September 27, 2020

Things to consider to Boost Traffic to Your Listing on Google Maps


What is Google My Business? 

Google My Business is a tool that helps in managing and optimizing the business profile on Google. The Google business listing displays business profiles in Google maps and local results of Google search. Creating a business profile on Google needs a name, location, and category. Once you have the business profile it is open to consumers or visitors for leaving reviews, add pictures, ask questions, and many more. 

Google doesn’t let you manage the information it displays on the business profile. Google My Business allows you to access, customize, enhance, and manage the business profile on Google. Google My Business makes it easy in the following things:

1. Easy interactions with the reviewers

2. Give the necessary information about the business

3. Display events and news on the profile

4. Publishing posts and photos about the business 

Google My Business and Local SEO

Google has algorithms to rank websites and ads in the Search engine pages. The business profiles have the same algorithms to rank higher in these pages. Work on keywords and perform other optimization tasks to help in boosting the local results. 

Google’s business profiles are dynamic and it changes based on the platform. Google can prioritize many sections of the business profiles and the type of information that customers want.    

Why is Google My Business necessary?

1. It is a free resource that is essential for the company. Google My business comes with zero limitations and anyone can access all the tools provided. 

2. Make it a part of your marketing strategy to earn more leads. People today are applying many filters like near me or the highest ratings. To stand in this queue you need to nurture your profile regularly and answer the reviewers.

3. Digital visibility is always required for engaging more customers to your platform. You don’t want to get lost in the huge list of the search result pages. Google ensures that it delivers the best and relevant results to the users. 

Who can use Google My business?

There is a long list of stores that can operate on Google My Bencourage the customers to leave reviews or feedbacks on Googleusiness:

1. Retail Stores

2. Restaurants

3. E-Commerce store

4. Manufacturing department

5. IT services

And many more can get the benefits of the platform.  Any local SEO services Australia would suggest to research about the best keywords related to the business, products, and service you provide. 

How do I Make My Business More Visible on Google Maps? 

Optimization in your platform is essential to expand using Google My Business for local SEO. 

Target the Information 

Make use of relevant keywords in the Business profile to make the correct use of Google My Business for local SEO services. Use the description, responses to reviews, answers to questions, and posts published. Make SEO strategies to incorporate them naturally in the content. 

Quality Content 

Ensure that you provide the information in every section of the Google My Business dashboard. The accuracy and completeness in the business profile improve the ranks on the SERPs. The important sections are your contact details, attributes, and timings. 

Build Trust

The local SEO Company needs to appeal the Google My Business reaching the trust component designed in the Google algorithm. Maintain the information and keep is accurate as the business evolves. Let Google know that you are active on the business profile by updating new photos, posts, or publishing regularly on the profile.   

Listing Verification

Make sure you have submitted your listing to Google My business and it has been verified. Verification can be done by requesting the verification postcard and enter the code on your platform. 

Take more Reviews

The more reviews you get on your business profile, the more digital visibility it gets. You can always encourage the customers to leave reviews or feedbacks on Google

Choose categories

While submitting the listing, you will have to select categories under which your business profile will be displayed. You should make sure to select the relevant and strong categories that apply to your business. 

User-Friendly Display

Many people might be using small devices while searching on Google. You might want to make the profile compatible among many devices and faster loading pages.  

Why can’t I see My Business on Google Maps?

For the business to be available in the Google Maps you have to follow the following steps:

Verify by Mail

This method involves receiving a postcard from Google that has a verification code. This enables Google to know your physical address and see accurately that it matches to the unverified GMB listing. The drawback of this method is, it can take two weeks to receive the postcard. 

Verification through Mobile

This option will give you a phone call and verifies the data immediately. The advantage of selecting this mode is faster verification for GMB. 

Verifying by Email

Some businesses still require email verification and consider it a more convenient way as compared to phone verification.  

Instant Verification

If in any case your website is verified on Google Search Console then you can log into the Google My Business and get instantly verified. 

Bulk Verifications

Some organizations have multiple locations under the same business entity, in this case, it requires bulk verification offered by Google.  

If still, you cannot see the business profile in the Google maps then check the following issues:

1. Your business profile might not be relevant to a given query. This can be changed by adding details about the products, services, and researched keywords. 

2. The distance can also affect the results shown by Google. The distance between the local search location and your business can make a huge difference in the search engine pages.

3. If the address or details are recently edited, there are chances that Google has de-verified your business profile. In this case, you will have to start the verification process again and make sure that the details are accurate.

4. GMB can suspend the business profile if anyone violates its guidelines. There are cases like unauthorized person applies for a business profile, misleading information, or inaccurate details, all of these can lead to the suspension on the GMB listing.  

Still, facing issues on Google My Business?

A local SEO company has already been a part of such verifications and knows the importance of rankings in the digital world. Our organization knows it all, from building a business profile to regularly updating it with researched keywords. We can help you achieve higher ranks and increase your visibility easily.

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