July 6, 2019

Magento 2.3.2 is Out Now……Here are Certain Things To Be Excited About….


Gone are the days when the old version of Magento used to be the key to success for online stores. The modern era has just begun…….With the release of Magento 2.3.2, it is time for all the store owners to keep a note of the different things that are going to make their online business more efficient. This write-up is all about the latest feature list and significant enhancements included in Magento 2.3.2.

Mark this date: 25th June 2019 when Magento came up with their latest version of Magento 2. Being a Magento partner, Elsner Technologies has always looked to empower merchants and providing enhanced customer experiences by providing the most outstanding features and introducing major upgrades in Magento versions regularly. This time around, Magento has hit the jackpot by coming up with their latest Magento 2 version, i.e. 2.3.2.

It is going to not only have a positive impact on Magento development but also ensure that people quickly adapt to it as Magento 1 support is going to end by June 2020. There is a slight window here for store owners to try this new version so that they do not end up losing a lot due to discontinuation of the Magento support services for Magento 1. This is the right time for Magento developers in Sydney to get acquainted with this version before it gets too late for them to make the necessary amendments.

Let’s try and find out the significant enhancements and rich feature list that has been introduced in Magento Open Source 2.3.2 and Magento Commerce 2.3.2.

Things That are New in Magento Open Source 2.3.2

These are some of the things that have changed for the better in this release.

Considerable Security Advancement

There are in all 75 security enhancements that have been a part of Magento Open Source 2.3.2. Along with you will also see remote code execution, cross-site scripting, and resolving sensitive data theft issues and other security issues.

Note: All the potential security issues that have been fixed in this release have been ported to 2.2.9, 2.1.18,, and
Performance Improvement

The new version provides enhanced page response time for advanced search and loading product catalogue despite the website facing high traffic. It even assists in loading the product images at a quick period along with other page content. You also get upgraded concurrent access to blocked cached storage. The least essential JavaScript codes will be put a the bottom of the storefront pages. This will speed up the page translation which, in turn, will allow the users to see the complete page at a rapid pace.

Infrastructure Enhancement

There are quite a few infrastructure enhancement in Magento 2.3.2 that concentrates on enhancing the framework quality of different modules like a catalogue, UrlRewrite, customers, sales, and UI. Some of the most important ones being

  • The use of the Braintree payment method for scrutinising orders with multiple shipping addresses.
  • The UPI module has undergone a drastic change as the CGI URL gateway has been updated to HTTPS from HTTP.
  • Instead of the Google Chart API, the image charts are being employed.

Things That are New in Magento Commerce 2.3.2

Let’s look at some of the new features that are there in Magento Commerce 2.3.2.

Inventory Management

An effective inventory management system is the key to efficiently managing orders. In case, the inventory is not managed properly, it can hurt the business earnings.

New commands have been introduced that enable merchants to ascertain and rectify reservation inconsistencies. It also consists of an enhanced user interface that even supports decimal order quantity, single product save, latest test scenarios formed to cover Credit Memo use cases, and multiple product save. This way it assists in providing the right information about product quantity. You can even avail bulk transfer for a custom product quantity between two sources.


Some of the enhancements include

1. GraphQL caching;
2. GraphQL Performance Test Scenario Coverage;
3. Enhancements to GraphQL Coverage.

These enhancements help in carrying out the following activities.

  • Support for simple and virtual products
  • Allow to add, update, and delete cart items
  • Address book support that assists in setting shipping and billing addresses
  • Easy set up of the shipping method.
Progressive Web Apps

Under this update, it is easier for the Magento developers to reuse and scale the components to meet the front end needs. There will also be a phaseout rollout for Peregrine functional and data components. The search component has also been launched.

Vendor-developed Extension Enhancements

Certain extensions have been created by third-party vendors which are included in Magento 2.3.2.

Amazon Pay

With the help of this new version release, it has now become possible for the UK and German merchants to access Amazon Pay as it has been authorized with PSD2 directive for these countries.

The Finale

It is the right time for you to hire a proficient Magento Development Company comprising of Magento developers from Melbourne who can take your Magento store to the new heights of success.


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