November 12, 2020

Best e-Commerce Platforms to Power Your Business

Web Design

There are many e-commerce competitors already in the market and you need to build a unique online store. Every retailer or e-commerce owner wants to build a website that helps them gain potential customers and increase their profits. Getting a company for Website development, Australia can be easy but selecting the best one is the main task. As a business owner, you need to invest in the correct platform, focus on some points like:


Price becomes crucial for small-scale businesses as they have a limited amount that they have to invest. Select a platform that has essential tools, features, functionalities, and usability at a reasonable price. 

Backend Tools

The platform should offer backend tools that can support your website. Something like WordPress Development that has plugins and management systems to handle important tasks effortlessly. It also has inventory management, SEO friendly, and everything in the backend. 


The growth of your business means you need more support for products, payment options, and inventory. The platform should provide scalability at an ease for the developers and business owners.

Performance and Speed

Page loading speed affects many online businesses, if it takes more than 3 seconds it may result in increasing bounce rates. Magento Development offers various add-ons, extensions, and plugins to improve the performance and speed of your online store.

What are the Famous E-Commerce Platforms?


It is an open-source e-commerce platform that has exciting features and extensions to support the business. Let us look at some features of Magento development:

Catalog Management 

  • – Support for virtual products
  • – Download digital products 
  • – Edit and remove product reviews
  • – Manage your inventory
  • – Import and export the products 
  • – Customizing options 

SEO friendly

  • – Generate Google sitemaps 
  • – Automatically sort and modify popular searches
  • – Supports SEO friendly URLs
  • – Faster page loading options


Easy Setup and Use

Shopify offers an easy way to launch an e-commerce store with affordable development costs. The admin section is user-friendly as every feature is logically structured. 

Secure and reliable

Developing an e-commerce platform means dealing with sensitive information like their personal details, card details, and more information. This means that your website needs to be a fast and secure platform. Shopify development can handle server maintenance and updates to ensure the availability of products in the store. 

Mobile Friendly

It is essential to have a mobile-optimized platform to engage with more audiences. Most of the Shopify themes are mobile responsive and include free inbuilt mobile commerce support which means that your online support will look great on different devices. 


Extensions and plugins 

WordPress has a huge collection of plugins and extensions that support many modules from its library. The WordPress development process is very easy as the developers can easily customize and tailor the site as per their requirements. 

Compatibility with browsers

It is very essential to use a theme that is compatible with all the browsers to get high returns from your investment. Many people browse your platform from different platforms like chrome, internet explores, and more. 


WordPress development needs to handle the security at each stage while selecting a theme. Some themes are very bad at handling online vulnerabilities which can be seen through user reviews and avoided choosing them for your business.            


It is a very famous e-commerce plugin that has the best features that are required in the modern digital world. Some advantages of using the WooCommerce development process for your store:

  • – Open Source
  • – Custom functionality
  • – Easy designing options
  • – Sell different types of products 
  • – SEO friendly
  • – Integration capability
  • – Content marketing benefits


It is a complete package that is trustworthy and provides backend support which makes it the best choice for shopping through e-commerce platforms. It has some important features like a reliable hosting service and engaging templates. 

What makes it different?

Ease of usage

BigCommerce development is very easy and user-friendly for developers and owners. Developers have a responsive template based structure that makes their work more efficient and easy to manipulate the backend site.   

Mobile templates

People today are engaging more through their mobile devices that means it is very important to have a mobile responsive website. BigCommerce has a collection of themes that does not require much coding and can be customized easily as per business requirements. 


BigCommerce has interesting features to gain customers’ attention and engage them for a longer time duration. Customers can add their products to the wishlist that can be traced by owners to give relatable suggestions to the customers.    


We have discussed the most demanding platforms in the e-commerce market in this blog. There is still a great decision to be made which would be best for your business? We can resolve such queries and build a platform together as we have an experienced team of professionals. Hire a company that is focused on Website Development, Australia which can develop the best marketing strategies for the growth of the business. Reach us now for any support and services in the market.

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