April 2, 2021

Why Laravel Is The Best PHP Framework to Develop Web App


Laravel Development is an open-source PHP web framework that follies MVC architectural patterns. If you are thinking of developing a new PHP application, you must know certain aspects of this framework. We will help you in understanding why Laravel is the best PHP framework in the market.

Reasons that Make Laravel Development the Best Choice:

Its Documentation

Laravel PHP framework has excellent documentation to make the process simple, understandable, and manageable. The developers with basic knowledge of coding can start the development with Laravel.

Unit Testing

It is easier to perform various types of testing on the apps developed using the Laravel PHP framework. This ensures that the performance of the app is not disturbed by the changes made by developers. Laravel Development ensures that your app runs smoothly and flawlessly. 

Project Environment

Laravel gives a built-in project environment to simplify the programming tasks for developers. It provides a structure and easy method to write code to build web applications. People are looking for speedy development, which will reduce the development costs.

MVC Architecture

Model-View-Controller architecture improves overall performance. This provides various functionalities that make Laravel an ideal choice for web development. 

Object-Oriented Library

Laravel has a plethora of libraries that help developers to build a full-fledged web app for their business. Laravel Developers can also access the libraries and codes to make the apps in a shorter interval.  

Blade Templating Engine

This is an exceptional feature of the Laravel PHP framework. It gives a compatible environment for PHP and HTML code. Creating layouts is easier because of the lightweight templates. The CSS widgets help improve the loading time, which gives an excellent user experience and makes it search engine friendly.


Laravel has Cashier, Envoy, Socialite, Dusk, Passport, Telescope, Scout, and many more packages, which helps manage different tasks. Laravel Developers can use these packages to simplify the development process. 

Advantages of Laravel Frameworks are:

    It’s Simple and Quick

Being a great PHP framework, the Laravel PHP framework has a range of built-in templates. An expert developer can deploy your website faster, which means less costing and quicker results.

    Security is the Key

This is an essential concern for every online business. Laravel has advanced security features that are easy to configure for websites. You need enhanced security measures to protect your website from cyber crimes and hackers.

    Better Website Performance

Laravel Development supports caching for a website which is excellent to boost site speed. This framework has more speed optimization techniques like memory usage reduction and database indexing.

    Handle Traffic Efficiently

As the business grows, it will attract more traffic to the website. Laravel PHP framework can handle website requests faster than most of the frameworks in the market. It has a message queue system that allows to put off specific tasks for later. Laravel Development Company can help keep the time-consuming tasks aside, which will enable the website to process faster.      

    Highly Flexible

Laravel gives you the power to build complex e-commerce websites or professional websites. The extensive pre-installed authorization library lets you create and support prominent features for your website. There are tons of third-party packages available to enhance the website’s functionality and grab more attention in the market.

    Website Maintenance

Business owners are always worried about the maintenance of the website after deployment. This is because they might experience a high bounce rate or non-responsive web pages at any point. Websites build using Laravel are very easy to maintain. It has standout features like MVC architecture, clean code, and OOP principles to ensure your platform gives a seamless user experience.

     Outsourcing is Easier

The demand for Laravel Developers is going to increase in the market. Laravel has an easy learning curve, which means you will have plenty on your plate when outsourcing your project. Already, the market has many Laravel Development Companies, so you need to select the best tech companies out of the crowd to achieve your goals.

The Best PHP Framework: Laravel, is it?

Choosing the proper framework to build a web app is a critical decision that depends on many factors. The best PHP framework should match your requirements and align with your brand effortlessly. The general factors that your web app must have are:

  •     Popular framework
  •     Third-Party integration
  •     Modularity
  •     Low cost of development
  •     Community support
  •     Database access
  •     Performance support
  •     Built-in modules
  •     Testing capabilities
  •     Security

Before the introduction of Laravel, PHP wasn’t very efficient as it could not handle complicated functionalities. Even when possible, it required a lot of coding, which was time-consuming and needed a lot of effort from the developers.

Summing it up!

There is no doubt now that the Laravel PHP framework has taken care of the limitations seen earlier in its predecessors. You can also look at the best advantages of Laravel Framework here! The Laravel development platform has gained popularity because of its cost-effectiveness, quickness, and high scalability for web apps.

Some Laravel development services will have web development, API development and integration, and e-commerce development. You need a strong support pillar to contribute the right resources to grow your business.

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