November 5, 2020

Important KPIs Professional SEO Company Should Track


What is KPI in SEO?

These are the values used by marketing teams to measure the performance of the website for search results. SEO is the core function of online marketing. It is important to understand SEO metrics and changes regularly. This information can help in analyzing the top-performing pages, essential keywords, and the section that needs optimization. 

SEO Company Australia performs SEO to increase the visibility of the website through organic search engine results. The main objective is to generate content that fulfills the purpose of the viewer’s online searches.         

The SEO Company in Australia can help you find the answer to some difficult questions like:

  • 1. Which landing page is attracting more traffic?
  • 2. Which keywords are receiving a higher amount of traffic?
  • 3. Which search engine is directing the more organic traffic towards your website?
  • 4. Which pages are increasing the bounce rates of the website

How do you Measure SEO Effectiveness? 

No businesses have the same strategies, objectives, and goals for their growth. There are a lot of factors that affect your rankings in the search engines. Best SEO Services in Australia puts in the efforts of experts in different fields like branding, marketing, website development, and content writing.


It takes time to update the result pages and improvements in the rankings do not occur simultaneously across the targeted keywords. Best SEO Company Australia first measures the current performance of the website and keeps track of their performance. This can be a time-consuming task as one needs to track all the activities and work on it according to the recent guidelines of search engines.

Organic Search Traffic


This helps in gaining new customers through organic search engines instead of some advertisements. Organic search results are only displayed when they are relevant to the search keywords not because it was purchased. It is a highly effective method to achieve higher rankings and increases the chances of appearing in the SERPs.

What are the Important SEO KPIs one should Track?

Return on Investment

To have successful growth you need your ROI to be positive each month. This is the money invested in SEO and the ROI you are getting after implementing the correct marketing strategies. 

Cost Per Click

Calculate the Organic CPC per month that you have received from the total organic traffic you have gained. You might want the best SEO Services in Australia that can generate backlinks and add SEO-rich content to the website. 


Links have always been the foundation of determining your website’s rankings in the search engines. A website can have relevant links, redirecting links, backlinks, and new links in the content that improve its performance. There are many tools available in the market that can help in managing the links of the website and engage the customers longer on the website.

Search Visibility 

This represents how your website appears in search result pages. Track the number of impressions created by your website and the relevant core keywords gaining more attention. There is a free tool namely Google Search Console account that provides a performance report which has the impressions score. 

Crawl Errors

All search engines use crawlers to scan the website content and technical setup. The algorithm assesses the relevance and quality of the content on the website according to the search performed.      

Exit pages

These metrics determine the final page in the session where the user leaves your website. Every business owner wants the last page to be purchase confirmation or a lead for the business that increases their returns. One can track the exit pages in Google Analytics and add a filter to organic traffic as you don’t want to see any paid, direct, or referral traffic.

Page Loads

It is the most important part to determine rankings in the SERPs. You might lose some potential customers if your page doesn’t load fast. People are more likely to exit a page if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds. Many tools can be used to check the page load speed and decrease the bounce rate of the website. You can hire a real estate SEO to optimize the content and improve the performance of the website. 

Session Duration

A useful KPI that helps to know the insights of viewer behavior on the website. High Average session time determines that users are engaging more time on your website through content, researching services or products, and redirecting to other pages. 

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate KPI lets you keep track of when someone leaves the website without performing any action. It is a great indicator to see how relevant and engaging your page is after getting organic traffic on the website. If you have a high bounce rate means you need to optimize the website otherwise you may face digital invisibility and low rankings on search engines. You can work with Best SEO Company Australia to work on the pages that are leading to high bounce rates.

Conversion Rates

Tracking the success of the business is decided by the conversion rates generated after users land onto your website. You can gain a potential lead that might be booking an appointment, signing up for services, contact you, and more. You should maintain short term targets for the conversion rates and try to achieve them.  

Keyword rankings

The position in search engines is mostly determined by the quality of content on the website to gain quality traffic. There are tools to track the rankings for keywords that are essential for your business. Never stuff the content with keywords instead just use specific keywords that are relevant to your business. 

Whether it is dentist SEO or real estate SEO you need the best SEO Services in Australia to manage and track the important Keyword Performance Indicator. It is important to track the performance of the website and improve SEO regularly. As an experienced organization, we can handle your SEO tasks easily. Reach us now!

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