Dental tips 


This is an excellent social media channel for dentists. This platform will help you share messages which will be refined and compact. Twitter believes in engaging with clients quickly and use brand hashtags. Some methods to use this platform are:

  • Add hashtags related to your niche 
  • Share relevant content of your industry 
  • Live tweet from conferences 
  • Revert to patients queries and concerns 
  • Handle customer services 


Instagram has been taking all the attention when it comes to social media platforms. It is the ultimate method to should the visuals of your dental practice. Some methods to take advantage of Instagram are: 

  • Reposting patients pictures in your office 
  • Displaying before and after results 
  • Promote events 
  • Behind the scene picture or videos 
  • Run competition based on your industry 
  • Use brand hashtags 

An experienced social media marketing agency Australia will help to focus on the above channels.

5. Tracking and Monitoring 

Get the best tools in the market to monitor your progress. The main elements that you need to focus on are:

  • Rankings 

Look for the target keywords over a period and know if you have improved your rankings. This helps to know the effect of keywords and other SEO strategies on your website. 

  • Traffic 

Google Analytics will help in tracking the traffic on the website. Note if the traffic is declining, stagnant, or growing. If there is a scope for improvement, and with these reports, you get to know precisely where you need to focus to gain more traffic. 

  • Conversions

This is the main target you expect from the visitors. Many online tools will monitor the conversion rate for your website. You need to define your goals with this online website. Now, you can evaluate the effectiveness of the online platform and marketing strategies. 

6. Improve your Content for Search Engines 

When you set the structure of the website, maintain the SEO in the content. Content should be relevant to the dental practices and help people understand your work. The standard web pages that are used in the dental website are:

  • Treatments and Services
  • New Registration 
  • Contact Us
  • About Us 
  • Meet the team 
  • Location 

The text will hold more weight when compared to images and videos. You always get a chance to add a blog section on the website and deliver information on the trending topics in the dental sector. 

Wrapping it up!

Search Engine Optimization might take time and effort to display the results. We have shared with you the best strategies of SEO for dentists, which will make a difference. The only catch is to monitor and track your progress in the digital world. 

Are you feeling lost with so much to learn and implement on the website? Worry-Less & Reach us now! Our experts have the right plan for your dental SEO and meet your targets effortlessly with the proper techniques.

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