July 29, 2019

Custom WordPress Build or A Premium Theme – Which One is Better?


Slowly but gradually, WordPress has become one of the premium choices amongst businesses. You might be surprised to know that 30% of the websites existing on the internet are using WordPress technology. Certain WordPress services are available free, while other services require a certain amount of fees. In case you are looking for a high-quality website platform, look no further than WordPress.

Whenever you are developing a website, there are two options available. You can either buy a premium theme or pay for a custom WordPress theme to be developed. Now, let’s creatively describe the difference between the two. Purchasing a premium theme is like buying a burger from McDonald’s where you can choose from a variety of options like a chicken burger or a vegetarian burger. On the other hand, a custom WordPress build theme is like buying a sandwich from Subway where you can customize everything possible as the taste ranging from the type of bread to veggies and sauces.

So, the question is whether you want to eat McDonald’s burger or a Subway sandwich. This problem has been addressed in this blog. In the forthcoming sections of this write-up, we look closely at both custom WordPress build theme and a premium theme and then determine which one would be best for your online business. We promise this content piece will especially be helpful for those organisations that are looking to opt for WordPress technology for building their website but are confused about whether to opt for a custom WordPress build theme or a premium theme.

Let’s, first of all, define a premium theme and a custom WordPress theme for all the novice users of WordPress.

Definition of a Premium Theme

In simple words, a premium WordPress theme is any theme that cannot be availed at free of cost. Any WordPress developer has the freedom to design a theme and list it as a premium theme. There are no set standards that need to be followed neither any set specifications. The primary objective of the premium theme is to target the market that is willing to pay for availing a better quality product.

Definition of a Custom WordPress Theme

Any WordPress theme used by a graphic designer that is built from scratch as per the requirements of the organisation is termed as a custom WordPress theme. Such a theme enables the client to select all the nitty-gritty details. Whenever a website is created using such a theme, it is exclusive and ensures that the organisation stands apart from its competitors.

Let’s now look at the pros and cons of both a premium theme and a custom WordPress theme.

Pros of Selecting a Premium Theme

Premium themes provide lots of customisation alternatives in comparison to free themes. You can avail features like drag and drop builders, multiple templates, a lot of colour options, and shortcodes.

These themes are renowned for its regular security updates and support system. The websites built using the premium theme are automatically updated, and therefore, there is a minimal effort required for maintenance of the website.

The layout of the premium themes is user-friendly. It is effortless for anyone to create a new website.

The page load time speed of the website is quick, which makes it very easy for the visitors.

The coding of the premium themes is compatible with almost all the major browsers.

Cons of Selecting a Premium Theme

Most of the time, it has been observed that developers add too many features to ensure that their theme is alluring and targeted towards multiple industries. This is the reason due to which several popular themes are termed as a multipurpose theme. But, it makes the website speed too slow and makes the backend very messy.

Several people try their hands on the most popular themes, but many of them are clunky, and it becomes quite challenging to customise them to meet your requirements.

Specific themes are quite technical, which requires you to be a pro to achieve the right results, and if you are not, it can create an unnecessary headache.

It is often said that what looks good from the outside is not best from the inside. The same thing is right for WordPress premium themes. There are times when people select premium themes based on their outlook and then realize that the chosen theme has been poorly coded.

Just imagine your condition when you select a theme for your website and then find that It has been discontinued after a short while. All the effort that you have put in goes into the drain. It seems horrible, isn’t it?

Pros of Selecting a Custom WordPress Build Theme

Your business stands a chance of standing out from the crowd with the help of an exclusively made theme. Remember, no one has the same theme with a different colour scheme, so you have a definite winner in hands.

With the help of a custom theme, it is possible to achieve your overall business objective. It can be possible to develop a trustworthy brand, look professional and modern, etc. With its help, you can achieve your business objectives and track the results to derive maximum output.

Since a custom theme does not have a feature overload, the speed of the website does not get compromised. The reason being, there are only a handful of codes and plug-ins being employed that is just for your business and not for the mass market.

A custom WordPress build theme is SEO friendly since it heavily relies on lean coding that makes your website extremely light.

Plug-ins are already present in the theme, which reduces the dependency on third-party plug-ins.

A custom theme is more secure than a premium theme. The reason being, people employ very few features while designing their theme. Also, there is no need to wait for third-party to get rid of the security bug. You can remove it on your own.

Cons of Selecting a Custom WordPress Build Theme

It is pricey in comparison to a premium theme because it requires experts, resources, and more time.

It takes approximately a month to a month and a half to develop a custom-designed brochure website.

You have to find a trustworthy and reliable partner to carry out this activity.

The Decisive Factor

Now, the question is whether you would like to go for a pre-designed McDonald’s burger or a custom-made Subway sandwich. Our recommendation is to go for a subway sandwich. So, the bigger winner is a custom WordPress build theme because its benefits outweigh the ones of a premium theme. In case you are looking to develop a custom WordPress build theme for your website, affiliate with a reputed WordPress development company, and grow your online business by manifolds.

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