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Save Local App

The Save Local app connects users with the best deals from merchants across various sectors. It helps to increase the sales of the business by promoting the products using discount coupons to provide the best deals from the best brands to the customers.

The client aims to build a retail mobile solution for providing several coupons and offers to customers from different locations. It needs to provide an amazing user interface for the mobile application, with added loyalty coupons for promoting offers. The application is required to run perfectly on various iOS and Android devices and will notify users about limited offers near them.

The Save Local Mobile App is free and available to download for both Apple® and Android™ mobile devices.



  • Compatible with both Android and iPhone mobile devices and can also be accessed on any browser.

  • It provides platform to the merchants for promoting their business by providing discount coupon so that customer can use the services and product having best price as per their budget.

  • User can check the promocode from the list of offers provided by the merchants from different businesses sectors.

  • User will get real-time access to the latest offers from different categories across various locations.

  • Reduce carbon print by working paperless for distributing Coupons (text, QR Code and Barcode).

  • Personalized notifications based on user preference and they will also get notify whenever they will come nearby location of any mall, restaurants, store, etc.
  • Merchants can share new offers, provide future deals and set expiry dates for all the coupons – and do it as often as they would like, creating as many coupons as per the business requirement.
  • Using this mobile application, it’s easy for users to use these digital coupons and redeem offers and deals without having need to carry every where all the physical coupons.
  • Offers are classified into several categories so customer can search offers using filters different criteria of products like coffee, pizza, cloths, food, etc.
  • Offers can be search using Google Map for that user needs to enter their preferred location and accordingly they can check offers over the google map.



  • We have prepared a mobile application which is designed to provide best quality Coupon Services to the users.

  • We have provided a solution which would let merchants to provide best deals and customers to redeem those offers that would also help merchants to promote and get repeat business.

  • Customers will be able to see the offers using List view and Map view as well.

  • Developed a mobile application where admin can send manage push notifications settings for sending email and message alerts to customers on new offer arrival/ locally available deals near by the customer location, best deals and discounts in the city.

  • Integration of google analytics for keeping track of all the offers that has been opened, redeemed, deleted and marked as favorite.

  • Integration of the Google Map assists user to find the best deals easily nearby them and as per the entered preferred location.

  • Application required secure login so verification through OTP would be done during the sign up process.



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