March 19, 2019

7 Reasons That Will Compel You to Shift From HTML Website To WordPress Theme


Websites building have traveled a long journey from pure HTML to WordPress.  Web designing plays an important role in creating a highly interactive web presence. With the changing time, more than 17% of the web is powered by WordPress.

No, that doesn’t mean static HTML websites don’t exist, but it’s just that the new content management system does the heavy lifting.

Let’s imagine a situation where you are unable to find the perfect WordPress theme? You probably turn to a theme framework. You can not deny the fact that the thought of coding an HTML 5 template and converting it to a WordPress theme Development would have struck your mind.

There you go!  It might look like building a castle in the sky but, the truth is you just need some basic WordPress programming skills to covert.

For all the myths bothering your mind, the only answer is migrating to WordPress doesn’t mean starting all over again, investing more time, energy, and money. It is much easier than you think.

Now the next question, Why migrating to WordPress from HTML important?

One of the main reason is,  HTML websites have the styles and the scripts coded in the HTML frameworks. Also, the same code is utilized for loading each page. The websites loads slower because of that.

This need of speed led to a thought of converting static HTML website into a dynamic WordPress platform.

If you keep reading this article further, you will discover a plethora of other benefits:

Cost-effective Platform:

WordPress has many themes and plugins which can be used for free. Such embedded features make the coding process much cheaper.

Being an open source platform, it is free of charges. You will not need any expensive tool for conversion and also reduces the cost of hiring people to perform other small tasks.

Dynamic CMS:

Converting to WordPress allows you to get rid of static content. HTML has a number of pages and multiple lines of tough code.

To your surprise, each WordPress page is equal to one HTML file. Also, the WordPress page is designed to offer consistency. Converting HTML to WordPress is easy to create, update and manage. The websites are more marketable after the shift.

SEO- Friendliness:

WordPress embraces the search engines. The site is optimized to rank on the top when searched.

Being Google’s favorite platform, it is compatible with many search engines. It facilitates search engines to squirm and collect the information.

The websites are optimized as per the SEO guidelines. WordPress takes care of almost 90% of the ranking parameters, so you can easily enjoy the higher rankings now.

You can install a privacy option, categorize and perform tagging of pages on WordPress site. Adding plugins to the WordPress sites, make it more SEO friendly.

Large Community:

Another impressive thing is even if you face any issue while migrating, a pool of developers is ready to help. They play a major role in handling challenges and security threats.

The community continuously works on improving security and other customization features. The hyperactive developers have a great experience and share innovative ideas for improvement. The community is growing bigger and better every single day.

Freedom to Customize:

This platform offers the freedom to customize the WordPress web design theme as per the requirement. Customizing may sound a bit difficult task, but it is absolutely easy to execute if you are in touch with the large WordPress community.

You can modify functions and the appearance of the website as per your business requirement. Some themes are available free of cost and some in the premium version WordPress library. The migration to WordPress provides you the features like store, survey, gallery etc.

The WordPress websites created are highly scalable, flexible and robust in terms of performance. Why wait more to make your HTML site look more appealing and unique?


The large community to active developers are working round the clock to improve the security threats over the websites. They always come up with possible solutions when encountered a threat.

Additionally, this CMS makes your site secure from any malicious web activities. WordPress has strong password security, even the blogs, and portfolios are highly secured.

Simplicity of Working:

This unique platform offers number of themes and plugins. These availabilities of features make CMS more favorable for development. You can easily code with basic prior knowledge of HTML.

Tools are available to convert the HTML to WordPress but it can not surpass the results obtained with manual coding to convert the website. We are sure, you don’t want to offer yourself a bad experience.

The shift to WordPress looks imperative to stand out in the competitive business world.  The responsive sites and SEO-friendliness allows you to reach your business market in a better way.

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