August 6, 2021

Best Practices on Laravel Security That You Must Try Out!


Laravel Security has been in trend in recent times. This PHP framework does have robust application security, but you need to know the right strategies. There might be many Laravel Development Services providers available in the market, but what if they do not follow the best Laravel Security practices? 

Why Laravel?

It is a PHP framework that aims to make the development process more manageable. It provides a seamless experience to the Laravel developers when it comes to authentication, caching, routing, and sessions. 

Furthermore, it resolves many challenges faced earlier during the web app development process. Still, you might want to know,

What are the Benefits of using Laravel Development?

  • This framework safeguards your websites from cyber-attacks by providing high-class security
  • It has features and functionalities which enhance the website performance and user experience. 
  • Laravel developers can easily create a logic to provide access to authorized users.
  • Being an open-source platform, you get support from a robust community 
  • The Blade Templating allows developers to use the pre-defined templates for coding. 
  • Ease of database migration. This ensures that the developers can undo the updates effortlessly. 
  • Unit testing ensures that your website does not have any exceptions or bugs before deploying it in the market. 
  • Providing regular updates to ensure that your platform is future-ready with the changing technology 
  • The libraries, template, and tools give a developer-friendly environment 

How to Secure your Laravel Website?

Developing a website can be done with the help of an experienced Laravel developer. Still, you need to follow the best practices ensuring Laravel Security

  1. Host on a Secure Server

Your website deals with crucial and sensitive information. Selecting a secure host can reduce your chances of getting hacked and opening to online vulnerabilities. To enhance Laravel Security, you can use strong credentials, set authentication, and keep a website backup. Some common questions you should ask the providers are:

  • Do they use a secure connection?
  • Is the server provider using SSH Protocol and Authentication?
  • Do they use the FTPS (File Transfer Protocol Secure)?
  • Is the hosting server using Secure Socket Layer to share information?
  • Does the platform use Private Networks and VPNs?

These will help you to know if the host server will provide excellent Laravel Security

1. Use the Latest Version 

It is vital to keep your Laravel version updated. There are always some significant improvements, bug fixes, better security, and new features to maintain Laravel Security. It is also crucial to stay up-to-date with the PHP framework. This ensures that if you have issues earlier, they will be resolved with some critical security patches. 

2. Update the Plugins, Modules, and Packages 

The Laravel framework tries to keep all the packages, plugins, and modules updated. If in case you miss a significant update, your plugins might not be compatible and cause errors. This can impact your Laravel Security and leave your website with online vulnerabilities. So, ensure to keep your Laravel and PHP framework updated with the latest version. 

3. Firewall Settings 

To maintain Laravel Security, a web app firewall must be installed on the Laravel Website. This helps your HTTP app to work as a filer and monitor. It can be installed on the server or cloud-based solution.  This will protect your website from the below vulnerabilities are:

  • Brute-Force Attack protection 
  • Spambot protection 
  • SQL injection protection
  • DDoS protection 
  • Backdoor protection

4. Use HTTPS 

If your website is deployed on HTTP, all the data is exchanged in the form of plain text. This will increase the chances of data loss. So, to avoid this scenario, you need to deploy the website on HTTPS. You can hire Laravel developer to set up the SSL certificate. 

5. Backup your website

This helps to keep your data secure. Laravel helps in scheduling the backup at a specific interval of time. Once you have taken a backup of your website, you can always revert to the original one. This improves Laravel Security as you can avoid malicious files and reboot. 

6. Use Inbuilt Laravel Security Features 

Laravel has an authentication system to maintain Laravel Security and keep data secure. In the user authentication process, you can give users specific permissions. This ensures that your sensitive information is not compromised in any case. 

7. Use the CSRF tokens 

Laravel Security has CSRF tokens that make sure that any third-party extensions do not breach your data. It generates the Cross-Site Request Forgery tokens automatically for an active user session. When a request is invoked, the Laravel platform compares the current token with the previously saved token in the user session. If, in case, the token does not match, the request is terminated. 

8. Rate Limit Request 

In some cases, the hackers try to force in login attacks, which can overwhelm and weaken the Laravel Security. You need to hire Laravel Developers to add limitations in the settings and stop from taking such actions. 

Why is Laravel Security Popular in the Industry?

Simple and Secure Authentication 

Laravel has a security system that uses a hashed password, which means your data is never stored in plain text. It has a simple setup to maintain Laravel Security.

Great Authentication System

It has a robust authentication process that is related to the boilerplate code accessible. It gives a seamless authentication process. 

Handling Cookies

Laravel allows you to secure your cookies, which can be done by generating a new Application key. This is also known as the Encryption key. 

Wrapping it up!

Laravel Security is one of the most powerful factors provided in this PHP framework. The developer-friendly features and functions make this process more effortless. Laravel Security packages are also utilized by the developers to ensure no data loss and online vulnerabilities into the website. 

Still not sure if you have made the right choice? You can always contact us! We have experienced Laravel developers, who can ease the process to maintain Laravel Security. We will help you to make strategies and techniques to ensure your sensitive information is safe.

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