June 14, 2017

Export Kit: A Useful Tool For Android Development


Export Kit Plugin for Creative Cloud, advance your AI, INDD and PSD plans. More than 300 components to change over your outlines to HTML, WordPress, iOS, Android, Visual Studio and more .

Export Kit will connect the inventive to useful hole with clean robotized yield from Photoshop to your interactive project.

Export To Android

It Convert a PSD to Android XML UI and Java in minutes. Your PSD to Android XML change is fast and simple with Export Kit, supporting custom styles, target Android devices, Java code, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. PSD to Android is advanced export and will require a general understanding of Android and Java to alter the code.

Android XML UI, is effective and supports an assortment of elements and alternatives. You can achieve a great deal with PSD to Android XML, yet the enchantment of Android is in Java. Export Kit will furnish you with all the required code documents and advantages to start development of any Android application.



Android UI Output will create all the required Android XML UI documents, Java Activities, and Eclipse extend records to give you an out-of-the case Android extend that is prepared to-fare to a live Android APP.

  • Eclipse-ready Android projects
  • See with Graphical Layout
  • Full XML Layouts and Java Activities
  • Target Limitless Android devices
  • PSD to Android Java
  • PSD to Android XML
  • Android Shapes
  • Make custom run-time styles
  • All Image Assets included
  • Translate all Font Styles

Let’s begin

Android XML UI and Java are advanced exports and will require customizations in the yield to make the Android application practical. It prescribe you use whatever number target screens as could be expected under the circumstances to focus on different Android gadgets, and Export Kit will deal with the greater part of your Android assets in the yield.

Device UI Design

You can focus on a limitless number of Android devices in your PSD plan, however you should have one base outline to first make your components in. You can duplicate your outline to different target screens after you endorse your default gadget plan.

Page Activities

You can make a limitless number of Android Activities from your PSD plan with Export Kit. Every action will keep up a format and Java document referencing every component in the design.

Export  Android UI

To export psd in android follow below steps

– Open Export Kit Suite, select “Exports”
– Click the dropdown, select ‘Android UI’

When you have your settings prepared
– Click Export Now

You can focus on any Android SDK rendition utilizing your custom Android Output Content.

Import Your Android Project

Export Kit will furnish you with a full Eclipse-prepared Android venture to import. You should have the required Android SDK to both alter and order the yield records.

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