March 19, 2021

Real Estate SEO Tips How to Generate More Organic Leads


People today are moving to digital technologies to know about real estate SEO services. You know that few chances exist that potential customers will come across your platform.  We will be giving you Real Estate SEO tips in this blog to improve the website visibility on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). 

What is Real Estate SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the method of gaining higher rankings to show your services to potential customers. For the real estate business, this helps people to buy a home, apartment, or condo. The things SEO services in Australia will help are:

  • Provide a secure website 
  • Platforms are mobile-friendly 
  • Manage content quality 
  • Optimize title tags and meta descriptions 
  • Improve page speed
  • Add quality backlinks 

You know the competition is fierce in the market, which means you need strong SEO on the website to grow. There are so many businesses that are targeting the little organic traffic available in the real estate market.  

How does SEO Work for the Real Estate Business?

will help in getting potential customersThe ranking of the website depends on the usage of keywords and factors like:

  • When, how, and where are the keywords used?
  • How many trustworthy redirections does your website receive?
  • What is your page loading speed?
  • Is your website mobile-friendly?
  • Have you updated the content based on recent trends in SEO?

Using the right words to sell the property can bring high returns to the real estate business. You need to get experience in Real Estate SEO services to get provide a strong strategy. When you build a website representing your business in the digital world, it becomes essential to know your target. 

Tips to Improve your Real Estate SEO:

Work on your Google My Business Profile 

When potential visitors look for local service provider or businesses, they will see a map featuring various GMB pages. Users pay more attention to this to see necessary information like Map directions, ratings, or reviews.

image1 (3)


Update the below things regularly:

  • Correct location 
  • Opening and Closing time 
  • Website link 
  • Contact Number
  • A short description 
  • Images 
  • Primary and secondary categories of your business

Providing relevant information makes it easier for potential customers to reach your business. 

Perform Keyword research

If you aim to get traffic, you need to put your efforts and time into adding relevant keywords to increase organic traffic. You might need help from PPC services Australia to gain attention in the market. As they will help in getting more clicks on your website efficiently. Some standard keyword formats used are:

  • Homes for sale in (city)
  • Office of real estate services 
  • Real estate services near me 
  • Premier real estate services 
  • Vintage real estate services 
  • Real Estate Agent

It becomes essential to keep the location to provide better services. Three types of keywords should be added to the content, which are:

  • Navigational: These are where people are looking for a specific website or brand in the results.
  • Informational: Such keywords are used to get specific information from the search engines 
  • Transactional: This search is performed by the visitors that have a purchase intent

You need to understand which type of keywords must be integrated into the content based on your business. 

Add Unique and High-Quality Content 

Content is the critical and core driver to boost the SEO performance of your website. The best way is to ensure that you have unique and helpful content throughout the website. Some must-have elements in the website are:

  • Organisation overview
  • Clear property description 
  • Industry research and reports 
  • Trending topic related to your business
  • Organisation updates

These topics will ensure that you have the right content to engage visitors on the website. Adding relevant content helps in reducing the bounce rate of the website. This might result in gaining higher rankings on the search engines. 

Social Media Services 

It won’t help improve the search engine rankings, but it is a solid digital marketing strategy. Few ways where social media services Australia can help are:

  • Connect with the target audience 
  • Increases website visibility 
  • Builds awareness, trust, and authority 
  • Drives more traffic 
  • Increases conversion rates 

It is better to choose the right platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter, to increase your target audience. Share your blogs, infographics, videos, and other relevant information regularly to keep your audience updated with your services. 


It is all about the three elements E.A.T (Expertise, Authority, and Trust), which is preferred as per Google guidelines. Google considers the website authority based on various factors which will decide the website rankings on different SERPs. 

SEO is not a one-step process, it is constantly changing, and websites need to stay updated to gain potential returns. Keep one thing in note that an effective SEO will take time to show desired results. We have shared some of the Real Estate SEO Tips with you that will help in getting potential customers.

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