May 14, 2021

How to Optimize your Website’s Crawl Budget for SEO


The standard tension is that the crawl budget is beyond control. Websites overlook the vital SEO concept, which can affect your website performance in the search engines. It is crucial to optimize the SEO services in Australia if you are aiming for large-scale platforms.

What is a Website Crawl Budget?

In SEO Services, the term crawl budget helps to show the number of concepts that search engines used to decide the pages to crawl. Search engines crawl the URLs on the website over a specific period and index them. 

The crawl budget will look for website popularity, the number of pages, update rate, and capacity to handle crawling. It determines how faster your pages appear in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). The major problem is that there could be a mismatch between the crawl budget and updates on the website.   

Why do Search Crawlers not Visit Each Page on the Website?

There is a lot of spamming in the digital world, and search engines need mechanisms to avoid low-quality pages. It might have limited resources that must be used to crawl the essential web pages. They designed the crawl bots to be a good person on the web. It defines the crawls to avoid a crash in the server. It is better to skip or delay visiting some pages rather than crashing website servers.

How do the Website Crawlers Work?

Crawling a website is about determining the authenticity of URLs. There are certain factors to influence the crawlers are:

  • Popularity: The number of inbound external and internal links a URL has but the amount of queries.
  • Updates: The number of times you update the URLs of the website
  • Page Type: Are there chances that your page type changes? There can be a page for products, categories, services, terms and conditions, feedback or review, and more pages that deserver frequent crawlers. 

The process to determine the website behavior are:

  • The crawl rate limit means the number of URLs search engines can reach
  • Schedule the URLs which can be crawled on the website
  • The crawl demand is how many URLs will it crawl 

What are the Common Reasons that Waste your Crawl Budget?

  1. Duplicate content can affect your reputation in the digital market.
  2. Pages might have low-quality content such as less informational content and do not add values
  3. The website might have redirecting and broken links that do not exist or are updated.
  4. Having an incorrect URL or non-index pages should not be added to the sitemap
  5. Pages that have high loading time will harm the budget
  6. The website might have a lot of pages that are not indexed
  7. Website link structure is not set up correctly, which search engines can miss.  

Optimizing the Website Crawl Budget for SEO services:

Submit the sitemap to the search engine

A sitemap is a document with the pages that you want to be crawled and index during the search. Without a sitemap, search engines will have to discover the web pages by following internal links on the website. This might consume a lot of effort, time and find the pages that must be indexed.

Google will know exactly how big a website is and the pages that need to index. Social Media services can help in prioritizing the web pages and how often it updates. This information will help the crawlers to go through the website efficiently.

Make a Simple Website Architecture

The website should have a structured architecture to make it easier for the crawlers and visitors. Some must-have things on the website are:

  • Homepage
  • Categories and tags
  • Content Pages

It is essential to review the website structure before organizing the web pages and use the internal linking to guide the website crawlers.

Hide Resources that are not Required

You can save a vast amount of money by informing the crawlers to ignore certain elements which are not required. Some of them are videos, images, and GIFs that will consume a lot of memory. They might use these for entertainment or decoration, and it may not be essential to understand the content of web pages.

You can disallow resources by:

  • Individual Resources: Disallow:/images/filename.jpg
  • Entire File Types: Disallow:/*.gif$

Improve the Website Speed

The page loading speed can help the website crawlers to reach more URLs of your platform. Making a website faster can improve the user experience and increase the crawl rate. Slow loading pages can consume the valuable time of the crawlers. 

Ensure that they Crawl Important Pages

As a website owner, it is vital to block the content you don’t want on the search results.  Some pages that must be blocked are duplicate content pages, under construction section, and dynamic URLs. You can use meta tags if you do not want the crawlers to hit it.  

Wrapping it up!

You know the essential things required to optimize the website for crawlers. It is crucial to have the best practices ensuring effortless and efficient crawling. You can get in touch with experienced SEO services in Australia, which will have the right strategies and resources to improve your website.

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