October 27, 2021

What Makes Laravel Framework the Best Choice for Web Apps?


When it comes to the Laravel framework, you need to adapt this overwhelming platform for the web application. PHP is an obvious choice to build web applications. It is the most popular and efficient framework which eliminates the pain involved in the development process. 

We will dig deeper into Laravel, what is it all about and the benefits of using it for your web apps. 

How has the Laravel Framework Evolved from the Past? 

It is an open-source framework that helps design web apps based on Symphony using MVC architectural patterns. There are various features and functionalities available for the developers. It has an exceptional API to speed up the development process. 

Laravel Framework came into action in 2011 and has continued to evolve since then with upgraded versions. The first version lacked the support for controllers and was restricted from being an authentic MVC framework. Laravel 2 was a great improvement that was not released until Laravel 3 had a substantial user base. It has great features like a command-line interface and support of database management systems. 

Then there were many version upgrades in the market, and the latest is Laravel 7 that came up in March 2020. It has features like Blade Component Tags, Route Model Binding, Fluent String, and more. 

What are the Unique Features of the Laravel Framework? 

It is the most popular web app development framework that has expressive and elegant syntax. The great features aim to help website developers make complicated codes simple, better, and faster. Some noteworthy features of the Laravel framework are:

Blade Template Engine 

This is a powerful feature when compared to the other PHP template engines. There are no restrictions in the use of PHP plain code in the views. It gives a convenient shortcut method for general PHP functions. Some of them are template inheritance and data displays that make the web development process easier and flexible. 

Object-Oriented Libraries 

The Laravel framework attributes are built-in to leverage developers when it comes to adding specific features. There are many facilities for the developers. The Laravel framework has a pre-installed library with many innovative features like verifying active users, resetting passwords, hashing, encryption, and many more. 

MVC Architecture

The Model-View-Controller pattern ensures that your business logic is separate from the presentation layer. It has multiple built-in functions that help to improve web app performance and boost security. 


While having an application, the most crucial factor is authentication and authorization. In the Laravel framework, the code is evaluated every time something new is added to the code. The framework also has an analytical technique to assist the authorization logic and control different resources in your web applications.  

Eloquent ORM 

Laravel framework has Eloquent Object Relational Mapping that enables developers to handle databases using PHP syntax in place of SQL code. This makes the development process faster and effortless for the developers.

High Security 

The security functions are the best when it comes to the Laravel framework. It has some advanced and strong web app security features. It uses hashed and salted password mechanisms to ensure passwords are not saved in plain text on the user database. It also used the Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm to create encrypted passwords. You might want to try the best practices of Laravel security to ensure your data is safe.

Artisan Tool

It has a built-in command-line tool that is known as Artisan. In the Laravel framework, this is used to automate some tedious and repetitive programming tasks. This tool is used to build skeleton code and database structure. 

Secure Migration 

This feature gives you the freedom to expand the database without making changes during the migration process without much effort. Laravel framework makes it secure and full-proof for the data of your web apps. 

Unit Testing 

With the Laravel framework, you get the unique unit testing feature. It runs several test cases to ensure that any update harms the web application or not. Laravel developers are capable of writing their code for test cases for better testing. 

Why is the Laravel framework so Popular for Web App Development?

We have laid the important features of Laravel, but if we want to give you a gist of Laravel advantages for online business, then here they are:

  • It is 35% faster when it comes to developing web applications from scratch. 
  • It cuts thousands of coding hours with the help of its modules and templates.
  • Nearly a decade in the market, it has thousands of developers that work on the improvement of the framework 
  •  With the help of speedy caching systems and protocols, it keeps your website highly responsive
  • Some of the best plug and play security software solutions in the market ensure to keep your data secure. 
  • The Laravel framework modules allow you to create and configure your platform in any language, viewing environment, and more for a better user experience. 
  • The dual programming structure helps the design staff make updates easily and bring responsive solutions for the business.

