October 11, 2022

How to Use Magento 2 Back-In-Stock Notification Feature Effectively?

Isn’t it challenging to run an online store smoothly? What if you forgot to update your stock? How do you keep your customers informed? 

Some business owners prefer to hire Magento Developers for multiple actions. It is important to maintain a perfect balance between supply and demand. The market continuously provides solutions to grow your business, and you must grab the right answer. 

We will be discussing the importance of inventory management in your e-commerce store. 

What is a Magento 2 Back-In-Stock notification?

It is a method to alert customers when they are looking for an out-of-stock item that is restocked. You can decide to inform us through email or SMS for the items as requested. This will help to build a bond with the customers.    

Some unique features of Magento 2 Back-In-Stock notifications feature include:

  • All customers, guests, and visitors should have the freedom to subscribe to out-of-stock products 
  • Define a custom button label for the subscription on the product pages 
  • Show engaging texts to encourage users to connect to receive alerts for their products
  • Admin has the right to track the list of subscribers for every product 
  • Admin can define the subscription based on the customer groups 
  • Business owners can export the list of subscribers for the Back-In-Stock notifications 

A potential customer looks for a certain product, if the product is not in stock, you might lose a likely lead. So, here, providing the Back-In-Stock option will help to retain customers. This will notify them once the item is back in the inventory, and they can place the order successfully. 

How do configure the Magento 2 Back-In-Stock in your e-commerce store?

Enable the extension 

  • Navigate to Stores > Configuration > Catalog > Inventory
  • In the Stock Options, set YES in the Display Out of Stock Products 

Enable the notification 

  • Redirect to Stores > Configuration > Catalog 
  • Set the Allow Alert When Product Comes Back in Stock to YES in the Product Alerts

Decide the Frequency of sending an alert 

  • Redirect to Stores > Configuration > Catalog 
  • In the Product Alerts Run Settings, choose the Frequency from the menu and decide the Start Time to send the notifications

What are the best practices for integrating this extension into the Magento store?

1. Ensure that it is visible

If you want more people to click on the “Back-In-Stock” feature, then it must be easily accessible. Some of the best strategies are:

  • Use the right color tone to make it noticeable 
  • The feature must be mobile-responsive 
  • Make the process easier for people 
  • Place the button near the Out-Of-Box 

These simple steps will help boost customer engagement. 

2. Faster Notifications 

Some customers’ shopping experience is affected if they see that the products are unavailable in the store. The Magento Development team adds this feature to inform customers as soon as the product is back in stock. This will also help to gain the customers’ trust and provide them with great services. 

3. Send effective information 

Customers get hundreds of notifications daily, increasing your challenge to make an impression. Some things you must notice are:

  • Keep your heading minimal and engaging to gain attention 
  • Provide great deals to the customers 
  • Make sure you create a fear of losing out a great deal 
  • Notify customers if there are few products left in stock 

This will increase the chances of receivers visiting your store and generate better leads. 

4. Suggestions 

A Magento development company will help make the right suggestions to the customers depending on their interests, searches, and location. There are chances that the customer has gotten the product from other stores, but that does not mean they are not interested in anything else. 

So, apart from sending the back-in-stock notification, you can upsell or cross-sell the products based on the customer interaction in the store. 

5. Use Multiple Channels 

While people are stepping into the digital revolution and expect ease of access,. Be it SMS, app notifications, messengers, or email. It would help if you made an impression on all the methods to connect with the customers and covered all the possible channels. 

Give the customers the freedom to choose their communication method, which will provide them with a great experience. 

6. Sustain Customer Interest 

A visitor’s first action on the store if they see the product is unavailable is abandoning and heading to your competitors to check if they have it in stock. The Magento Back-In-Stock notifications will help sustain customer interest and provide them with a source to take action for obtaining the products. 

7. Social Proof

The Back-In-Stock notifications will highlight the product in high demand and also provide social proof that many other customers want it. The waiting list creates a fear of losing a great deal and prompts them to subscribe. 

What are the benefits of integrating Magento 2 Back-In-Stock notifications?

