February 11, 2022

Conversion Rate Optimization: How to Get a Good Conversion Rate for Your Online Business

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In this competitive world, the demand is to make your websites smarter. Online platform owners are looking for strategies to generate qualified leads using Conversion Rate Optimization.

But the battle has been tough! As the main aim is to achieve sustainable and long-term growth. Let us give you a better approach and strategies to maintain Conversion Rate Optimization.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization? 

CRO is the process of improving your website to generate better leads. This generally focuses on content enhancements, improving workflow, and testing. Conversion Rate Optimization is the percentage of visitors that complete a desired action. 

A high conversion rate means that a website has great design, formats, and an appealing target audience. At the same time, a lower conversion rate might be due to various factors related to website design and performance.  

The moving parts of Conversion Rate Optimization are:
  • Call To Action: Make it clear to the visitors what they need to perform and what is coming next on your platform. 
  • A/B Testing: This is a common practice to verify the conversion improvements. If there are two or more versions of the website, it is vital to measure every performance to see which strategy of Conversion Rate Optimization strategy is effective. 
  • Usability: The set of best practices and processes to make your website more user-friendly. It helps to remove the friction on the website and increase conversions. 
  • User Recordings: You can use various tools to record users’ movements on the website. It will give you an idea of the website’s strengths and weaknesses. This becomes a great source to increase leads. 
  • Heatmaps: They are a type of report that displays where people click on the page using hot and cold colours. This helps in the Conversion Rate optimization by aiming the right sections on the web pages. 
  • Conversion Funnel: This is the process that people take on the website to complete the website’s primary aim. 
  • Customer Development: Tools and procedures used to understand customer behaviour. Once you know the customers, it becomes easier for Conversion Rate Optimization.
  • Analytics: There are various tools to measure visitors and users to know the performance of your strategies. Measurement is the key element of improving conversions for your business.  

What are the Sectors you should Aim for a Better CRO?

When you go asking, What Is a Good Conversion Rate? It is vital to target the basic sectors that affect the Conversion Rate Optimization are: 

1. Homepage 

This is the place that will help you engage prime candidates. Making a first impression on the visitors, the homepage is the right opportunity to retain visitors and engage them with the website. SEO Services Australia might help focus on links to product information, signup buttons, or chatbots to provide the right solutions. 

2. Pricing 

A website must have a pricing page can be a huge deciding factor for the visitors. Conversion Rate Optimization will help to convert visitors into potential customers. You can modify the pricing intervals based on the features, add a phone number, or a simple pop-up. 

3. Landing Pages

These are designed specifically for visitors to take action, as it has the biggest changes of increasing the conversions for a website. Developers might add features like images, videos, or interactive elements to encourage more user encouragement. 

4. PPC Ads 

Maintaining a strong connection between the ads and landing pages is one of the best ways to improve your conversion rate. Your Pay-Per-Click Ads content must match your landing page content. PPC services Australia has the right experience to reassure the visitors that they have reached the right destination with their unique strategies of CRO. 

5. Blog 

This brings ample opportunities to handle the Conversion Rate Optimization strategy. It gives you the freedom to add multiple Call-To-Actions, including text-based, banner, and newsletters. Track the choice that is bringing better results and improvise the content accordingly. 

How to calculate Conversion Rate Optimization for your Business? 

When you need to find, What Is a Good Conversion Rate? There are multiple methods to unlock the exact number. Some of them are: 

Conversion Rate 

The formula to know the conversions is:

Conversion Rate % = Leads Generated/Website Traffic * 100 

Here, the number of conversions is known as the leads generated and the number of visitors to website traffic. 

Lead Goal

The lead goal of the business is calculated by using the below formula: 

Lead Goal = Count of New Customers/ Lead-to-Customer Close Rate % 

Here, the Lead-To-Customer close rate means the total number of leads divided by the total count of customers’ percentage. 

Number of Net New Customers 

For knowing the net new customers, you need to use the below formula: 

Count of new customers = New Revenue Goal/Average Sales Price

This will give you the approximation of new customers for your business. 

