March 25, 2017

Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment rate: Tips For E- Retailers


What if you can just go to a store, fill up your cart with the things you want to buy, and then just leave the store for not returning again. The same things happen when you come to a magento e-commerce store, fill the cart and close the tab to never return. This is cart abandonment. According to a report, the rate of cart abandonment amongst the e-commerce retailers is 68%.

Cart abandonment is actually a serious issue that the online retailers and also magento developers while developing stores should have a look on. Firstly, marketers must change the way they think about the abandoned cart.

Instead of thinking the respective customer as a customer lost forever, they should think of the opportunity to build better customer relationships. Changing your perspective and working a bit for better customer relationship can make you achieve a higher return on your investment.

There are many entrepreneurs who missed the revenue from cart abandonment due to lack of knowledge or not knowing the hacks about it. Here are certain hacks about creating a great relationship with the abandoned customer. Read on and find them out!

Email Reminders

For a successful e-commerce marketing, communications must be there within the customer and the supplier. Email marketing is one of the oldest tricks but is also a very useful hack for better digital marketing.

In order to draw customers back to their abandoned cart, an email recovery campaign can be the best option. Also, keep in mind don’t send them too many emails which can make them ignore you.

Just remind them they have missed out to complete the order. Maximum three emails in the first week are enough.

Facilitate their Future Shoppings

Once, if a customer adds a product to the cart and then complete the entire process, provide them with a wish list in which they can save their favourite products in the wishlist and can visit your website again at the time of buying.

Also, provide them with some offer which can make them visit the website asap to buy the product added to their wishlist. This can help the entrepreneurs even to gain more customers and offers better marketing.

Offer a Guest Checkout to Them

And for new customers, offer them a guest check out and avoid pressuring them. So that they get used to your website first and then select their favourite products. It is one of the best ways to let customer browse with no pressure.

80% of the largest US e-commerce brands have accepted the practice in order to offer to their new customer. You should firstly allow the customers to save their favourite items during their first visit to the website. Once they save, send them a pop up to sign up.

Till now, they have become familiar to your website, hence the prospect of signing up will be done easily.

Offer Multiple Payment Options

Payment option can be a great hurdle between the vendor and the customer and can be the major reason behind cart abandonment. Offering them multiple options to pay can minimize chances of the cart abandonment.

Credit card and debit card options are a no-brainer, but customers have more options for paying for the goods. Paypal is still on a strong path, you can offer that. But systems like Apple Pay and Google Wallet are even more interesting.

Make Navigation Between Cart and Store Effortless

Customers who actually want to buy will not think while purchasing, he will quickly find the favourite and select it and will check out your website in a single experience. If your website does not work properly, shopping can be indirect, inefficient.

The easier the website is between cart and store, more and more customers would be stuck to the page and actually check.

Hence, making the navigation between the cart and store can be the most effective way to make the checkout process last longer, which is the most difficult part even for renowned e-commerce retailers.

Even Amazon works constantly to make consumers buy more products. In the design, make it effortless for the customer to save and return back.

Follow these tips and reduce the cart abandonment rate for your ecommerce website!

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