  • Customer Engagement: Once the customer finds that the product is Out-Of-Stock, they will instantly reach your competitors. Magento Developers will help maintain interest in your store and notify them once it is back. Collect the customer details and stay connected. 
  • Customer Experience: Once the visitor reaches the product page while looking for a specific product, they do not find it, which will hinder their experience. When the consumer gets a negative impression, you have minimal time to retain them in your store. Providing the back-in-stock notification to demonstrate your concern for the customers. 
  • Bring Back Customers: Some customers will decide never to return to the store and prefer other Magento stores for future purchases. The back-in-Stock notifications become your second chance to improve the customer experience. 
  • Email marketing: helps to identify qualified leads and increase customer retention. Request customers to provide their email ID to get important notifications. You can also offer a subscription or “notify me”  option for the products. 
  • Demand: Some great tools and resources will help to estimate the demand for products in your Magento store. This will also help to meet the needs and maintain inventory and stocks of the product effectively. 
  • Customer Insights: Handling customer requests and restocking the products if required. You will also get the count of customers choosing back-in-Stock notifications. This also ensures that your products are not excessively stocked or that demanding ones are not available. 
  • Boost Sales: If the demands are excessive, there are chances that you will lose sales. But when customers subscribe, they get relevant information about the products and save on good deals. An online business needs to gain profits, which requires great customer support. 

How do I optimize the back-in-Stock notification during Magento development?

You can hire a Magento 2 developer to ensure everything is synchronized on the store and updated. Some noteworthy things you must provide are:

    • Usage of product schema: The product pages have the right information for the customers, but SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) require product schema and offer mark-ups. This will help the users view the ratings and see if the item is available. Providing structured information will make your platform better for customers. 
  • Email Alerts: Consider the other significant values you can provide customers when the item they are looking for is out-of-stock. You might not be able to complete their request now, but there is always an opportunity. Email alerts will help maintain sales and add customers to the marketing list. 
  • Move to Bottom: There are numerous items on the pages unless you have a minimal product variety. There is no harm in keeping out-of-stock items at the bottom to prioritize the available items. This will also avoid the hassle of deleting pages and ruining the SEO of your store. 
  • Precisely Place the CTA: Adding a clear CTA will make it easily noticeable. Avoid dull colors, asking for too much information, or having difficulty navigating. Choose an appropriate size and make it mobile-responsive for a better customer experience. 

Why should you have a Magento 2 store for your business?

If you plan to move online, then Magento might bring you the best solution with great benefits. Professional Magento developers Sydney are performing the best practices to make this journey seamless and provide everything in a nutshell. 

Some great benefits that you must be aware of are:

1. Content Management 

It is important to have an intuitive page editor that helps owners build and customize the store per their requirements. Magento provides a great interface to manipulate the basic functions of the store. 

2. Mobile Responsive

You are aware that most customers today interact with the store using smartphones, so it is important to have a mobile-friendly store. Most themes available in the Magento store are mobile responsive to provide a great customer experience. 

3. SEO-friendly 

The platform provides all the resources to make your store SEO-friendly and generate organic traffic. The platform is built with great features to give you a better chance of appearing on the top ranks of search engines. There is great room for custom SEO implementations with the help of Magento developers, who will have the skills and knowledge. 

4. Upselling and Cross-Selling 

With the Back-In-Stock notification, you can easily provide customers with relevant products and services. A skilled developer will help to add prompts on the checkout and product pages to provide a great user experience. 

5. Custom Security Functions

The platform helps customize the security permissions for a better customer experience. Some of them are Captcha, secondary password, and PCI data security. This will provide an extra defense to the customers and make it trustworthy to share their sensitive information on your store.

These are some reasons to invest in the Magento 2 store for business growth. With the customers’ great demands and expectations, you need to provide unique features. 

The Final Note!

Out-of-stock product management can be stressful and lead to missing a potential lead. We hope you might be looking to Hire Magento Developers to add amazing features like back-In-Stock notifications in your store for better customer service. Also, there are many endless advantages, including hassle-free inventory management, a secure shopping experience, and third-party integration. 

Building an amazing e-commerce website requires meeting all the requirements of e-commerce trends. A skilled developer will greatly assist and meet all the business targets to generate better revenue.

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