May 31, 2018

Project Gutenberg: A New Era of WordPress


WordPress come up with the new feature and it’s version 5. Most trending our favorite content management system of WordPress. Version 5 is set to release some time in 2018. WordPress encourages some notable changes will be introduced that will affect all the users. In past editor use old inside WordPress, but now completely revamped with a new editor. This editor nicknamed is Gutenberg.

  • Let’s Check What’s Changes in the Behind?

Can we all want from a webpage that layout is getting more and more difficult? The settlement WordPress editor works around the idea that there would be one single section of content on the page. In the editor, there might have been headers and footers, a sidebar here and there but the content; well that was fundamentally one object.

Since many years now, development agencies like us have employed many tools to boost WordPress to achieve more complex layouts. Virtually every WordPress Developer Sydney in past year has had extra data and custom field setup for one or more sections of the website.

  • New Concept “Blocks”

The latest and new WordPress editor Gutenberg editor will introduce the concept of a block. The block could be something simple like a heading, an image or a paragraph of text. Although It might be more difficult like a form, a scrolling chunk of text or a video.

Once blocks created, it can be dragged around in the editor to adjust where they sit. With this making lot easier to layout the various elements you have on a page and achieve more complex, interesting page layouts. We can say that there will be some growing pains building out content in WordPress will ultimately be more flexible and easier for the average user.

  • Question Arise: What do You do as a WordPress Site Owner?

In this phase, be alert that this change is coming. Not sure exactly when the WordPress core team are still shooting for something this year. You may be love to have the quick play with Gutenberg in time intervals.

Every time it’s not always simple, some re-development might have finished keeping your website running on the latest versions of WordPress.

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