November 16, 2018

Everything You Need To Know About The Magento Mega Meet


E-commerce is developing day by day and with the development of that Magento Development is also taking place all around the world. Magento is basically an open source of e-commerce platform which is written in the PHP. It is basically strong software which is in being since 31st march 2008 and it was originally made by Varien a private company of situated at California.

Through this software you would be able avail online merchants with that of a shopping cart and here you would be given certain control over contents as well as functions of the online store.

Meganto met took place in China and Megastore was present there to indicate how strong web technology can be and how it can be beneficial for the retail operations. Here is little information listed below about the software as well as about the Magento meet:

  • What is actually MMSZ18?

Mmsz18 stands for the Magento meet at Shenzhen in the year 2018 and it is for the second time that this meet have taken place at Shenzhen. This meet is said as one of the biggest events or that is organized by the Magento community. This meet can be a great opportunity for those people who have some sort of interest in all of this e-commerce as well as in Magento.

  • Why is it conducted?

This event proves to be beneficial specifically for four individual groups such as Merchants and manufacturers in China who could get all new cross border platforms, e-commerce solutions, technology partners as well as many services. There is Merchant and manufacturers outside China who could also find their technology partner as well as providers from China so that people could experience distribution options as well as sales for the markets of China.

There are Magento integrators, agencies, and developers in and outside China as well who get the all new updates from this mega meet. There are several other service providers as well as technology partners who attend this meet so that they could know about the new trends of ecommerce.

  • What all the discussion took place in the meet?

The main discussion of the meet would include the current situation of the retail POS where it will be discussed in details about the evolution of the retail POS that took place in China. The reason why PWA technology should be used for retail POS has also being explained in the meet.

People could also know about how the PWA technology was utilized by Magento and the challenges that they had to face while the process took place were also discussed. Apart for this they have also let everyone know about how they implemented the PWA POS.

These were some of the information that you need to know about the mega meet of Magento that took place in China.

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