November 10, 2021

PPC Campaigns: How to Optimize for Better ROI?


As a digital marketer, you know that PPC campaigns have a single target to generate more traffic. Optimizing your PPC campaigns is more like driving. You start overwhelmed, but rapidly it becomes enjoyable. 

This blog piece will share the best strategies and insights to make your PPC campaigns highly efficient. 

What is a PPC Campaign? 

The Pay-Per-Click is an online ad model where the advertiser pays each time the link is clicked. It is also known as the CPC (Cost-Per-Click) model. This is used by search engines, Google Ads, Twitter Ads, social networks, and Facebook Ads. 

The main segments of running a successful PPC campaign are:

  • Keywords: You need to have relevant keywords lists, proper Ad text, and keyword groups for your industry. 
  • Landing Page: Building an optimized landing page with the right content and effective CTAs and targeting specific search queries. 
  • Quality Score: This rating the relevance and quality of the keywords, PPC campaigns, and landing pages. If you have a great quality score, you get more clicks at a lower price. 
  • Creativity: If you are advertising, you have an enticing ad copy that will demand clicks. 

What are the PPC Campaign Models? 

Flat-Rate Model

In this type, the advertiser has to pay the publisher a fixed amount for every click. Publishers have a list of different rates for the various areas of the website. Some publishers might be open for negotiations and offer you valuable contracts. 

Bid-Based Model

Every advertiser will make a maximum amount of money they will be paying for that spot. Then, the publisher will take the auction with the help of online tools. Generally, the decision is based on the reputation and originality of the business, not the money offered. The rank is achieved using the amount offered and quality content. The relevance of the content is essential.

What are the Advantages of PPC Campaigns?

  • Pay-Per-Click allows having control over budget, audience target, and ad placements. You get to find the perfect spot between results and budget. 
  • Organic traffic is difficult, but PPC ads have their slots on the search engines. This helps to build a long-term brand and bring instant results. 
  • They help to reach the target audience which is actively looking for your services. 
  • It is easier to measure the PPC campaigns, which means you get a better scope of improvements and generate profits. 
  • It gives you the freedom to test the strategies before committing long-term SEO strategies. This means PPC keywords will direct you to organic traffic and optimize your content. 

What are the Different Types of PPC Campaigns you might want to Target?

Search Advertising 

These are the common ads you might see on the search results. These will be seen at the top or bottom. Select your keywords and then set the maximum bid to get some clicks. They use an auction system. 

Display Advertisements 

This helps you to advertise your services and products to the people. Your PPC ads will be appearing to the users when they are looking for similar products. These will reach over 90% of the people on the digital market. 

Remarketing Advertisements 

This is displayed to the people who have already visited your platform. This is to bring customers that have higher chances of conversions. You need to consider people who have previously visited, purchased, signed up, interacted with your business, cart abandonment, and spent a longer interval. 

Video Advertisements 

More than 84% of the consumer traffic is achieved through this method. You can display your services to people that are not aware of your business existence. YouTube is a famous platform that can be a great place to start. 

Shopping Advertisements 

This allows search engines to contain images, titles, descriptions, and the price of products. It is created by e-commerce businesses to sell products and services. This helps the consumer to know a lot about products before clicking on them.  

How to Proceed with PPC Campaigns towards Success?

  1. Set your GOALS 

It is crucial to define things you want to achieve, and it is the base of building an effective PPC campaign. There are various targets available in the digital world. If you are a beginner, you must give this PPC campaign guide a read. This will give you a better understanding and help you make the right choice. Some common goals are:

  • Increase website traffic
  • Drive better sales
  • Generate leads 
  • Increase brand awareness 

If you want to attain brand awareness, then displaying ads and social media is the ideal strategy. Whereas if the main target is to generate sales, then you must target PPC campaigns. If your priority is to gain more leads, then explore online tools like Facebook and Instagram. 

2. Target Audience 

This will decide the sales funnel and the type of advertising options you need to invest in for your business growth. 