What are the Amazing Benefits of the Laravel Framework? 

1. Quicker to reach the market

The Laravel Development Services work on a modular basis, which eases the daily tasks. Many pre-built functions and structures work on the latest PHP principles that help develop responsive web apps. Being an open-source platform, developers get the freedom to improve the resources from scratch. 

This speeds up the web development process, making Laravel framework intuitive and quicker. Developers do not have to invest long weeks and hours in writing lines of code. This will ensure that your web app delivers faster to the audience and proves to be economical for you. 

2. Avoid Technical Vulnerabilities 

When you have not followed any security measures, your web app might be plagued with security vulnerabilities. Some critical security issues are SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and cross-site request forgery. You need to invest a good amount of time and money in handling these vulnerabilities.

But with the Laravel Framework, you get a security feature that does not allow security threats or malware activities to enter your platform. This implies that your website and data is secure with this framework. 

3. Automated Task Scheduling and Execution 

For web apps, the mechanism of automating tasks needs task scheduling to consume less effort. Developers schedule email triggers to subscribers, update web apps and clean up the database. 

To schedule tasks, you might want to hire Laravel Developers that can generate Cron entry. This process in the Laravel framework is done using an automatic command scheduler. Your developers make the web app performance faster and save hosting costs. 

4. Traffic Management 

When your web app grows, the traffic will be more, and you will gain more popularity. The more traffic you gain, the more requests you get per second. Handling these factors have higher price tags or even sometimes the server stops functioning with huge data losses. 

We know you do not want to get into such tasks. The PHP Laravel Framework provides support to the message queue system for balancing the load. This helps to maintain a healthy web server with efficient traffic management. 

These queue services ensure the maintenance of a unified API irrespective of the backend queues. This allows the processing of a time-consuming task like sending emails handled automatically. 

5. Ease of Integration 

With the Laravel framework, you can effortlessly integrate tools like Redis, cache backend, and Memcached. This allows the configuration of the system to store cached files in the backend. After the integration of tools to handle backend caching, you improve the performance of web apps.

6. Easy Coding 

Laravel has a blade template engine that simplifies the code. The developers are capable of using plain and simple PHP code. Laravel framework comprises many off the rack widgets of CSS and JS codes. This is the important reason behind the popularity of Laravel. 

7. Fast URL routing 

Developers can create new packages and publish them in the developer community. Laravel service providers can easily plug in any package by adding two lines of code and installing it into the web apps. 

8. Collection of Design templates 

The template tool comes pre-installed in the Laravel framework that offers dozens of choices. Some of them are powerful, beautiful, and lightweight, depending on your requirements. All the web pages you build must be modern and responsive to represent your brand value. There are plenty of widgets with the JS and CSS coding, which will lift a lot of weight. 

9. Multiple language support

It has other key abilities with a superior routing capability like providing fast and capable multiple languages websites. When you have customers on your website, they get the option to select the language as per their comfort. This makes your platform personalized and provides a better user experience. 

10. Powerful and Wide Community 

The best reason to invest in the Laravel framework is that it is open-source. It has a community of developers and development companies that provide constant support to create more flexibility. Hence, when your developer needs to adopt any functionality, they can always get expert advice from the community and match your business requirements.

Finally! Where must you use it?

There are many types of web apps that can be built using the Laravel framework that you must know. As you now know the functionalities, features, and benefits of the Laravel framework, it is time to put it into action. Let us look at a few of the industries where it is already being used:

  • Enterprise-Level Application: There are many industries like healthcare, entertainment, e-commerce, and more which includes data processing and complexities. Laravel helps to handle all these tasks with its services like containers, queue services, and event broadcasting. 
  • Backend Data Management: These deals with content-based applications, CRM platforms, and website development. Laravel has content management systems like WordPress and Drupal to build them from scratch. 

Still in a dilemma to know more about the Laravel framework? Well, Reach us now! To know every inch of this framework and build the best web apps in the market.

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