September 18, 2019

Checklist for SEO Friendly Ecommerce Site to Enhance Ranking


If you have clicked on this page, you are clear about finding result-driven ideas for enhancing the ranking of your brand-new e-commerce business.

However, if you are here to learn the basics of e-commerce SEO, you are definitely chasing the rising sun’s ranking strategies.

Whatever the reason, it is important to know the SEO tips and tricks to stay high in the ranking games.

Missing out on clicks can also be a reason to lose massive sales. We know you don’t want that!

So if you want more and more customers to visit your e-commerce store, you will love this comprehensive blog.

Let’s know how you can raise the bar by following some simple SEO optimization tricks.

Optimize Your SEO Title

seo optimize title

It is essential to create interesting and unique titles for search engines and for the target audience.

You have to keep in mind that all the products can be optimized by its SEO title.

There are some simple techniques that can be used for optimizing the best titles for e-commerce:

  • Use the brand name in the title itself, increasing brand recognition.
  • Try to use 60 characters in the title.
  • You can use words like “Buy Online” to create a lasting effect.
  • Attract the audience by using words like “free shipping” and “anytime, anywhere.”
  • Proper keyword placement is key to increasing the scale of the business.
  • The titles must start with significant terms and end with the Brand name. For example, Natural and Healthy Oil by Oil Machine.

Form Highly-creative Content



People are attracted to content which is unique and not boring. Even the description must raise the audience’s attention.

If you talk about Google, it has developed strict rules against copied content.

It is important to write different content in the product descriptions.

One of the major issues which hinders the e-commerce site ranking is copied content.

You can also hire creative writers to make your website’s content interesting by adding an extra verbal effect.

Note: The product name and the quotes or code cannot be changed. This is not any type of copy text.

The Site Structure must be Uncomplicated

What if the user does not find anything in your e-commerce site?

He or she will immediately close the tab and shift to your competitors.

If the site is properly structured, it will help users find the pages of your website.

The internal linking of the products and other pages will help the products index easily on Google.

You can also take assistance from the SEO services of Sydney, to build a more user-friendly structure of your website.

Structured Data is Essential

Sturctured bigdata

(Source :

Structured data is essential for any online business. 

The benefits of structured data are;

  • Increased Conversion Optimization
  • CTR
  • Maximum User Engagement
  • Reduced Bounce Rate
  • Improve SERP

You can also use some rich snippets that can be used with e-commerce sites, as products have plenty of information for the customers which is essential to knowing the product, like;

  • Name
  • Ratings
  • Shipping
  • Color
  • Size
  • Price
  • Availability and more

Do not Avoid HTTPs

As per Google guidelines, it is vital to implement HTTPs for transfer. E-commerce sites must apply HTTPs for the security of their users.

Online stores consider payment gateways combined with the cart system. HTTP encrypts the data transferred between the server and the website.

Also, buyers do not pay on the site, which does not use HTTPs for data transfer. Thus, if you want to get the website’s HTTPs protected, you must install an SSL certificate. 

Some hosting service provider companies offer this feature to their customers to get high traffic.

mobile-friendly Website is a Need of an Hour

mobile friendly website

(Source :

Google launched Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), especially for e-commerce sites. It is an open-source framework for making pages faster and lighter.

AMP increases the speed at which webpages can be easily opened on a mobile phone. This can be done by adding the AMP snippets to the code of the website.

If you have developed a mobile-friendly shop, you have to check whether the site is compatible with Google standards or not.

You have to understand that 90 percent of people use mobile phones to search for anything. So if the page takes more time to get open on a mobile phone, the website traffic will decrease.

A voice search and Answer Box is Must

Voice search allows users to take advantage of getting search results on their smartphones by vocalizing the keyword.

Top brands that provide voice searches include Apple’s Siri,  Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa, Samsung’s Bixby, and Google Assistant.

Another way to boost your e-commerce SEO is Google’s Answer Box. 

If the website content does appear in the Answer Box, your business can receive insane traffic due to the increased number of clicks.

It is important to recognize the increasing demand for answer boxes, which will remain prevalent in the coming years too. Therefore, you must embrace this trend as soon as possible.

Employ the Guest Posting Method

Guest posting is another excellent way of getting high-quality backlinks and relevant traffic. 

The question remains intact, how will you start the Guest Posting? Research about the relevant topic and choose the authority websites within your niche. 

If you are ready with the list of websites, get ready to provide them with guest posts. 

You can also co-author a research study, place infographics and build a valuable guest post

Improve the Page Load Time

The page load time of most of the e-commerce sites is 6 seconds. The highest-grade load time is 2–3 seconds, which improves the user experience and can also increase sales.

Other points that can reduce the e-commerce site’s load time; 

  • Minify HTTP Requests;
  • Minify Development resources like HTML, JavaScript;
  • Reduce or, if possible, deactivate extra Plugins on your CMS;
  • Reduce Redirects;
  • Optimize Images;
  • Try to upload video from an external source.
  • CDN services and better hosting

If the load time is shorter, it will draw more traffic, increasing the conversion rates.

Final Discussion

Even if you employ some of the above strategies, there are higher chances of ranking first on Google.

If you do not want a delay in reaching your infinite target audience, you must create a website with unparalleled content and exceptional SEO technique.

You have to be patient when comes to website optimization, but once it is done, you can relish its profits for years.

If you still have any questions about the SEO part, it is advisable to contact the best SEO company in Melbourne.

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