What are the Strategies used to Improve Conversion Rate Optimization for your Business?

Do you know exactly, What Is a Good Conversion Rate for your business? There is a process you need to follow:

1. Have Social Proof 

You know that people are easily influenced when they see your social proof across multiple channels. More than 83% of the buyers say that they make a successful purchase based on recommendations from their close ones. 

Marketers use this as a solid marketing strategy to strengthen the Conversion Rate Optimization strategies and boost the leads. Use more powerful tools like testimonials, endorsements, and recommendations from the best experts in the industry. If it comes from loyal customers that have already purchased your products or services, it provides better user satisfaction.

Social proof helps to gain trust. This is one of the crucial ways to improve your conversion rate to boost the website’s credibility and convert visitors into potential customers.

2. Use tools for optimization 

Many Conversion Rate Optimization tools are a part of the lead-generating strategy. They help evaluate the website and let you know if you are meeting the target. The reports will optimize the website to lead to better conversions. 

You can also use your marketing resources to generate surveys and pools that will gather the insights of your business. The information helps understand the buyers and nurture them for a better experience.  

3. Analyze the Funnel

The way to ensure a positive purchasing decision has been changed with the rising demands. People have more information at their fingertips. To monetize their attention, you must know their exact buying journey and how you can make it better. 


Let us look at the common buying journey: 

  • Awareness: The buyers know the problem, need, and opportunity. They begin by exploring the solutions and businesses that are helping them. This is the chance to gain their attention. Begin with looking at the methods they are using to reach your website. 
  • Education: Your customers might be aware of the brand and products does not mean they know if you have the solution. It is significant to paint a picture of how you will solve the problem and impact their decisions in this phase. 
  • Consideration: Once you capture the visitors’ attention, it is now time to make them understand the process of solving the concern. The buyers consider various choices, and it is totally up to you to guide them in choosing the best products. 
  • Decision: The final stage of the buying journey is to provide a trusted expert that understands your business. You should give the right solution and justify that based on the customer to make better sales. You should examine how you generate leads? How to get qualified leads? What is the procedure of sales and conversion rates?

4. Conduct an Audit for Conversion Rate Optimization 

The next of this is to collect and analyze the website performance data. This provides actionable insights by running specific tests and enhancing the Conversion Rate Optimization procedure. You might want to find answers to questions like, which section is receiving higher bounce rates? Why are people abandoning your website? What is the target for each web page? All these should help take better actions based on the data and reports. 

Focus on the three components that helps to improve the Customer Rate Optimization are:

  • Technical: Check the page load speed, mobile optimization, and on-page SEO. Have you used the right keywords in the correct place? Do you see the pages meet their targets? This will ensure understanding the performance of your website on search engines. 
  • Design and Experience: Assess the images, fonts, and colours used on the website and page layouts. You aim to provide information to make it more interactive and engaging. 
  • Copy: Pay attention to the CTAs and headlines on your platform. Evaluate the web pages that include the information of your visitors to make the right buying decisions and ensure the copy is related. 

While auditing the Customer Rate Optimization, keep yourself in the customer’s shoes. Gather information that affects the buying journey. Use the services and resources available to make it more effective. 

The Final Takeaways! 

 You must consider the above information to enhance the Customer Rate Optimization on your product pages, emails, landing pages, or anywhere. Some last moments to see meaningful results: 

  • Write strong and significant headlines
  • Be Practical, Actionable, Social, and Emotional on each page of the website
  • Make your platform mobile-friendly
  • Add CTAs above and below the fold in your web pages 
  • Enhance the website loading time 
  • Make your platform easily accessible
  • Be clear and concise to the visitors 
  • Create a personalized experience 

The above tips are just a few words, but it takes an expert to handle each section carefully. Elsner has been in the market long enough to know the trends and demands in every niche. You can reach us! To grab a golden chance to tailor your requirements and target a potential audience.

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