Category: Laravel

January 4, 2022

Laravel for eCommerce: Build Small Store Now and Scale Big Later


The eCommerce ecosystem is introducing new trends and demands. This has been increasing stress on business owners to implement the right strategies and generate better returns.  The…

January 2, 2022

What Are The New Features In Laravel 9?


The PHP framework is dominating online platforms with its great functionalities. Have you unlocked the benefits of Laravel 9?  When planning to target a wider audience, it…

October 27, 2021

What Makes Laravel Framework the Best Choice for Web Apps?


When it comes to the Laravel framework, you need to adapt this overwhelming platform for the web application. PHP is an obvious choice to build web applications.…

August 6, 2021

Best Practices on Laravel Security That You Must Try Out!


Laravel Security has been in trend in recent times. This PHP framework does have robust application security, but you need to know the right strategies. There might…

April 2, 2021

Why Laravel Is The Best PHP Framework to Develop Web App


Laravel Development is an open-source PHP web framework that follies MVC architectural patterns. If you are thinking of developing a new PHP application, you must know certain…

February 5, 2021

Top Advantages Of Using Laravel PHP Framework


It is a popular platform used for custom software development, which gives the right tools to make web applications stable, easy maintenance, and fast. Laravel development is…

January 15, 2021

How Online Businesses Benefit The Most With Laravel Framework?


Laravel is an open-source framework that is built on PHP and helps in creating MVC and web applications easily. Some features that Model-View-Controller offers are simple verification…

May 16, 2019

Laravel 5.8.14 Holds New Job-based Retry Delay And More


The ultra-fast and the most popular PHP framework, Laravel is a versatile framework and is also famous for releasing periodic updates every six months. Laravel framework gathered…

April 22, 2019

Which One Is A Better Competitor? Laravel Vs Yii


Laravel and Yii are two PHP platforms which are better than others. To choose the best from them we will look at their meanings, comparison and differences.



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