March 5, 2021

Rich Snippets: Why are They Important and How Do You Get Them?


When you perform a Google search, do you see the blue links with a short description? Search Engine Result pages have been transforming to more-and-more information to the visitors. Now the search engine pages will display knowledge graphs, carousels, advertisements, and product lists. Many businesses invest in PPC services in Australia to gain organic traffic, which can also be handled using the right Rich snippet representing your business in an innovative method. 

What are Rich Snippets?

These are known as additional pieces of information that help in identifying the content on the website. The search engines display the websites or results relevant to the keywords users add to their search query. 

Some of the pieces of data displayed in the Rich snippets are:

  • Title tag
  • Meta description 
  • Ratings 
  • Reviews
  • URL

The above image displays some of the common things like title, information, ratings, and reviews. Rich snippets are the best way to stand out in the crowd and make the visitors’ first impression. There are multiple advantages of using rich snippets, and some of them are:

  • Displaying the website in a structured format with easier indexing 
  • It gives a strong visual representation that allows businesses to stay unique in the crowd. 
  • It helps the users get relevant information and decide the best option with the help of rich snippets

What are Rich Snippets Categories?

Products and Offers

If you are selling products or have offers on your platform, then rich snippets can help convey that to the visitors. You have the freedom to add a variety of attributes like price, availability, or images as per search engine guidelines. Bing still uses the product photos in the results, which means you have to add quality images. 


This type includes the common Reviews aggregate, which is the average ratings your platform has received. The common things considered are properties, ratings, and count, which help identify the number of submitted reviews. It is essential to have more positive ratings as it will play a crucial role in making the first impression. 


Business and Organization

It is essential to display valuable properties like address, location, contact details, URL, and services in the rich snippet. These snippets are used to verify your organization’s information and make it easy to access the users or search engine crawlers. 


Some people have developed websites about their contribution to the market, or even organizations have the executive staff’s biography. Such results are included in the rich snippets and help people to get in touch with the experts as per their requirements. 

How will you optimize the Rich Snippets?

Not everyone is aware of the Rich Snippets, which might lead to missing great opportunities. SEO company in Australia will help you manage product pages by adding the right content on the Rich snippets to drive more traffic. As they are displayed in the search engines when users put informational queries in them. Some of the tips to keep in mind are: 

  • Know your intentions with the website and make the content relevant to the search queries to gain more organic traffic. 
  • Provide more information that gives visitors a clear vision of your website 
  • Assess the search terms to look at which other competitors are using it and update the content to gain higher ranks 

How to get a Rich Snippet for your Business?

Till now, you might have got a clear idea of why it is a smart move to invest in Rich Snippets. Well, you have heard about the importance of Pay-Per-Click, which helps in improving conversion rates. Now let us see how you can handle the PPC section with the help of rich snippets:

Check the Right Rich Snippets for your Website

You can refer to the documentation given by Google to understand the requirements of featured snippets or rich snippets. List of the common use cases that are used for Rich snippets are: 

  • “How to.”
  • Product Type 
  • FAQs
  • Software 
  • Reviews
  • Educational
  • Events

Select the category that is relevant to your business and check the possibility of enhancements.

Add Structured Data

There is a Google Tag Manager that helps in deploying the code of your web pages. As there are so many plugins available in the market, it has become a piece of cake to have structured data. WordPress offers some plugins specially made for schema implementation that fits in the deployment process. 

Validate the Markup

It is a best practice to run a deployment process through the Rich Results Testing tools, making you aware of the content is eligible for rich snippets. Some tools also allow using a URL in the Markup section if it is already in production.

Monitor Performance and Errors

Use online tools to know if your strategies are working successfully. Validating the content is an excellent method to ensure you do not face any problems, increasing your chances of gaining traffic.

Wrapping it up!

Rich Snippets are a powerful SEO tool for online business only if you have optimized it correctly as per SERPs. The Click-Through-Rate is impacted by Rich snippets and helps a business improve its digital visibility by displaying the relevant information for users’ search queries. To display your Rich Snippets on the top ranks, focus on the below sectors:

  • The quality of content should be user-friendly 
  • Add relevant backlinks in the content 
  • Make the platform secure for visitors 
  • Make the content relatable and engaging 
  • The platform must be mobile responsive 
  • Page loading speed should be less than 3 seconds

We have shared with you in-depth about the rich snippets and their importance in the digital market. Let us know if you are still stuck, as we understand nobody rules the rich snippets in the first attempt. Reach us! To discuss with experts that can build the right strategies to make and engage rich snippets for your platform.

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