  • AdWords

The main key with AdWords audience targeting is not focusing on using the relevant keywords for your business but based on intent. The investment in the keywords, landing pages, or ads you must display must match with the sales funnel. 

The PPC is divided into three important categories:

  • Transactional is the ones that focus on purchasing some products and services 
  • Informational tries to give searchers some relevant data and knowledge 
  • Navigational will redirect the audience to certain resources or pages 

E-commerce businesses should focus more on transactional keywords. An app developer must invest in navigational keywords to provide a better user experience. In the case of Service-Based business, you need to invest in informational keywords, which helps to boost the content marketing strategy. 

  • Social Media 

The audience is the best benefit of posting PPC campaigns on social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Various tools will provide you with detailed information on the target based on your business. 

You will get in touch with various types of audiences on these platforms like:

  • Custom: These are the people that are already interested in your business. 
  • Lookalike: You require targeting people similar to the custom audience and help you generate better revenue. 
  • Saved: It is important to have your users’ demographics, behaviors, and interests in future audiences. 

It would be best to use the audience insights to target the right audience that will interact with your business. This helps to nurture leads and bring better revenue. 

3. Landing Page Optimization 

Before we give you a brief, you need to know the importance of landing pages in PPC campaigns. You will now have an idea why we are focusing on Optimize Your PPC Campaign through landing pages. While targeting many keywords and optimizing unique content for the landing pages might be a challenge. Your PPC campaigns must direct visitors to the landing page, or your investment is wasted. 

Many visitors have less chance to convert, but their on-site behaviour will affect lower Quality scores. To run a better PPC campaign, you require building a strong link between the target audience and landing pages. Your landing pages must understand search intent, audience interest demographic, sign up, make a purchase, and more. 

4. Create Advertisements 

Once you have the target audience list and build relevant landing pages, you must optimize your PPC campaigns. You might want to help the PPC services Australia as they have the right insights and knowledge. 

The main target is to show off your unique services and offer value. You need to have visual media, different copies, extensions, and other elements to optimize PPC campaigns. Provide AdWords that have sufficient variety to the audience. You require testing CTAs, extensions, and headlines.   

5. Optimize your PPC campaigns 

There are many KPIs that you must track to understand PPC campaigns performance. This will help you to focus on analyzing the keywords and target features to meet your goals. 

A few metrics that help you to achieve your targets through PPC campaigns are: 

  • CTR: Click-Through-Rate will help in determining the relevancy of content with your keywords or target audience. 
  • CPC: Cost-Per-Click is the amount you are willing to pay to get the attention of your audience. 
  • ROAS: This Return On Ad Spend, which will evaluate the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns to meet the targets. 
  • CPA: The Cost-Per-Acquisition indicates the competitive level of the keywords and if they are worthwhile to invent. 
  • Conversion Rate: A lower conversion rate will display that ad has the right higher-performing keywords. 
  • Quality Score: This metric is used to check the effectiveness of the ad using multiple factors like ad relevance, CTR, and landing page content. 

There is an SEO service in Australia to help you improve the content of your PPC campaigns. When you track the KPIs, you will evaluate the effectiveness of your efforts and investments. 

What are the Tips used to Optimize your PPC Campaigns? 

  • Make a list of keywords and review their performance. It is significant to divert the budget from low-performing keywords towards higher-performing keywords. 
  • If your website is not easily accessible for visitors, you might have higher bounce rates. Focus on the fonts, avoid long paragraphs, and use different content formats like images and videos. 
  • Some businesses have a certain vicinity, which means your landing page must match the demand of the local audience.
  • Work on FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), as it makes a fantastic strategy to drive more sales. 
  • Ensure that your website is secure and make it more accessible for the users. 
  • There are many Ad extensions available in the market which you must use to improve your PPC campaigns.
  • It is vital to track the website visitors and send them relevant ads from multiple platforms. 


We have discussed all the important elements of PPC campaigns. You often start from somewhere to begin a journey of success. Reach us now! We will build strong strategies to bring better returns and target the right audience.

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